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How to Measure Calcium and Magnesium Levels in your Marijuana Grow Medium

The life of our cannabis plants is not just dependent on how good our chosen strains are or how expensive is our growing lights because our cannabis plants will not survive if we will not give them proper amounts of nutrients, balanced pH (according to your growing medium), and quality water.

And when we say nutrients, your cannabis should be filled with the right ratio of macronutrients such as the N-P-K (Nitrogen-Phosphorus-Potassium) and other micronutrients like calcium and magnesium. In other words, without these nutrients, the growth and quality of your cannabis plants will be compromised most especially if you will use the wrong pH value or range and if you will not make an effort to know what type of water are you going to use in your grow medium.

That being said, before adding nutrients or mixing it with your chosen water, you have to make sure that you will determine the condition of your cannabis plants first to know if you need to add calcium and magnesium into your cannabis plants.

But wait, how would you know if your cannabis plants require calcium and magnesium? And how to measure the calcium and magnesium level in your marijuana grow medium? Let’s find out the answer to these concerns for the betterment of your plants!

Parts Per Million

PPM or also known as Parts Per Million is one of the best ways for cannabis growers to measure the number of minerals used in a water. So whatever is the nutrient that you are going to add in your water, whether it is a calcium or magnesium, PPM would be the responsible one to tell you if you are using the right amount of minerals to your growing medium.

That means PPM will play a big role in the adjustment of your nutrients. And one of the possible ways for you to measure your PPM is thru the use of TDS meter or also known as the Total Dissolved Solids Meter. So if you want to know if your cannabis plants need more nutrients such as calcium and magnesium, you need to use a TDS meter to know the right PPM to observe for your cannabis plants.

When and How to Add Calcium and Magnesium in Your Marijuana Growing Medium?

There are certain factors that you need to determine first before adding calcium and magnesium or Cal-Mag supplement in your marijuana growing medium. The first one is if your growing medium is coco coir, the second factor is when you are using RO or reverse osmosis water (soft water), and the third one is when your cannabis plants are showing positive signs of calcium and magnesium deficiencies despite your proper pH value.

But before discussing these things, you should know that the PPM will a big role when it comes to adding Cal-Mag into your growing medium. Additionally, the PPM that you need to observe may depend upon the current growth stage of your cannabis plants. Check out the list below to know the ideal PPM to consider according to the growing stage of your plant:

– After cloning: 500 to 600 PPM

– Vegetative stage: 800 to 900 PPM

– Flowering stage: 1000 to 1100 PPM

And now that we already get the best PPM for our cannabis according to their growing stage, let us now move forward and know the ideal PPM as per your preferred water since this will also make an impact with regards to your Cal-Mag requirements.

– If you are using tap water the right PPM to consider is 400 PPM or below.

– For reservoir water, you need to maintain 400 to 1000 PPM.

– And for nutrient water, a total of 400 to 800 PPM is the ideal one to take into consideration.

After knowing the right PPM according to the growing stage and type of water that you will use in your marijuana grow medium, you should also understand by now that you don’t need to add Cal-Mag supplement every now and then to your cannabis plants because this supplement will not make your cannabis plants to grow quicker according to your desire but instead, the Cal-Mag supplement is only needed if you are trying to adjust or fix a nutrient problem in your cannabis plants.

Additionally, you will only be required to add more Cal-Mag supplement if you are growing your cannabis plants in coco coir since this growing medium has a tendency to expel more calcium. That means, if your medium is coco coir, expect that your cannabis plants will likely to encounter calcium and magnesium deficiencies.

That’s why you need to add more calcium and magnesium in your cannabis while it is at the beginning stage of its growth for about 2 weeks. Then while it is growing, you have to add lower doses of calcium and magnesium supplement together with its other nutrients if the situation requires you to do so.

Take note that pH will also play a critical role in here. So always make sure that you will pH your plain water to 5.5 to 6.5 after you have added your nutrients to ensure that nutrient buildup will be prevented.

Another important factor to consider about adding calcium and magnesium is when you are using a reverse osmosis water. This water is considered to be pure. That means there are no minerals present in this water. And if that is the situation, you need to add 50 to 250 PPM of cal-mag into your water plus its other macronutrients and micronutrients.

Again, you have to check the growing stage of your cannabis plants, type of plant, and its growing medium for you to determine the amount of cal-mag you need to add in your cannabis plant. But 50 to 250 PPM is a good amount to start with.


Final Words

For you to measure your calcium, magnesium, and other nutrients into your grow medium, you have to know use a TDS meter to get the PPM of your solution. And to know what PPM to observe with regards to cal-mag, you have to check the current growth stage, type of plant, growing medium, and condition of your cannabis because these are the only factors that will tell you if you need to add cal-mag to your growing medium.

So good luck to your growing process and make sure to follow the things listed here to achieve your desires!

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