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Marijuana Strains Profile: Jack Frost

Jack frost 1

Through innovations and up to five years’ work and development, the Jack Frost was able to break through the ice. This premium strain provides some very appealing features to users. From its beautiful looks to a very potent high, this delicate-tasting hybrid definitely makes a case. One glance at the buds and you will understand why it is called Jack Frost!

But does the Jack Frost marijuana strain really live up to the hype? Just how well does it grow under certain weathers and climates? With all the talk surrounding this frosty hybrid, let us see if it is truly a strain worth investing your time and money in. Let’s start off!

Where Does the Jack Frost Strain Come From?

While there is a debate as to where this marijuana strain first came from, it is widely accepted that it was first bred in U.S soil by the respected seed breeders in Goldenseed. They certainly took a very detailed approach in producing and propagating the Jack Frost marijuana strain. 

It took them roughly around 5 whole years to properly conjure up the hybrid strain. While this is a feat that was rather unheard of before, breeders over in the U.S use every moment to achieve perfection and leave nothing to chance.

The lineage of the Jack Frost marijuana traces back to Thai origins. With genetics that consists of countless other legendary strains leaving their marks, it boasts a lineage unlike any other out there. Its development is by crossbreeding some very potent and well-known strains: the classic White Widow, some robust Jack Herer, and some Northern Lights #5 x Haze. Some versions of this famous marijuana strain even mix in some Rainbow Kashimiri to elevate the high and add an extra layer of flavor to the already complex strain. 

The Jack Frost marijuana strain is a well-balanced hybrid that consists of a 1:1 ratio of indica and sativa. This is also observable once you start cultivating the seeds and ultimately, when you start taking hits of this wonderful strain. 

Jack Frost Appearance and Growing Info:

What does it look like?

The Jack Frost marijuana appearance and overall look really does mirror the balance of indica and sativa in its genetics. It is capable of growing up to an average sized plant. Planting the Jack Frost marijuana seeds can give you plants that would normally reach around 6 to 8 feet. Instead of having a densely packed structure that is compact from top to bottom, the 

This strain actually produces a very loose and airy frame, which is common for most sativa hybrids. The plant’s buds also feel quite soft and delicate to the touch.

The leaves of this strain emit a deep yet bright shade of green. You will find some spade-shaped colas that run through the whole length of the plant’s stem that grow wider as they reach the base. Leaves of this strain are quite broad but they extend outwards to give them some significant reach, as well. 

The main attraction that this strain brings is the ridiculously frosty and dense volume of trichomes that can be found in the buds! In fact, the name “Jack Frost” is a reference to the buds looking as though they have been garnished with a thick layer of crystal-white trichomes. Upon maturing, these marijuana buds also form streaks of dark brown pistils that are scattered all around the colas.      

Cultivation and Growing Jack Frost:

Thankfully, the Jack Frost marijuana strain is very easy to grow and cultivate! People will find success in planting these seeds using just about any setup that they have. For any beginners out there who are looking for an easy-growing strain, then this hybrid will work brilliantly. 

This strain responds very well to organic and natural growing conditions, making it ideal for outdoor setups. Because it requires very little maintenance and can grow quite independently, all you will really have to consider is the hours of light it gets and the watering schedules that it has. 

The rich and nutrient-filled soils in your backyard give the seeds an added boost to produce the resin-filled buds that Jack Frost is known for. You will also be allowed to worry a lot less about pests, infestations, and molds contaminating your gardens. The durability and resistance levels of Jack Frost is skyhigh, which means that it is capable of thriving in less-than-ideal conditions.

If you happen to be using an indoor setup instead, using an organic or super soil mix is a key factor in bringing out the best of Jack Frost. One problem that people usually report is the poor drainage ability of Jack Frost because of the rather small plant structure. Make sure you use a loose soil solution and pots with ample drainage holes in them. 

You will find this hybrid strain to be fairly generous in terms of its yields. Indoors, the Jack Frost strain is capable of producing 19 to 21 ounces of buds per square meter while outdoor setups bring around 22 to 24 ounces per plant. It takes approximately around 9 to 10 weeks for this strain to fully mature, so outdoor growers can expect their harvests to take place at around early to mid-October.

Aroma and Flavors:


Jack Frost does away with most of the natural sweetness and citrus notes that you can find in many strains today. Instead, growers and users are met with strong scents of pine and earthiness. This invigorating yet classic aroma of weed gives Jack Frost a very interesting terpene profile that will leave smokers guessing. Apart from the floral and herbal undertones of this hybrid, you are also greeted with soft hints of skunkiness that blend together with a slight sweet and fruity scent. 

The well-balanced aroma of earthiness and pine make Jack Frost a very vintage-smelling strain. In fact, many reports suggest that it holds some resemblance to a glass of fruity wine in terms of aroma. These profiles are evident even during flowering as they emit a captivating and pungent fragrance. 


The flavors of the Jack Frost strain are also very interesting. They emulate the smells quite well as smokers will taste a nice, earthy flavor mixed with strong hits of pine. There is also a subtle skunkiness and diesel-like flavor that many smokers, particularly long time users, will find very satisfying. Once you take the first hits of Jack Frost, waves of herbal and citrus notes coat your palette. You will then be given a strong skunky finish followed by a very creamy and smooth exhale. 

The aftertastes of velvet creaminess give users a very smooth and full-bodied smoke. Because there is no friction whatsoever in both the inhale and exhale, you are introduced to a clean and easy smoke that leaves no itch and irritation on the throat. Overall, the wide array of smells and flavors that it has to offer bodes well for both amateurs and veterans alike. 

Common Effects and Medical Uses:

The mix of indica and sativa genetics gives smokers a great versatile high. It will leave them feeling extremely vibrant yet, at the same time, calm and collected. Jack Frost’s amazing high starts off almost immediately within the first few tokes and lasts for many, many hours. 

The rapid onset of happiness and energy fills your mind with some of the most positive thoughts you have ever had. You will quickly feel giddy and happy, which may cause you to giggle and laugh with no particular reason at all.

While the uplifting feelings do not stop, you will also receive a heightened sense of focus and alertness. All your creative juices start flowing as your instincts are dialed up to 11, making you a lot more aware of your surroundings. These effects make it perfect for smoking sessions or social gatherings with friends and peers. You will definitely have a good time with the high of Jack Frost! 

It is usually best as a daytime strain that can keep you on your feet throughout the whole day. However, as you move towards the end of the high, the indica influences makes their way to the forefront of things. While it doesn’t necessarily numb your body and cause any couchlock sensations, the Northern Lights properties kick in. You will start feeling a deep sense of relaxation and tranquility. Any stressful situation that you might find yourself in will have little effect on messing with the high that you have. 

Overall, Jack Frost leaves you feeling new and refreshed. The THC content of 17% to 21% is strong enough to pack a punch. And yet just right for beginners to enjoy.

Medical Value:

Jack Frost’s rich and balance lineage ensures that a number of medical benefits can also be taken from this strain. One is the uplifting feelings and ability to brighten up your mood. It works especially well in mitigating any experiences of depression and anxiety. Any negative thoughts that may dampen your spirits will definitely be out of the window after taking some Jack Frost!

Additionally, the relaxing sensations that this hybrid comes with can help you get rid of any pressure and stress. Anyone who is feeling fatigue setting in and out of sorts will bounce back after the high subsides. While mellow, the body buzz gives a tingling sensation all over. Thus, help in reducing the levels of chronic pain and discomfort that you might be feeling.

Due to the heightened levels of focus and alertness from Jack Frost, anyone diagnosed with PTSD and ADHD/ADD will find relief in this wondrous plant. As far as flexibility goes, this strain certainly does it all!

Negative side effects:

One thing that is holding Jack Frost back from perfection? It is its tendency to be quite powerful, especially for those with low THC tolerance. Because of this, users who have a low tolerance to strong and hard-hitting strains might get an overwhelming effects. This may lead to feelings of immense anxiety and paranoia if you smoke it in a rowdy environment. 

While very subtle, you might also experience some sensations of dry eyes and cottonmouth. Make sure you stay hydrated before and during your smoking session in order to avoid any dry feelings.

The Jack Frost marijuana strain is definitely a premium go-to strain for any smoker out there. Not only because of its head turning appearance but also the easy cultivation experience. It also has one of the sickest highs that you can get. Jack Frost is sure to satisfy your THC cravings!

It isn’t the most well-known strain out there. However, we can definitely see it becoming one of the most beloved strains in the cannabis market. So if you happen to find yourself some Jack Frost seeds, go ahead and try them out!

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