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Low Cost and Easy Way on How to Make Dabs

low cost and easy way on how to make dabs

For a very, very long time, marijuana has been around. And at that time, new and interesting ways of using it were discovered by the most creative and curious marijuana enthusiasts. From the tried-and-tested weed-smoking method to topical treatments and edible treatments, limitations were a black market, and experiments were initiated. With all this intention and tren, this article would also like to discuss the new and easy ways to consume cannabis like dabbing. In this guide, we also wish to describe the differences and explain how to make and use your own dabs.

Understanding Dabbing

Dabbing is the method of using a small dab of strong and concentrated resin, which is derived from the extraction of cannabis and is also edible. In contrast with other forms of cannabis use, the effects are usually stiffer and more durable. Most dabs are packed with high levels of THC, which makes them more appealing to marijuana users. When smoked, less is inhaled and creates a prolonged and extremely high level.

You may already have experienced dabbing without knowing it, as it is connected to by a myriad of names, such as wax oil, hash oil, honey oil, shatter, and purely wax.

How to make Dabs easier and in a low-cost way?

It can range from simple to incredibly complicated to make dabs. It is recommended to buy ready-made dabs before trying any DIY methods for beginners. Let us use Rosin as an example:

It does not need a solvent and does not need this. This contributes to better taste. And the fact that it is solventless implies that manufacturing like other processes is nowhere near as dangerous.

You will need:

  • Parchment paper
  • A hair straightener
  • dabber
  • cannabis

Steps to follow:

  1. Switch on a low or medium level of the hair straightener. If you can monitor the device’s temperature, strive for around 250 ° F and 300 ° F anywhere. Let it warm up and start at step 2.
  2. Put marijuana in the parchment paper. The quantity you use should never surpass the straightener’s size because you press the weed to extract the dabs through heat. Set aside another paper for the collection of rosin.
  3. Folding the paper is your next step to conceal the weed in the parchment. Set the flat iron over the weed below the sheet, so it lines up. Squeeze until a subtle sizzle is heard. Place the paper carefully after about five seconds and through the flat iron onto the side.
  4. You are ready to pick up the rosin now. Begin to open and see the paper. You should see yellow rosin next to the squashed grass. Grab the rosin and scatter it in a bowl using your dabber.

Pros of Dabs

  • The potency of concentrate has rendered them as an active painkiller quite common with medical users.
  • Recreational users are reporting a higher, longer-lasting rate.
  • You don’t need much. A little dab of focus, relative to other approaches, will actually relieve aches and pains over a longer period of time.

Cons of Dabs

The highs from the dabs can be very intense due to their potency.
The extraction of the solvent is very risky.
Solvents can also be detrimental to the lungs and throat.

List of other Popular Dabs you can produce.


Crumble definitely fits the name with the driest quality of all the concentrate on this list. And this reliability makes handling and use a little easier compared to other dabs. Choose a glass or silicone jar with a lid when you store crumble.


About a variety of glass-like concentrates, it is simple to see how its reputation has been known. Despite all of its structures, some are sticky to the touch, while others may be smooth. Shatter’s purity and quality make it very famous. Wrap it carefully in parchment paper to store shatter.


Because it boasts a similar consistency to peanut butter, budder is surprisingly easy to use as well as a brilliant joke. It is rendered in a smooth material by whipping resin or heating break. It can be preserved or wrapped in a sealed container.


Wax dabs are not shockingly sticky and should be managed only with a sterile dab tool. You’re going to end up with a sticky mess if you ignore this advice and try to use the wax with your fingers. Though shatter is typically deemed the most purified dab around, high levels of THC or CBD may be found in the sapper wax. You may place the wax in a sealed container or paper, just like with budder.


Resin is basically the adhesive trichomes that present on mature female pot plants ‘ flowers and leaves. It is also produced by drying out and curing the trichomes, often known as sap. It is a commonly formed material that could consume the crop before it reproduces as a means of defense against predators. This can be placed in a sealed container or parchment.


With the accessible range and the relevant safety and versatility of the rosin extraction method, you’re sure to find a dab you’re digging and one that guarantees you get all the possible gains of marijuana in a simple-to-use concentrate.

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