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How to Make Purple Dabs

Flower Rosins are one of the most after sought industry of marijuana. It promises full extraction of potent substances and cannabinoids of cannabis such as THC and CBD. It reduces risks to diseases and ailments that could be brought upon by exposure to contaminants and unnecessary chemicals that are incorporated in cannabis.As of now, these rosins have been continuously been sold to medical dispensaries to address psychological and neurological problems. But nonetheless, this industry has been growing and people continue to find ways to make extraction most effective and less hassle. Likewise, there has been a variation of flower rosins available now in the market and one of these variations are purple dabs. If you wish to know more about this type of flower rosins and if you’re curious enough, then find out through reading this article.

What makes the Purple Dabs Different?

Majority of the flower rosins available are gold in color. But however, you could come up with a reddish or purple rosin dabs if you like it. The important thing that is needed in order to get on purple dabs is that you use the right marijuana strain. Exclusively, a purple cannabis flower is essential to get this type of rosins.

Aside from that, the process of obtaining purple dabs is a bit different than regular rosin dabs. It’s a bit complicated and you need to check on over some external factors like pH, oxygen, and amount of light. Otherwise, without maintaining those factors you’ll likely fail on your dabbing.

Also, purple dabs are very specially made for its medicinal benefits. Unlike any regular flower rosins, purple dabs are less potent containing a powerful ingredient which is anthocyanins. This compound is incorporated among selected cannabis species and often the reason why some of these strains have that purple color into their leaves.

What is an Anthocyanin?

Anthocyanins are incorporated on some of the foods and plants that we eat and consumed day by day. The noticeable characteristic among these foods is their bluish and purple color denoting the presence of this compound. These foods and fruits include raspberry, blueberry, black rice, soybean, and of course, purple cannabis.

These organic compounds belong to the class of molecules called flavonoids. Likewise, flavonoids help on coloration, pollination, and protection of plants against harmful ultraviolet rays that could damage the plant. These are naturally occurring chemicals among plants and are often incorporated to medicines, wines, and other beverages as a food additive because of its benefits into the body.

Reasons why to Consume Anthocyanin

Studies show that anthocyanin induces multiple advantages to human health. Nonetheless, this compound is known for the following benefits;

1. Anti-Cancer

These chemicals prevent the growth and advancement of cancer cells in the body. The action of this property results from the blocking of these chemicals to the blood vessels supplying nutrients to the tumor. Because of this, there is a stoppage of growth on tumors that cause cancer.

2. Anti-inflammatory

This compound has an extremely high anti-oxidant property that is known for the restoration and removal of toxins into the cells and tissues. Thus, healing of wounds, scars, and easing the pain is possible with the action of this component.

3. Prevents Cardiovascular Risks

This reduces cholesterol build up into heart’s arteries and blood vessels. Anthocyanins contain anti-oxidants that more likely cleanout and absorbs down these cholesterols that cause diseases. Also, this compound strengthens out the capillaries, blood vessels, and maintains out the blood circulation in the heart.

4. Improves Liver Health

Through the action of anti-oxidants, it detoxifies and regulates the functions of hormones into the livers. Likewise, consumption of anthocyanin-rich foods has found out to reduce risks in liver damage and other related diseases.

Some Purple Cannabis Plants

Before planting out or deciding on making purple dabs, it is necessary to obtain purple cannabis flowers in order to make successfully a purple dab. At this point, we will provide you some ideas regarding some purple cannabis plants that you could purchase or plant upon for your cannabis gardens. Respectively, the following includes;

1. The Purps

Commonly known as MendoPurp or Mendocino Purps. This slightly dominant Sativa variety is a cross hybrid of Mendocino and Purps marijuana strain. Likewise, this strain is infamous for its win in High Times Cannabis Cup both in 2007 and 2009. The Purp induces an earthy and sweet grape aroma upon smoke on.

2. Grandaddy Purple

Typically called GDP, this indica dominant is a crossbreed of Purple Urkle and Big Bud marijuana strain. GDP flowers out with an intense purple color containing white-like particles on its back. It smells out like a sweet grape and sometimes resembles a berry.

3. Lavender

Typically known as Lavender Kush, this marijuana strain is breed upon numerous notable cannabis strains like Super Skunk, Big Skunk Korean, and Afghani Hawaiian. It contains compact purple flowers and gives off earth and lavender like smell with a touch of spicy aroma.

4. Original Flo

The hybrid of the combination of Purple Thai and Afghani Indica, this marijuana strain has pear-shaped buds with violet calyxes. Likewise, this purple marijuana strain was the Cannabis Cup Winner in 1996.

Making Homemade Purple Dabs

If you wanted to reproduce purple dabs for your own consumption, then you could innovate on and use accessible materials and tools into your house. Though you will notice some similarities against regular rosin dabs nevertheless, there are some alterations that you need to know.

  1. Preparation of Materials

Get ready with your materials. You need to prepare out a hair straightener, a bud of your purple marijuana, a 4×4 parchment paper, dabber or collecting tool, and a sealed container for storage.

  1. The Cannabis Nug Formation

Remove first the excess stems and roots in the flower buds of your choice. After then, crumple the buds making a circularly shaped marijuana bud. You can use your fingers upon doing this or any pressing and compacting devices to ease the process.

  1. Assembling the setup

Fold out your parchment paper into half. Place this folded parchment paper into the teeth of the hair straightener. Make sure to choose out a parchment paper that is unbleached to not lose out the extracts.

  1. Pressing the Cannabis Nug

Place your purple cannabis nug into the parchment paper which is under the hair straightener. Turn on your hair straightener to 240°F and then clamp on the nug into it for five to ten seconds. It is important to not prolong the exposure of your nug to heat for it could damage the existing terpenes that play a significant role on the potency of the end product.

  1. Collection of Rosin Dab

Remove the hair straightener and carefully look on the paper. As you will notice, there are purple tints on it. These purple tints are your extracts. Collect down these purple rosins through a collecting tool or a titanium or glass dabber that could be attained on to your local cannabis medical dispensaries or online. This part sounds easy but it is relatively hard knowing that its wet and some of the extracts adhereupon the paper. A helpful tip is to refrigerate it for a few minutes and then collect it once it hardens on.

  1. Storage of your Rosin Dab

The process above repeats until you have obtained the right amount of purple rosins that you needed. After then, refrigerate for storage of your purple rosins in order to not lose the potency and the color of the purple rosins.

Though making purple rosins sounds real hard, but if you practice enough and try relentlessly then absolutely you’ll get the success that you deserve.

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