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Marijuana Seedlings Are Yellow: What to Do About it?

Marijuana seedlings that are experiencing yellowing of leaves could be happening for several possible reasons. The underlying problem could be found out by also looking at other symptoms that your seedlings are manifesting such as curling of leaves, brown spots and many others. Listed in this article are ten of the most probable reasons for yellowing of your marijuana seedlings and what to do about them.

  1. pH imbalance

One of the top reasons for yellowing of leaves is an imbalance of pH in your plants’ soil. The pH in your plants’ roots is probably too high or too low and therefore affects the way your plants absorb nutrients. This kind of yellowing could technically be called nutrient deficiency as well since the plants are not absorbing the right amount of nutrients.

Aside from yellow leaves, other symptoms that would tell you that your marijuana seedlings are experiencing an imbalance in pH include little spots or patches and browning of the edges of leaves.

How to fix pH imbalance? Simple, before watering your plants you should test the pH of the water by using a pH kit and then adjust accordingly. If it’s too acidic, add a little amount of base and if it’s too basic, add a little acid. The ideal pH should be a little acidic but near neutral.

  1. Improper watering

The second possible culprit for the yellowing of your marijuana seedlings is improper watering. You could be overwatering or underwatering your plants. Other symptoms of improper watering include dropping leaves, and dry looking leaves.

The solution to improper watering practices is a simple rule of thumb. You would know that you are using just the right amount of water when only one fifth of the water you poured in comes out at the bottom. And when you see that the top layer of soil has dried up, you will know that it is time to water them again.

  1. Light Burn

Yellowing could sometimes happen when your marijuana plants are being exposed to too much light or when the growing lights are placed too close to the plants. You will know that it’s light burn causing the yellowing when the topmost parts are yellowed which are the parts closest to the light. Also you will know that it’s light burn if the yellowed leaves, even when completely dead, are hard to pull off from the stem.

Prevention is the best way to avoid light burn. So when placing your grow lights for the first time, you should follow the manufacturer’s guidelines as to how far away from the plants you should place the lights. If you can’t find any instructions on the packaging then it is best to contact the manufacturer in order to make sure.again.

  1. Temperature imbalance

Another possible cause for yellowing of leaves is temperature imbalance. This possibility can also be related to light burn in that when you are providing too much light to your plants, it could be producing too much heat as well. However, your plants could also be a little cold sometimes when the temperature outside has started to drop and you haven’t adjusted the heat inside your growing room.

Other symptoms for temperature imbalance include yellowing of the upper leaves, leaves curling up like tacos and burned or browned leaves. When you have already checked out the pH and deemed that it’s alright and also made sure that the light is the proper distance away, this could be the most probable cause.

The solution to temperature imbalance is to properly monitor the temperature inside the growing room. Make sure to install a reliable thermometer inside the room and check it regularly to make sure that your plants are not too cold nor too hot. Employ heating and cooling systems so you are ready to turn on either of them when the temperature outside changes drastically.

  1. Bugs and other pests

Another common reason for yellowing of marijuana seedlings could be the presence of bugs and pests. You will know if your yellowing of marijuana seedlings could be the presence of bugs and pests. marijuana seedlings have bugs or pests in them when you can actually see some of them crawling around or attached to your plants especially under the leaves. But if you don’t see any, try and take a closer look and if your plants are generally weak then maybe this is the problem.

To remedy the bug and pest problem, there are lots and lots of solutions you can buy online or in your local grow store that would kill them. But if you don’t want anything synthetic touching your plants, you could always opt for organic alternatives such as Neem oil.

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