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How much does it Cost to Start Growing Weeds Outdoors and Indoors

Costs to Start Growing Weeds Outdoors and Indoors

Growing weeds has two ways; you can either grow indoor or outdoor. There are also growers who do a mixture of growing. Whatever the method you will use, it is important that we will be ware about its start-up cost so that we can calculate well our expense and possible income.

For outdoor growing

Basically, outdoor growing has lesser start-up cost and even whole plantation cost compares to indoor growing. In outdoor growing, you only need few things to provide before starting to cultivate weeds.

What are the typical costs of outdoor growing?

  • Property

For outdoor growing, one of the major factors you need to consider is your property or area where you will grow your weeds. You maybe use your backyard or you may have a rental, you should consider the start-up of this typical cost.

  • Soil nutrients

Basically, if you will grow your weeds outdoor, the soil is ready to be used but you should also make sure that it has enough and sufficient nutrients to support for the proper and healthy growth of your weeds. Usually the start-up cost for nutrients is about $5-20 per cubic foot of soil. You can check nutrient rich soil on Amazon, Home depot and other gardening soil stores. Their prices will vary on the quality of the soil, its weight and nutrients.

  • Seeds

This is the very basic factor we should keep in mind. Of course we cannot start to cultivate weeds if we have no seeds. Most of all, we should choice the right seeds or strains with a very good quality. The prices of these strains will differ depending on its quality and type. You can check on weed stores for the seed’s kind and its prices.

  • Water source

Make sure to have a reliable source of water for the watering need of your weeds. You need to provide pumps or any sort of watering machine or equipment for your weeds.

What are the additional costs to consider in growing weeds outdoors?

1) Since in growing outdoors you have no full control of the area, it will be a bit risky when it comes to its security. In this case, you need to install some home security camera to fully monitor the people who will enter the area. This is very necessary especially if you are growing your weeds in a very open and wide space.

2) Aside from security camera, you also need a “real” security guard.   You need to have security personnel to always look your weeds plantation.

3) Lastly you need a fence to have a full cover up with your Weeds. Open spaces are  very risky if you are growing a large numbers of weeds.

For indoor growing

In indoor growing, you will expect a higher start-up cost since you need to provide all the necessity of your weeds. Take a look at these following:

  • You need to think the cost of the soil. When growing indoor, you need to provide a soil where you will grow your weeds. Usually, the cost of the soil starts from $4 or higher than that depending on the type of the soil. For example an all-purpose soil has a cost of $6.89.00 with a weight of 36.13 pounds.
  • Container/pot. You need to choose the right pot for your weeds, make sure that these pots can provide proper ventilation of your weed’s roots. For example a 5 galloon of grow bags with handle has a cost of $15.95. If you are planning to cultivate large number of weeds, you need to provide many containers too.
  • The next one is the seedling. Generally, the seeds have cost of about $6-15 each. These prices will differ on the variety of strains you want to raise.
  • The next thing to consider is the electricity cost. This is the biggest of all costs since you need to use appliances and equipment to meet the needs of your weeds. For a 5x 5 growing space with a period of 90 days before harvest, the cost of electricity will be about $200. This cost will vary with the place and even your applied technique to lessen the energy cost. According to the research, one-third of the operational cost is energy-related cost.
  • Watering system. Both indoor and outdoor growing needs enough water supplies. For some growers who use hydroponics, additional watering cost is needed.

In growing outdoor and indoor, there is no fix start-up cost due to the differences in choices of strains, soil, containers, medium and etc.However, it is very evident that growing indoor has higher expenses than outdoor growing.


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