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How to Maximize Marijuana Yield

marijuana yield

A high yield of marijuana plants is anticipated by most marijuana growers. But can you really maximize your yield? This article will give you a quick guide on how can you maximize your yield with any strain you use.

1) Increase the intensity of your light
Light signifies a lot of growing marijuana. Without enough amount of sunlight, your weeds will not grow and survive. When it comes to light, there is one formula you should always remember which is, the more intense your light is the larger your plant will become leading to fatter buds, as result, it will give you an increased yield.

2) Manipulate the growth of your plants
This technique includes the bending, netting, and topping of your weeds. The reason why plant manipulation is beneficial to your weeds is that the colas, as well as the leaves, will have a chance to receive a strong and fair amount of light.

3) Feed your weeds with right amount of nutrients
When it comes to giving your weeds right amount of nutrients, the general rule is to do not overdo it. Every nutrient has right application and improper usage will result in the toxicity of your weeds.

4) Control the growing area
The temperature and humidity play an important role in the growth of your cannabis. A good temperature will influence the good growth of your weeds as well as its potency and overall yields. This is because a too high or too low temperature will not let the buds grow properly.

5) Harvest your weeds in a proper way
Waiting the right time to harvest is also a key to having a high yield. When you harvest your weeds too early or too late, it will give a negative impact on the overall yield you can accumulate.

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