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How to Make Your Own Shatter Dabs

make shatter dabs

Shatter dabs have been famous nowadays among cannabis enthusiasts. Nonetheless, it is the purest form of cannabis extract that is smokable and has the highest concentration of terpenes among other cannabis forms.
However, these dabs are not readily available. That is why a lot of dabbing enthusiasts have purchased pressure gauge pumps to press and produce shatter dabs.

But if you don’t have any pressure pumps, then you could employ a simple yet tiring method to get dabs. The method involves the following steps. This includes;
Prepare the materials. Simply, you’ll need pieces of weed, a parchment paper, and a hair straightener.
Using prongs, put few pieces of marijuana into the parchment paper.
Fold the parchment paper into half in such a way that the pieces of weed are put into pressure.

Plug into the hair straightener and use it to completely pressurize the parchment paper with pieces of weed on it. Adjust the heat with the hair straightener from low to medium range. Let this heat stand for about 20 seconds.
Squeeze the hair straightener to the parchment paper for about 5 seconds. To make things more effective, squeeze the tips of the prongs to pressurize it more. Just be careful though with the heat. It is useful to wear some gloves to avoid burning yourself.

Open the parchment paper. Use prongs to take out the weed from the paper. You’ll notice from the paper a honey-like sticky substance. This is the shatter dab.
Repeat the same process until the dabs are enough for you to use.
Scrape off the parchment paper to collect all the dabs. If you feel it’s so difficult to scrape using a blade or knife, freeze the parchment paper first. After then, start scraping using a thin credit card. Be careful though to not include the paper upon scraping it.
Transfer and collect the dabs into a secure container and they’re ready to use. One of the best ways to use shatter is to smoke it in a bong. Its one of the cleanest ways to enjoy smoking marijuana.

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