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How Many Marijuana Strains are Available

marijuana strains

Currently, it would be very difficult to count all the different types of marijuana strains. There are a lot of breeders who constantly makes new strains for their own convenience and to be sold to its customers. As the legalization of cannabis spreads in some countries, you’ll expect that new strains will be made to cater the diversity of those cannabis enthusiasts. So while we can’t count all of the hundreds or even thousands of strains there are a few things we track.
To guide you, there are four basic types of cannabis strains.

Indica Marijuana Strains

These cannabis varieties are those who have short in stature growing about 2-6 feet. These plants have wide and fat blade-like leaves. Nonetheless, these cannabis varieties are often grown indoors with 2-4 months vegetation period. Indica strains usually have low THC contents and are mostly used for medicinal purposes.

Sativa Marijuana Strains

This cannabis strain variety grows tall reaching about a minimum of 4.5 feet. Unlike Indica, they have long, thin, and narrow-bladed leaves. They have long vegetation periods and usually grow outdoors. Sativa strains are known to have high THC content and are used to energized and improve creativity.

Ruderalis Marijuana Strains

This variety has said to be a descendant of the Indica variety. Also called auto-flowering plants, this cannabis variety does not depend much on light to grow. These plants grow very short about 1.5-2.5 ft in height and are known to have short flowering periods. These varieties are said to thrive even in harsh environments. These plants do not bud as much as the indica or sativa variety. That is why it is mostly grown for personal use.

Hybrid Marijuana Strains

These varieties have the most numbered strains available today. These refer to the interbreed variety of any cannabis strains above. These strains are a mixture of the indica, sativa, or ruderalis variety to improve the taste and quality of the cannabis product. Nearly all marijuana strains are some type of hybrid.

When pruning your cannabis plant this is a great time to study the leaves and identify some of these genetic traits that your unique plant may have.

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