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Microdosing Weed: Uses, Benefits, and Instructions

A lot of cannabis users are now talking about microdosing weed and praise this method’s amazing effects. People who engage in microdosing cannabis claim that they are less likely to suffer from dangerous side effects and can benefit from the therapeutic effects of cannabis more than taking a full dose.

Microdosing is common in taking psychedelics like LSD and magic mushrooms. It’s quite a new way of dosing up safely and effectively, especially when you want to experience the substance’s therapeutic effects minus the many side effects. 

What is microdosing weed?

The very first mention of microdosing on marijuana started in the middle of 2016, when the lowest dose of the psychoactive substance creates a noticeable effect. Below the threshold, doses create a sub-perceptual effect that’s very subtle without affecting your mindset or your mood.

This is a problem with taking weed and deciding how much is enough. There’s no way to find out the reliable dose and the ideal ingredient information that is needed by people who want to use cannabis as a treatment. Microdosing is far more than knowing how much weed you can use to get the desired effect. It’s also giving people the freedom from weed’s undesirable effects and to continue living their lives normally as they practice microdosing.

How to start microdosing?

Microdosing starts by determining the ideal starting dose for your level of expertise. A person new to using cannabis would have a low starting dose while someone who has had a lot of experience with wee and would like to start with microdosing may have a larger starting dose. Other factors to consider are:

The gender of the user 

When you ask proponents of microdosing, they will tell you that the starting dose is different in males and females. This is because of the different make up of male bodies and female bodies. Females have a much lower weed starting dose than males considering that most females are lighter than males and have smaller body frames than males. 

The strain of weed 

Some strains are more potent than others as they have higher THC content and lower CBD. THC is the psychoactive component of cannabis, while CBD is the therapeutic cannabinoid in weed. If the weed you want to use has potent amounts of THC, then you may need a small starting dose while weed with lower THC may require a higher starting dose. 

But of course, if you are consuming weed for its therapeutic qualities, then you must consider taking weed with higher CBD than THC. A smaller amount is still advisable as a starting dose to manage carefully any possible side effects.

User’s body type

The body type of the user plays a huge role in microdosing. As gender and tolerance are important, body size or type should also be considered. Generally, people with larger bodies tend to have high tolerances to THC, and other cannabinoids and hence should have a higher starting dose. Men and women with smaller body types have lower tolerances to the effects of weed and hence need a lower starting dose.  

User’s tolerance

If you’re a new smoker or cannabis consumer, then you must take cannabis moderately. You must also prefer a smaller starting dose. But if you are a regular smoker and you consume cannabis daily, then you may need a higher starting dose.

User’s mood 

A person’s mood must also be considered when it comes to microdosing. Take note of your current mood and consider if a high dose can help improve your mood or will only ruin it. Also, consider that if a small dose is enough to help you deal with your troublesome mood changes. It’s best to consult your doctor regarding your plans of microdosing on weed to deal with your mood and other mental conditions.

There are more factors to consider before you start microdosing. Some factors are personal and are case to case basis as people have different daily concerns. For instance, a mother who cares for her young kids’ microdosing needs would be very different from a single woman’s. A student who needs to attend classes daily has a different daily microdose from an artist who paints for a living.                          

What are the benefits of microdosing weed?

There are many amazing benefits of microdosing for first-time users as well as experienced consumers. Since you’ll be safely taking weed starting from the lowest perceptible dose, you will be able to better understand your body’s reactions to weed. It will be up to you if you will be able to deal with the starting dose, or would you rather take a higher or much lower dose than the starting dose. In short, you can better use cannabis to treat different mental and physical conditions. 

Microdosing can help avoid dangerous side effects too. Because you are careful with the dose of weed you’re consuming, you are least likely to suffer from devastating side effects. Plus, you can benefit from the use of cannabis as well. So if you’re looking for effective and long-lasting pain relief by using weed, you will get this therapeutic effect and more when you microdose.

Microdosing will also help you dose up on your favorite strain without affecting your perception or cognitive abilities. In short, you’ll still be able to function. If you’re a work from home mom, you can use microdose and still be able to care for your family and be productive at work. 

What’s the difference between microdosing and taking the regular dose? You are more likely to get stoned faster when you take a regular dose, and you’re likely to suffer from a couchlock if you want to take a strain with high THC content. 

How often can you microdose on weed daily?

The number of times you can microdose up daily will depend on your preference and, again, will depend on different factors, mostly similar to the various factors mentioned before. 

If you’re taking small low doses throughout the day to control pain, anxiety, stress, and indigestion, then this won’t be a problem at all. People who microdose in this manner say that they are more active at home and work and are also able to complete their tasks

Microdosing throughout the day will also depend on the method of delivery. If you smoke or vape cannabis, then you’ll consume THC right away, and you’re likely to get high naturally as well. 

What effects should I expect?

People microdosing on cannabis have changed from weekend pot users who want to relax to people who use weed during workdays to boost creativity and enhance their energies. Similar to LSD microdosing, it has recently become the trend in Silicon Valley.

The many health conditions that can benefit from microdosing are so amazing, and users are now using micro cannabis doses to deal with anxiety, stress, chronic pain, inflammation, indigestion, and ADHD. Many also use microdosing to help with enhancing mood and emotions. 

Most of who microdose have reported very prominent mood and emotional effects and felt improved creativity, focus, and attention. Also, some users say that the setting is important when microdosing, just like other psychedelics like LSD. Whatever feels comfortable and relaxing, a microdoser must choose the best environment to fully attain the benefits of microdosing weed. 

And aside from enhancing your mood, microdosing has been found to reverse memory loss in aging individuals. It may be possible that seniors can put the effects of aging on memory at bay using microdosing.

Common ways to microdose on weed

There are many ways to consume cannabis, but there are three time-tested ways to microdose: smoking vaping and ingesting cannabis orally. Other methods, like the topical application of oils, salves, creams, and ointments, are not applicable.

Smoking weed 

Smoking weed by using joints and pipes are the easiest ways to consume cannabis, but it’s the most expensive of all the methods. A study has found that when a joint is smoked, about 90% of the combusted cannabis had no cannabinoids or terpenes. You purchased packs of weed or rolled your joints by hand, and all the while, you’re smoking empty.

Although it’s easy to smoke a joint, all you need to do is to light the tip and puff. But along with smoking the buds, you’re also ingesting dangerous gases and inhaling unwanted bits of burnt plant. And despite being the fastest way to dose up on CBD or THC, it’s a bit hard to microdose when you smoke weed. 

Some users prefer to smoke pre-rolled joints when microdosing. A popular brand of pre-rolls is Solstice, Reserve, Karma, Saints, and Humboldt’s Finest. The best thing about these pre-rolls is that the correct, most accurate dose per stick is provided. Users will find it easier to microdose and to benefit from the weed they are consuming. 

Vaporizing weed

Vaporization is still ingesting cannabis fumes, but there are filters between your mouth and the vaporized cannabis oil. Because of this, most of the dangerous carcinogens in weed are eliminated, and you can easily use this method for microdosing. 

You can vaporize weed in different forms: dry weed, THC or CBD oils and dabs. And for each form of cannabis, several kinds of vaporizers are available. There’s a variety of vaporizer devices available in the market. 

Vape pens are the most popular because these can be taken anywhere, is lightweight, and thus can be used anywhere. There are updated vape pens that can vape oils, dried weed, and concentrates. Most vape pens are hardly noticeable, looking like a regular pen. These are battery-operated, rechargeable, and ready to use, perfect for first-time users.

You may also find portable dry herb vaporizers, only for dry herbs. These devices come with adjustable temperatures, are battery operated and are as small as a regular windproof lighter. And not all vaporizers are handy and lightweight. The best vaporizers are desktop vaporizers, which can help you vape small to large volumes of dry herb, dabs, and oils.

Ingesting weed

Probably the best way to microdose is to ingest weed products orally. Just like ingesting medications, you can safely take the smallest dose that can give you desirable results, and you can start from this very low good dose. 

Many forms of weed are easily ingestible. You can try eating edibles, food that’s enriched with cannabis or made from cannabis like bakery products (bread, brownies, muffins, pies, and cakes), candies (gummies, gumdrops, and more), chocolates and other edibles.

Chocolates with cannabis, in particular, are easy to microdose. Most of these zesty chocolates are partitioned with easy to cut shapes. Most choco cannabis bars are dosed well with around 10 mg of THC per square. This gives users the chance to properly follow microdosing techniques. 

Another type of cannabis product that’s ingested orally is tinctures. These are products that are placed under the tongue; tinctures are placed in small bottles with medicine dropper covers. You use the dropper to get accurate amounts of the tincture to dose up.

Other cannabis edible products are tablets, capsules, and teas. You can find these products from local stores or online dispensaries.

Some important microdosing tips

  • Take note of your daily microdosing effects. Include your responses to the dose you took as well as other information like the type of strain, the dose, the mode of consumption, and side effects. 
  • Understand the effects of the marijuana strain you’re taking and consider these when microdosing
  • Any untoward effects when you increase your dose are possible and expected, and thus, you have a choice to revert to your small dose or to deal with the effects.
  • Select the right kind of microdosing method that works for you. We recommend using cannabis edibles because this method makes it easier to control your dose. 

Microdosing is simple, straightforward. It helps you be more aware of your body and its response to recreational or therapeutic cannabis. If you want to use cannabis for medical purposes, it’s best to start by consulting your doctor. Talk about how you want to use medical weed and how microdosing weed can help you.  

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