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Avoid These Common Beginner Marijuana Growers Mistakes

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Growing marijuana is both fun and educational. Unlike other common plants, Marijuana needs attention and proper care in order to have a healthy growth. Another point to remember is you should have special knowledge and skills in the proper cultivation of your marijuana plant. I can still remember when I started growing marijuana and I totally made a lot of mistakes.

As of today, I often asked about the tips on how to properly grow marijuana plants but I chose not to share because it would be better to share first the common mistakes every marijuana growers beginner should avoid. That is why; I came up with this:

List of Common Beginner Marijuana Growers’ Mistakes and How to Avoid it

  • Improper management of PH.

When you grow Marijuana plants, you will also familiarize many acronyms and formulas. One of these is the PH level. Technically speaking, we should know on how to manage properly the PH of our soil/medium to protect our Marijuana plants from making small buds or worst to death. PH plays an important role in growing Marijuana since it will tell what nutrients our Marijuana actually needs.

In order to avoid this beginner’s mistake, you must provide your own PH testing kit and make sure to provide what your plants need. Make sure to follow this correct range:

Hydroponics                           5.5-6.5

Soil                                            6.0-7.0


  • Too much nutrients application

This mistake is very common among beginners since this is very easy to make. Many think that more nutrients will make Marijuana plants healthier. If you have this kind of mindest, you should start changing it now. Although nutrients are the food to make our Marijuana grow, we need to follow the proper amount and application of the different kind of fertilizers. If we will overfeed our plant, this will result to severe damage like nutrient burn and some may lead to death.

This mistake can be avoided through following the right amount of application.

  • Overwatering

We all knew the fact that plants need water. Just like other plants, Marijuana needs water to survive and grow. It is one of the major factors why Marijuana will grow either healthy or poor. However, it is also necessary to be mindful about the right amount of water we should give to our Marijuana to prevent droopy posture or total damage to the plant.

You can avoid overwatering through being observant to your medium. If you are using soil as its medium, it would be better if you will regularly check the top inches of the soil if it is dry.

  • Bad stating genes

Upon choosing the best strain, it is important that we will be mindful about the genes of our Cannabis plants.

To avoid choosing bad genes, you have to get seeds from reputable source to make sure that these will produce strains with best genes.

  • Wrong lighting

Since light is a major need of our Marijuana plants, it is important to have proper lighting so that our plants will enjoy enough amount of light.

Avoid doing this mistake by being proportional. Make sure that your light is proportion to the numbers of your Marijuana.

  • Early harvesting

Sometimes we are pushed through with our excitement in harvesting our Marijuana crop. This is the reason why we need to control this excitement because it is not good for our Marijuana plant. It would be better to wait the right time where our plant is perfect to be harvested.

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