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Why You Should Not Use Plasma or Magnetic Induction Grow Lights

Magnetic Induction Grow Lights VS Plasma Grow Lights

In more recent years, most cannabis growers have heard all about marijuana induction grow lights for growing seeds. The most common types found in the market are plasma and magnetic induction grow lights. They are marketed to be great growing lights and are often sensationalized by their manufacturers. But do they really live up to everything they are claiming? Let’s go ahead and find out.

Plasma Grow Lights

This kind of grow lights emit light by microwave radiation that excites the sulfur inside in the form of plasma. The resulting light looks almost the same as natural sunlight. However, this effect does not matter that much to plants as they don’t really “see” what the color looks like but rather “feel” it.

The main reason why Plasma grow lights are not recommended by expert growers is because they lack the appropriate parts of the light spectrum to support proper growth of plants. Therefore if you are employing only plasma grow lights in your grow room, your plants may be stunted or wilt altogether because they are not getting the right amount and type of light that they need as food.

Also, if you are going to use plasma grow lights, they have a tendency to interfere with cellphone and Wi-Fi signal which could be pretty annoying as well.

The truth of the matter is that no matter how much they experiment on improving plasma grow lights, there is no changing the light that it produces. Therefore it may not be appropriate for growing plants ever. Even those who have tried using plasma grow lights for growing marijuana have long changed into more effective types of grow lights.

Magnetic For Marijuana Induction Grow Lights

It has been a couple years ago since the first group of plasma grow lights have cropped up in the market. And now that people have started to realize its ineffectivity, they have started to turn away from it. However, there is a new breed of induction grow light that has come up in the market and has created quite a hype with growers recently.

These are the Magnetic Induction Grow Lights. But again, are they really all they claim to be?

Magnetic induction grow lights are admittedly younger and newer than plasma grow lights therefore the technology that comes with it is a somehow up to date. It produces light by functioning like a fluorescent lamp but without the electrodes. Compared to plasma grow lights, you could say that these are a little more efficient for growing cannabis plants.

Although magnetic induction grow lights seem to be quite the hype right now with all the claims growers are looking for, you should not give in just as easily. Let us first dissect what these lights have to offer and decide from there. First off all, it is indeed true that magnetic induction grow lights produce a full spectrum of light which is what your cannabis plants really need.

So they are good in that area. Plus they look really awesome too. And if you are currently using fluorescent lights as your grow lights, using magnetic induction lights could be quite a good upgrade as they function basically the same.

As stated earlier, magnetic induction grow lights are basically huge fluorescent lights but without the electrode. And because the electrode or the filament in a fluorescent light is the first thing to break, you won’t have to worry about replacing magnetic induction lights for a longer time. They could also take a lot longer for the brightness to diminish because of that same reason.

Now these statements are not based on false claims but on hard facts. So on that front, you might already be considering purchasing magnetic induction grow lights to replace your good old fluorescent lights in your growing room. But you should not do this drastically just yet. You must also take note that the greatest problem with using magnetic induction grow lights is that they are really expensive. So unless you have a ton of money to spend on just the grow lights, you should hold out.

Because of their effectivity and reliability, magnetic induction grow lights could be a very popular choice in the future. But until its prices come down, that won’t be the case. Another downside to these kinds of lights is that that the light can’t properly reach the lower branches especially when you have marijuana plants in a canopy setup. Also these lights do not have a built in cooling system so they can get quite hot.

But if you really are interested in them, they are great option as a supplement grow light coupled with other trusted types of lights such as fluorescent and LED.

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