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Marijuana Strains Profile: Birthday Cake Kush

Birthday Cake Kush

There are many strains in the cannabis market that captured the hearts and minds of many people out there. From the original landrace strains to more potent and diverse hybrid genetics, growers and smokers will surely have a field day choosing the best. One strain that a lot of cannabis connoisseurs are considering as one of the most premium is the Birthday Cake Kush.

Birthday Cake Kush, which is also known simply as Birthday Cake or Wedding Cake, is a favorite indica-dominant marijuana hybrid. With a unique full-bodied effect and very delectable flavors, Birthday Cake Kush is capable of appealing to both beginners and long-time users.

In this article, we will be discussing the different profiles of Birthday Cake Kush and see why it is famous among smokers out there.  

Where Does the Birthday Cake Kush Come From?

Birthday Cake, Birthday Cake Kush, Wedding Cake, or Pink Cookies all refer to just one specific strain. Whatever you choose to call it, it is definitely one of the most potent weed types out there. Birthday Cake comes from crossbreeding two very famous award-winning strains: the flavorful Cherry Pie strain and the legendary Girl Scout Cookies (GSC). 

From these, it carries some of the most potent and sturdy genetics in the cannabis market today. With a heritage tracing back to OG Kush, it should be no surprise as to how strong Birthday Cake can be.

The presence of Girl Scout Cookies builds the foundation for all the richness and potency that Birthday Cake has. While it carries most of its high qualities from GSC, the flavors and smell certainly lean more towards Cherry Pie. It makes for an indica-dominant hybrid that contains a 60% indica and 40% sativa composition. 

Birthday Cake Kush Appearance and Growing Info:

What does Birthday Cake Kush look like?

Being an indica-dominant strain, Birthday Cake Kush produces a fairly short plant that grows up to a mere 4 to 7 feet in height. The dense and sort of bushy appearance makes it quite a sight to behold. With broad leaves that spring out from each cola of the plant, it helps by increasing the chances of   more sunlight absorption by the plant. The dark and deep colors of green in this strains leaves and buds are very relaxing to look at. If cultivated under cooler climates, it has the potential to bring out some bright colors of purple. 

One can surely expect the Birthday Cake Kush to display some very fat and chunky buds. The big and almost circular shape of these nugs have a very indica-leaning structure. Little hairs of orange pistils coat every inch of the buds, giving it a great frosty and glistening look during cultivation. The high concentration of trichomes and resin make Birthday Cake Kush buds feel sticky to the touch! 

Cultivation and Growing Birthday Cake Kush:

Growing some Birthday Cake Kush seeds is fairly simple, needing just a tiny bit of proficiency in cannabis cultivation processes. It is capable of fully growing and developing into healthy and potent plants whether you choose an indoor or outdoor setup, although the latter is usually the better choice. When cultivating Birthday Cake Kush, try regulating the temperatures around 65 to 70 degrees Fahrenheit

This marijuana hybrid also tolerates mold and mildew development quite well. Despite needing long hours of light under a warm and humid environment, Birthday Cake will still be able to grow properly under slightly cooler conditions.  

Birthday Cake Kush is a strain that will usually benefit from various tweaks and adjustments in your gardens. Using the SCROG method during or right before its flowering stages help the strain’s plants reach its full potential in terms of heights and yields. 

Additionally, because of the unusually thick and robust form of Birthday Cake Kush plants, it will constantly need pruning and trimming. This helps it maintain a clean and neatly shaped look. The density and entanglement of leaves and buds may prove to be a hindrance for light absorption if your plants are not maintained properly. 

Because of its small stature, Birthday Cake Kush can effectively be placed in just about any cannabis growing space. This allows growers to maximize the spaces in which they plant their weed seeds. On average, this strain can provide around 18 to 20 ounces of buds during harvest when cultivated indoors. If you are using an outdoor setup, your yields may reach around 20 to 23 ounces per plant. This hybrid strain has a relatively short flowering period of 7 to 9 weeks. As such, outdoor growing of buds could see them ready for harvest during late September to mid-October

Birthday Cake Kush Aroma and Flavors:


One thing that stands out with the Birthday Cake Kush is the intense and decadent flavors and aroma that it can provide. During the cultivation process, you can definitely pinpoint some subtle notes of diesel and earthiness in its buds. Once the buds have undergone curing and drying, you get a very floral and moist herbal scent with slight hints of citrus. 

Of course, due to the lineage that it comes from, you are also met with some strong smells of skunkiness. Grinding up your weed buds brings a nice piney and wooden fragrance, as well. Overall, it provides an exotic array of terpene profiles that surprisingly mesh well together!


As you take a few hits of this strain, you will definitely know why it is called as such. The deep and decadent flavors that you are met with will surely remind you of the different candies that you used to love when you were just a kid. While it doesn’t necessarily overwhelm your palettes with over-the-top levels of sweetness, it does have a nice blend of sourness and citrus. Also, the very rich creaminess is amplified by the thick and full-bodied smoke that comes from Birthday Cake’s buds. 

Decent levels of skunkiness and earthiness also coat your whole mouth with a strong yet addicting flavor. While it may come off as mildly hashy, the vanilla flavors make for a very soothing taste on the throat. Of course, the presence of Girl Scout Cookies carries over a very light flavor of mint and chocolates as well, but this isn’t something many users report.

Birthday Cake Kush Common Effects and Medical Uses:

The Birthday Cake kush strain carries a THC level of 18% to a wild 25%. This makes it stronger than your average strains out there. Because of this, it typically isn’t a strain that one would recommend to beginner smokers. But as your tolerance to potent THC levels develop, you will undoubtedly want to try some soon!

The high of this strain is second to none in terms of being enjoyable and well-balanced. You will definitely get the best of both worlds with Birthday Cake Kush. You will first feel the strong sensations in your head. But because it is an indica-dominant strain, it tends to lean more on the relaxing side of the spectrum. 

As the high takes a hold of your mind, your head will start racing with an increased sense of alertness. Later on, you will start to notice a very dreamy and euphoric feeling. It will take over your whole mind as it massages your temples and releases pressure from your scalp. As this makes its way down the body, you will notice your whole being start getting heavier and your movements seeming all the more difficult to control.  The only thing left to do is lay down and enjoy the calm and euphoric daze of Birthday Cake Kush!

Medical Value:

The strong feelings of alertness followed by pure relaxation makes it great for treating both physical and mental conditions. Symptoms of illness like mild stress, anxiety, depression, and PTSD are significantly reduced with Birthday Cake. It helps patients feel more focused with their surroundings and keeps their mind away from whatever troubles them. Additionally, the amplification of your mental alertness help ADHD patients calm down and find peace for long periods of time. 

The physical properties of the indica genetics of this strain makes it a great pain reliever that soothes your muscle. Also, any chronic pain that causes any level of discomfort can be treated with some of these hybrid hits. Furthermore, Birthday Cake Kush is known to produce some heavy feelings of the munchies. This makes it capable of helping stimulate a person’s appetite.

Negative side effects:

Like we said, the Birthday Cake is not for the faint of heart. As it carries strong Kush genetics, the potency of this strain might be a little overwhelming for some. If you are not used to the skunkiness and hashy flavor of Kush, then you might feel a slight irritation on your throat. The complex terpene profiles might also be quite strong as it will come off as acidic to some.

If you are smoking it in a disruptive and noisy environment, then it might destroy your high. Most especially beginners, people might feel strong discomfort and anxiety attacks when you are in the wrong environments.

Birthday Cake Kush is an amazing strain that blends both technicality and simplicity in all its properties. Despite having different profiles in taste and smell, the way they blend together perfectly makes this strain easy to use! For a well-balanced hybrid that offers unique tastes and effects, then Birthday Cake Kush is a great choice for you!

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