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Marijuana Strains Profile: Great White Shark

Great White Shark

Great white sharks are truly magnificent beasts of the ocean. While they may come off as terrorizing and dangerous, they are actually very mellow and easy to appreciate. This is exactly how to describe the Great White Shark marijuana strain, as well. This strain has a bold set of genetics and a potent high. It is impossible not to think twice before trying out this strain! But we assure you, it is definitely one of the most distinct and fascinating strains in the market today!

So, what makes Great White Shark so revered among cannabis users and growers? Today, we are going to discuss what it is like to smoke this robust strain. Additionally, this article tackles the different flavors, aroma, and growing information that you might want to know about!  

Where Does the Great White Shark Strain Come From?

This strain boasts a royal and classic genetic lineage only a few other strains can match. It is native to the gardens of Amsterdam. Seed developers made great use of various strains to conjure up this hybrid. Parent strains used in order to breed and propagate include: South Indian Sativa, South American Sativa, and Super Skunk. Other versions of the strain make use of White Widow and Super Skunk. It is also known by various nicknames such as the Peacemaker or Shark Shock. It is a sativa-dominant marijuana hybrid with 85% sativa and 15% indica.

Throughout the years, it has built a reputation with the sweet and satisfying flavors that it was capable of inducing. Before most of the hybrids took over the cannabis market, Great White Shark was among the premium strains that you could get your hand on. In fact, it has been able to win numerous awards and recognition certificates due to its complexity and potent highs. The most prestigious awards that this strain garnered includes 1st place in the High Times Cannabis Cup Awards and the 2005 High Life Hemp Fair

Great White Shark is, without a doubt, an elder strain amongst new and upcoming strains. However, is this considered as a good thing? Well, not really. You see, it took a long hiatus away from the cannabis scene due to the decrease in demand. However, recent years have seen it make a comeback. It is especially famous in Colorado, where indoor growing is a staple due to cold weathers.

Great White Shark Appearance and Growing Info:

What does Great White Shark look like?

Despite having more sativa genetics in its lineage, Great White Shark only sprouts up short and medium-sized plants. The bushy and very vigorous plant structure allows the strong branches to support its buds weight. You will get dense and roundish buds that are covered with sticky resin and orange hair-like pistils. The high concentrates of trichomes in each bud gives the Great White Shark a very appealing and mouth watering look. As the name suggests (and because of the White Widow genetics), Great White Shark’s buds glow a nice crystal-white hue. It is due to the presence of its trichomes. 

However, the sativa genetics start to kick in later on into the cultivation process. Because they are power-hungry plants, Great White Shark need a significant amount of sunlight, a quality that is common for sativa genetics. This gives them a slightly brighter hue of green mixed with a nice touch of yellow shades.

Cultivation and Growing Great White Shark:

Like the beautiful beast that it was named after, Great White Shark marijuana plants can build up quite an appetite! This is why it is often considered as an indoor strain. The ability to fully control and provide the ample amounts of light and nutrients are extremely crucial for Great White Shark plants. Providing a higher NPK ratio is something that growers tend to do. Also, opting for enriched soil solutions such as super soil with various soil amendments can really feed your Great White Shark marijuana plants.  

Because you will probably use an indoor cannabis setup for your Great White Shark plants, there are a number of ways to improve your gardens. They are very hardy and durable plants, which allows them to respond well to various stress techniques. Using SCROG (Screen of Green) and SOG (Sea of Green) helps maximize the size and overall yield that your cannabis plants come up with. While it leans more towards experienced growers, using a hydroponics setup ensures a constant flow of hydration and oxygen to keep this strain happy.

The yields of the Great White Shark can reach ridiculously high numbers. In an outdoor setup, they are able to produce up to 35 ounces per plant of frosty and highly resin filled buds. Harvests usually come around early to mid-October. As for indoor cannabis setups, the Great White Shark strain averages a yield of around 28 ounces per square feet. It takes around 9 to 12 weeks of flowering to fully mature and develop due to the sativa genetics present in Great White Shark. 

Great White Shark Aroma and Flavors:


During its prime days, Great White Shark was heavily considered as one of the most fragrant and aromatic strains in the market. With a very citrus-based and sweet-smelling profile, just one whiff is enough to hook smokers to it! The contrasting notes of skunkiness and citrus make for a very exotic terpene profile. 

Great White Shark offers a very pungent smell even during the cultivation stage. Once cured and dried up, strong notes of floral earthiness can be observed. This makes it appealing to even beginner smokers as there is no acidity or harsh profiles whatsoever in the aroma.


If you think that the Great White Shark smells amazing, wait until you actually taste it! Very deep and bursting flavors of citrus fruits envelop your tongue as you start puffing away on some of this Great White Shark. Of course, you will also have powerful hints of diesel and skunk flavors that combine extremely well with the fruity profiles on the tongue. 

Unlike many other skunky and hashy marijuana strains out there, great White Shark will leave no feelings of irritation on your throat whatsoever. In fact, the smoothness that it comes with will leave a nice trail of sweetness as you exhale the smoke from your mouth.

Great White Shark Common Effects and Medical Uses:

One thing that surprises many smokers is that Great White Shark only carries a THC level of around 14% to 17%. This is, in no way, obvious as it can get pretty strong! Known as a “one hit and quit” strain, it doesn’t take much of Great White Shark to get you high as a horse (if that makes sense)! Another thing is that Great White Shark’s effects lean more towards indica properties. This is despite having more sativa influences in its genetics. 

Within seconds of smoking this strain, you will instantly feel the high knocking on the door of your mind. As you are given a deep sense of calmness and tranquility, your mind starts filling with wondrous thoughts of creativity and vibrance. It is the perfect companion for any meditating sessions or relaxing moments where you just want to lay back and chill! 

Moreover, the body-numbing sensations will definitely get you feeling lazy and unmotivated. As such, it is recommended to use this strain during uneventful days or during the nighttime. Make sure to clear your schedules before taking in doses of Great White Shark! The strong hits of this strain can definitely  disrupt anything you have planned out for the day. 

Medical Value:

The Great White Shark strain also brings a lot of medical value with its effects and impact on the health of its users. One of the main features that it has to offer is being able to stimulate the appetite and reduce symptoms of patients diagnosed with anorexia. Any feelings that you may have of anxiety and stress can definitely be alleviated through this strain. The uplifting and strong relaxing effects see to it that medical patients have enough room for themselves to keep away from any stressful situations. 

Because you get a nice relaxing feeling, it also acts as an effective pain reliever for both the heady and body. Sharp and stinging sensations of chronic pain or migraines are washed away with just a hit of this strain. 

Negative side effects:

There aren’t many adverse effects when it comes to the Great White Shark strain for long-time users. However, if you are a beginner, you might experience some negative feelings and discomfort. As you know, it is a very powerful strain. Smoking too much can definitely spike your anxiety and leave you feeling extra cautious of your surroundings. 

Also, the rich potency leaves you with a cottonmouth feeling and dry eyes. These are some typical adverse effects of most marijuana strains. We would recommend building up your tolerance first before taking shots at this strain. Of course, beginners may also take controlled hits of Great White Shark to feel the amazing high that it has to offer.

The Great White Shark strain is back and more powerful as ever before! Along with some of the best profiles in terms of flavors and effects at its disposal. Great White Shark is sure to be a premium choice for any smoker out there! So if you are looking to get frosty with one of the legends in the cannabis market, the Great White Shark should be on the top of your list!

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