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How to Make Your Own Wax Hash

make wax hash

Many may know what wax hash is, however, only few are knowledgeable enough on how to do it. Making your own wax will require enough knowledge to make the production process successful.

Rosin- tech Wax Hash method

This method is the recommended choice especially for those who don’t have enough experience in the wax production. Rosin-tech will not require you to use any solvent but rather a paper specifically a parchment type, a razor blade, dried cannabis, a flat iron or a hair straightener, a scale and an oven mitten. You only need to follow the following steps in doing the process.

1)    Break the 2 grams of weeds into 4 pieces
2)    Adjust the flat iron into 330 heating point
3)    Fold the paper into half and make sure that it is not sticky. Put the half of your weeds in the middle part of the paper.
4)    With the use of your mitten, press your weeds in three seconds
5)    Remove it slowly and carefully. You can see stains of resins, now put the buds in another spot and do the same process for 3 seconds.
6)    Make sure that your buds are of great quality to produce good quality of resin as well.
7)    With the razor blade, scrap the stain and it is now ready for smoke.

Solvent Wax Hash method

This method is the popular one, it uses a butane to extract the cannabis. This method will require enough knowledge because it is a bit risky especially to those neophytes. Before doing the process, provide the following material:
•        Razorblade
•        1 oz. of cannabis
•        An extraction tube
•        Parchment paper
•        Butane canister
•        Dish
•        Electric range
•        Double boiler
•        3 cfm Vacuum pump (single-stage)

1)    Put your cannabis in the extractor
2)    Spray the butane in hole of the extractor with a dish at the bottom
3)    Let the butane evaporate
4)    Use the vacuum to remove the remaining butane

Those are the 2 most common ways to produce wax hash. It far easier to make wax than it is to make hash oil. Let us know what you think or if you have any tips on making wax hash let us know in the comments below.

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