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What’s the Best Pot or Container for Growing Marijuana

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Many cannabis growers, most especially the new ones, are not concerned about the pot or container that they will use as a growing medium for their cannabis. Some of them put their attention to the marijuana growing process itself and a few of them are more concerned about the strain that they will use to meet their desires.

Although these factors are important as well, cannabis growers should also realize that their growing medium (pot or container) is also significant to the growth of their cannabis plants. And as a matter of fact, your chosen pot or container will play an important role in the overall health of your plants since the watering and nutrient giving will depend on the type and size of your pot and container.

With that being said, all cannabis growers (novice or pro), should choose the best pot or container for growing their cannabis plants. But wait, what is the ideal pot or container that will perfectly suit in your cannabis plant? Are there any choices and considerations to choose from?

So without more ado, here are the things that you should start to digest for the sake of harvesting a good kind of cannabis plant.

Different Types of Container for Your Marijuana Growing Plants

The container that you will pick will depend on the growing size of your cannabis. That means if you are growing a strain that is known for having a taller height, then you should choose a bigger container. And if you are growing a small cannabis plant, then a small container will definitely be the ideal for you.

But since there are different types of container that are available in different gardening stores, you need to understand the purpose of these containers so you can get the best one for you.

  1. Standard Pot

This is the usual pot that every gardener is using to their plants. They have their own saucers at the bottom of the pot and they are usually made up of terracotta (the traditional material) or from plastic (the modern one).

Although terracotta is bit heavier than the plastic ones, they are still very effective to be used as your growing medium most especially during summer time, since it can hold more moisture. In other words, they can naturally give your plants a cooling effect because of its ability.

The standard pot is ideal to any kinds of cannabis growers because of its ability to catch the run-off water which is made possible by its saucer.

And if you will check the other pots and containers, they do not have a saucer below its pot which makes it a little bit disadvantageous since it is very important to always remove the run-off water below your pot to ensure that your plants will not absorb this water.

However, if you are already growing tons of cannabis plants, the use of saucer will also become inconvenient because you have to individually remove the saucer below the pot every time you will drain the water.

Of course, no one wants to waste their time by manually doing this. And because of that reason, the use of trays became a good alternative to saucers.

Trays come in bigger sizes which can accommodate more than 1 plant. This is ideal most especially if you are already growing lots of cannabis and you want to lessen the hassle of emptying the saucer on each of your pot.

Tray sets are usually partnered by water transfer pump and wet or dry vacuum to easily empty the water from its tray. So no need to make any movements to remove the run-off water since trays (with slightly inclined design) are easier to deal with compared to saucers.

But then again, this is only applicable for growers who are planting tons of cannabis.

  1. Fabric Containers

Smart pots or fabric containers are known for its ability of air pruning the root-bound from the container. That means this container will stop the roots of your plants from whirling and growing outside your growing container.

The smart pots are also known for giving more oxygen to the roots of your cannabis due to it is made up of fabric. And because of its fabric material, you can get a guarantee that your plants will not encounter over-watering because it dries out the water much easier and quicker.

However, this said advantage can also turn into a big disadvantage since your plants will become thirstier and drier. So to avoid this from happening, you should use a bigger size of smart pots when growing a cannabis to ensure that your plants will not appear dry.

Additionally, you need to use a bigger size of tray or saucer when using a smart pot because their run-off water will burst from the sides of the fabrics.

  1. Hempy Buckets

The hempy buckets have the same appearance with the regular pots. Their only difference is that they don’t have any saucers at the bottom but instead they have drainage holes at the bottom sides of the container.

And because of this feature, the water tends to sit and collect at the bottom of the container which creates a small pool of water below. That means you don’t need to regularly water your plants since the nutrient water is just sitting at the bottom of the container.

However, when using the hempy buckets, you have to make sure that the water at the bottom will not become stagnant since if this will not be properly drained, your plants will suffer from different nutrient problems which we don’t want to happen.

  1. Air Pots

This container has the same features and details with smart pots. This can also do an air pruning to prevent root-bound and you also need to water your plants more frequently since it can easily dry out the water from your plants.

The air pots will also require you to use a saucer to catch the run-off water at the bottom because it has the same draining principle with smart pots.

The only difference that they have is that air pots are made from plastic which makes it more advantageous than smart pots because the air pots are more solid and robust to be used. That means it will not be easily tipped or slopped because of the material used for creating air pots.

All in all, growing a cannabis plant to the best pot or container can truly make a big difference and impact to the growth of your plants.

So if you want to ensure that your plant will grow without encountering any issues, you have to use the right container with the perfect size (e.g. cannabis height is equivalent to 12” then you have to use 2 to 3 gallon container; for 24” cannabis plant, a 3 to 5 gallon container would be enough, and for 36” plant size, you have to use 6 to 8 gallon container).

So what are you waiting for? Choose your pot now and make sure that each tip given here will be all considered!

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