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Basic Remedies to Cure 99% of Marijuana Plant Problems

Listed in this article are simple and quick tips that you can use in order to solve a whole bunch of issues when it comes to your marijuana plant problems. This means lesser problems, more yield. So let’s get right to it.

Step Remedies for Your Growing Marijuana

Maintaining temperature and humidity

Temperature and humidity are two of the most important environmental factors to take care of when it comes to an indoor marijuana growing. They are also two of the culprits for the most common marijuana problems. Too much or too little heat and humidity matter and if you don’t get them right then your plants will not just grow to the optimum level and your buds will not be up to par with what you want to achieve. You will know that your plants are receiving too much or too little heat and humidity when you start noticing that they are wilting and turning yellow or brown in color.

A balance in humidity is also necessary as too much humidity will enable pests to grow such as mold and too little will dry them out. So in order to make sure that you are subjecting your plants to the right temperature and humidity levels, get yourself a monitor for each. Or better yet, you can get one that is both a thermometer and hygrometer which will determine both temperature and humidity in one.

If you are an indoor grower, make sure to have a ventilation system that will come in handy when adjusting the temperature. Also, make sure to provide enough water for your plants so as not to dry them out.

Important Source Is The Light: Growing Marijuana Plant

Providing just enough light

We all know that marijuana plants love light but that doesn’t mean that you should provide all the light you can. Take care to provide just the right amount of light to your marijuana plants. Make sure you place your growing lights the proper distance away from your plants as a light that is too close may cause a light burn. If you are not sure about the proper distance then you can consult the growing light’s packaging for instructions or call the manufacturer for some advice.

Nutrient deficiencies

Nutrient deficiencies are also one of the top problems when it comes to growing marijuana. However, before we delve into whatever nutrient deficiencies there might be, let us first talk about pH. pH balance is also important when growing marijuana. pH that is too high or too low will make your marijuana plants absorb energy insufficiently.

But if you’ve already made sure that your pH is balanced and still is experiencing the same problems then maybe it really is some kind of nutrient y made sure that your pH is balanced and still are experiencing the same problems then maybe it really is some kind of deficiency. The most common kinds of deficiency include nitrogen, calcium, and magnesium deficiency. There are a whole lot of supplements that you can choose from in your local grow store and online to remedy these kinds of nutrient deficiency.

Bugs and Pests

Then last but definitely not the least common problem in this list are bugs and pests. There are probably more than a thousand kinds of bugs and pests that could invade your marijuana plants. The key is to properly identify what really is in your plant in order to apply the correct solution to the problem.

However, the most common nuisance that marijuana growers experience is molding. This is a result of temperatures that are too low and humidity levels that are too high. Molds thrive best in cold and muggy places and could damage your plants irreversibly. So the best way to avoid this happening is to make sure that you are maintaining the growing conditions at the correct levels at all times.

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