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How To Make Your Marijuana Plants Grow Taller?

Growing taller plants and increasing your marijuana yield are the most common goals of marijuana breeders. Taller plants with more blooms will definitely increase your profits and will be able to help you completely improve your business in the long run.

Here are some tips on how to make your marijuana plants grow taller.

Grow tall plants

You can’t expect shorter strains of cannabis to stretch out and become tall plants if they are not really tall to begin with. Choose cannabis sativa strains which are the tallest and the most potent yields. These strains will stretch out according to their mature height and are preferably grown outdoors.

Grow your plants outdoors

There are a lot of differences when it comes to growing outdoors. You get to grow taller plants and healthier plants because of fresh air, good natural light and healthy soil. Plants also get natural amounts of daylight and night time which is very important for good, tall plants.

Use growing techniques

There are special training techniques that can help grow plants taller than usual. With these training techniques, you also increase your yield aside from just increasing the height of your plants. Techniques like stretching and tying plants are just some of the basic ways to grow them taller. These should be done with utmost care and should only be done on healthy growing plants.

Just grow them naturally

Cannabis plants in the wild grow proud and tall, like a Christmas tree. If you don’t cut, train or do anything to your plants. Just as long as your plants get a lot of sunshine and water and is free from pests and molds, then you don’t have to worry about anything

Give your plants TLC

Sometimes you must intervene with nature to help your plants grow healthy and tall and to produce more buds. There are a lot of factors that can affect the growth of your plants and you must act fast.


A lot of pests can do huge damage to your cannabis plants. Pests like gnats and spider mites can eat leaves and damage buds and in the long run destroy all your crops if you are not careful. Spider mites for one can create a thick web on your leaves, stems and buds making your buds useless. There are many formulas that can deal with pests but the most preferred method is simply to spray these with water to remove the pests. Do this diligently until harvest time. By the time your harvest is over, you can cut down all your plants, purify your grow area and start anew with pest-free crops.

Soils with poor pH

Growing plants in soil with poor pH can result in nutrient deficiencies and at the end can affect your plant’s growth. Soils with very high or very low pH may have trouble taking up nutrients and this can lead to poor growth, poor health and poor yield. You must test your soil’s pH before starting your grow. You can easily compensate with nutrients or supplements that are mixed with water for your plants.

Poor source of natural light

Depending on the cannabis strain you are growing, cannabis plants need a lot of sunlight. Depriving your plants of sunlight can lead to stunted growth and poor yield. There are instances though that indoor cannabis plants stretch to reach a light source. This is not vertical growth but rather lengthening of the stems of plants to reach more light. Stretching is a sight of stress; plants can stretch so much and this can weaken stems and may even lead to uprooting of the plants in the long run.

Give your plants plenty of space

Overcrowding can only lead to poor health and stunted growth even if you grow outdoors or indoors. Give it space to stretch horizontally and vertically. If you notice something odd or off with your plants do not hesitate to ask the opinion of expert growers online or off.

Basically, treating your cannabis plants with care and providing it with all the things that it needs to grow well will help it become taller and yield better.

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