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How to Make your Own Marijuana Grow Box

A grow box or a grow cabinet is a stealthy way to grow marijuana for personal or medicinal use. If you are a dedicated grower who has very limited space or you live in a very crowded neighborhood then you may want to consider a marijuana grow box instead of a huge grow room or growing indoors. There are so many benefits of using a grow box to grow cannabis at home

  • You can grow marijuana without any suspicion

Definitely you can grow cannabis, in any strain you want, without arousing suspicion. With a grow box complete with all the important features and equipment, you can even eliminate the trademark strong and pungent marijuana smell. No need to purchase from a local dispensary or use low quality products from a dealer which can cost your safety.

  • You can use your own plant to treat your own medical condition

Because of marijuana’s unique capabilities in the relief of many illnesses, it has become more expensive as ever but with your own grow box, you will have an endless supply of medical marijuana for your needs.

  • You can save money

No doubt that you can save a lot of money when you have your own grow box to use. Aside from the expenses in purchasing marijuana, you also save on shipping fees and stealth delivery fees as well.

  • You can monitor your plant easily

A grow box would probably fit one or two plants depending on its size. With only a few plants to check out, you will be able to monitor these closely and therefore yield crops with better quality and even improve quantity.

  • You can make the necessary changes to improve your plant’s growth easily

It won’t be too difficult to make necessary changes when you only have one or two plants to monitor. You can check for pests, molds, pH and signs of any diseases on plants easily and use any intervention ASAP.

  • You can take pride in your super ingenious work

Creating your own grow box is very interesting and very rewarding. This is definitely something that you will be proud of for years to come.

Making your own grow box

It’s not too late to decide. You can DIY yourself to a recycled grow box or you can purchase on online complete with all the works. Most online grow boxes are shaped like a refrigerator or an old clothes cabinet but inside has everything that you need to grow your own weed. You will find grow lights, ventilation ducts, fans, carbon filters, exhaust ducts and holes and of course a super stealthy cover to prevent any entry. A lock seals everything away and since this looks like an old cabinet or old piece of furniture, no one wills suspect that you are indeed growing your own marijuana at home.

  1. Find an old cabinet. Clear it all out and make the necessary measurements.
  2. Use Mylar as reflective material. Line the inside of the cabinet with it.

Aside from Mylar, you can also use foil, reflective panda material, reflective canvass, white paint or Styrofoam. Mylar is used for this tutorial because this is easy to set up, will not fold easily and will reflect light 100% times efficient than other materials.

  1. Use rope rachets to hang a T5 grow light.

You have the option to use more efficient grow lights like fluorescent lights and LED lights. You will be using electrical wiring to install your lights and fan so make sure that these check out safe.

  1. Create a 12” hole in the back of the cabinet to be your cool air intake duct.
  2. Attach your air filter from this hole if your outside air is dusty. This will also keep the cabinet from attracting pests.
  3. Create a 4” hole at the top for an exhaust hole. If you have a bigger cabinet then you must have a bigger exhaust hole. A stronger light source for your grow lights also needs a large exhaust hole to remove heat.
  4. Use a 4” ducting fan on this 4” exhaust hole. This fan will pull out all the hot air from the box. Cool air will be drawn from the intake hole.
  5. Check that everything is working before you add plants.
  6. Now that you have your own growing box, it’s time to place it in a conspicuous area of your home. you can place it in the basement or in a storage room or pantry. Take note that this is the best time to consider a reliable lock to prevent unauthorized entry. Make sure that your electricity source is nearby and you also have access to clean water and fresh air coming from the outdoors as well.

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