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Marijuana Indica Bud Characteristics

Cannabis strains are divided into 3: sativa, indica, and hybrids (the combination of indica and sativa). The sativa and hybrid strains are different from the indica strains. Therefore, the buds of indica strains do have their own characteristics. Before you look for the best marijuna indica bud list, you should learn general ideas about them.

Sativa vs. Indica Buds – Get to Know the Difference

Since most cannabis strains of today are hybrids, it can be difficult to tell the difference between sativa buds and indica buds in their dried forms. However, there are some things that can help you with this. If you purchased some buds and you feel like you’ve got more than what you paid for, then those buds can be sativa.

The buds of sativa strains are less dense and wispier. They can be taller as well. Their nugs can be thin, fluffy, and rectangular. For some customers, this might be unappealing. This is one of the reasons why hybrid strains are widely available.

In terms of indica plants, the buds can be much denser and heavier compared to the buds of sativa. These characteristics are what the consumers want. They grow in thick clusters near the nodes, forming the classic and “crunchy” appearance.

Nonetheless of your preference when it comes to high, the reality is that the indica buds appear more aesthetics. It formed a major trend within the market. These days, those cannabis plants with pure sativa characteristics are rare, not just due to their growing requirements. Instead, that is due to bud appearance.

Therefore, consumers are mostly buying indica-dominant buds or at least those containing minimal indica genetics percentage. It does not mean sativa buds are inferior, but these flowers come in the form of fragile and fluffy nugs.

Taste and Aroma

The taste of indica buds also differs from the sativa buds. Marijuana Indica bud often have sweet tastes like the flavors of Sweet Skunk and Honey Cream. However, sativa strains have pungent and earthy flavors like the Sour Diesel.

In terms of smell, sativa buds often have a more delicate and floral aroma. That is exactly the opposite of their taste, which is weird but true. Indica emits a skunky and pungent aroma that can easily catch the attention of other people around you.

THC and CBD Content

Tetrahydrocannabinol or THC is among the best-known cannabinoids. It is the component of cannabis that makes people feel high and happy. Likewise, THC is good at giving therapeutic benefits like pain relief.

Most indica-dominant cannabis strains have higher THC levels. Since THC is known for inducing increased heart rate and even anxiety, it is hard to explain why indica buds can still trigger a relaxing and sedating sensation. That is because THC is just a part of a puzzle. It works along with other components of cannabis to help lessen its intense stimulating effects.

Meanwhile, CBD is the component of cannabis that does not induce a euphoric high. It does wonder in relieving the signs of anxiety or panic attacks. Moreover, CBD is effective as well in controlling seizures, which means the high-CBD buds of either sativa or indica strains can be very helpful for people suffering from epilepsy.


Since the body high induced by indica strains can be intense, novice users are advised to be extra careful. Some cannabis indica strains tend to be strong and capable of inducing extreme relaxation that they trigger a condition called couchlock. If it occurs, the person will be woozy, high, and sedated that they may find themselves unable to stand up and move around until the effects completely disappeared.

Therefore, indica buds are better to consume early in the evening or before bedtime. For that, the indica buds are popular among the patients with insomnia. According to CNBS, the effects that you will typically experience when you consumed indica buds are:

Couchlock or heaviness sensation
Appetite stimulation

Medical Benefits of Indica Buds and Strains

Cannabis indica is very useful for insomnia. However, the indica-dominant buds are ideal for the following:

Pain – indica cannabis strains work well to minimize pain levels. They are especially useful for people with chronic pain who want to avoid taking opioid painkillers in the long run. Indica-dominant strains are great remedies for people experiencing pain due to some health conditions like fibromyalgia and cancer.

Muscle Pain – indica buds can deliver soothing relief for painful muscles. They can also be effective for muscle spasms. Since the effects of weed come by fast when vaporized or smoked, they can offer quick relief.

Headaches – you can also use indica buds in getting rid of a throbbing headache. You may also find it useful in dealing with migraines.

Anxiety – because of their calming effects, indica-dominant strains are highly ideal for people who have panic attacks and anxiety. It can also be helpful for patients with depression.

Indica Bud List

You have unlimited choices when it comes to marijuna indica bud. For this indica bud list, the best examples are:

Granddaddy Purple
Purple Urkle
Platinum OG

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