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Metal Halide Grow Lights for Cannabis Growing

Light has been a big part of growing Cannabis. Both indoor and outdoor growing needs a consistent supply of lights to support its photosynthetic process. For outdoor growing, lighting is not an issue since there is a consistent amount of light from the sun. For indoor growing, you need to use light bulbs to give enough amount of light.

Electricity lights for your Marijuana plants come from various brands, sizes, types, features, and efficiency. As growers, it will be your responsibility to choose the best lights for your weeds. Upon choosing a light, there are also many factors that you need to consider. One of these factors is the lumens and kelvins of light or its brightness and warmth. Since Marijuana plants need both brightness and warmth to grow, you should make sure that your chosen light could able to meet the standard grow light for an optimum effect.

What are MH or Metal Halide lights?

MH or Metal Halides are electrical lamps that produce lights. They are a mixture of vaporized mercury and metal halides. MH light is a type of HID or high-intensity discharged lamps. Metal Halides are developed in the year 1960 but still famous and widely used nowadays. It is an electrical light that has quartz in the arc tube which has a big help in the improvement of color rendition. MH lights have luminous effects and as a result, it produces intense bluish white light.

Today, Metal Halides is known and widely used among Marijuana growers. It is a good choice among indoor growers who wanted to provide efficient light for the faster growth of their weeds. With the use of MH lights, your pots will become strong and will develop greener foliage.

Metal Halides for indoor Cannabis

MH lights are known as golden standard among Cannabis growers. It is commonly used by indoor growers for decades because of its efficiency when it comes to consistency of lights. So what makes MH lights a good choice among indoor Cannabis growers?

Since MH lights have the ability to give an abundant range of blue light, it can efficiently support your weed’s growth. With its efficiency, it gives a majority influence for the weeds to develop green leaves and stronger stems. Most often, MH lights are highly recommended to use during the vegetative stage because it is the time where your Marijuana plants are more focused on its overall development. With the use of MH lights, your weeds can fully be developed during the vegetative stage.

Metal Halides lights can also be used for the entire stages of your weeds. However, some growers preferred to switch between light colors to ensure a more optimum harvest of pot crop.

Metal Halides pros and cons

Every grow light has pros and cons. Each of them has advantage and disadvantages making it difficult for growers to choose. For those older growers, choosing the best grow light is a lot easier, but for beginners, choosing the best grow light is a crucial part.

MH lights pros

  • MH lights are still efficient even bigger number of weeds. Unlike other kinds of lights, Metal Halides could able to support the lighting needs or a bigger growing space.
  • MH lights have penetrating abilities. This means that using MH lights is still effective if your weeds are not near in it. There are growing lights which are less penetrating to plants; as a result, you need to place your pot in a closer to your grow light.
  • MH lights are more efficient. A lot of growers recommended Metal Halides for an optimum light supply. They are known to be one of the most efficient grow lights that can be used for your Marijuana weeds.
  • MH lights produce great results. Metal Halides are already known for its great performance. It already showed quality results for many years already.
  • MH lights are practical option because it produces both convenience and efficiency at a time.
  • MH lights are easy to use and to set up. They are not just efficient but also user friendly especially for those beginners.

Metal Halides cons

  • MH lights have higher costs. Since they have greater performance among other grow lights, Metal Halides lights will require higher expense from you.
  • MH lights tend to produce more heat. When you decide to choose MH lights over other grow lights, make sure that you have good set up of exhaust to make sure that your Marijuana plants have enough ventilation for proper breathing.

What are the different parts of MH lights you need to provide?

You may wonder why there are other different parts you need to provide. This is mainly because a proper set up for grow lights will not only need lights alone, but, they can produce more efficiency together with other accessories that will help them in producing better lighting performance. These are the following:


  • Light bulbs. Of course they are the basics. You need to produce MH light bulbs. You can also depend what stage of Cannabis you will be using this lights.
  • Ballast. Ballast will be connected to regular socket of light bulbs. This is important to MH set ups because MH lights will not be compatible with normal sockets. Ballasts can be both magnetic and digital.
  • Hood. Hoods will serve as reflectors in ensure that the light will acuminated. Its main purpose is to make your light more efficient, it is located either around or above the bulbs. Hood is also used to disperse and contain the heat.
  • Exhaust. Exhaust is an important part of growing Marijuana together with grow lights. This will help the plants get rid the heat inside the growing area. A complete set up of exhaust include a fan and a duct, these will keep the temperature in a natural level. Along with exhaust is scrub fiber or carbon filter which are both use for odor control.
  • Timer. Since Marijuana plants will need both light and dark, a timer will help your light settings.
  • Grow tent. This is just optional. It will make some reflections among the wall and keep it waterproof.

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