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Live Resin: What is It and Why We Love it So Much

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While smoking cannabis is fun and gives you a feel-good buzzing high, it does come with risks if you are not careful. Years of innovative research have brought forth the production of live resin, a safer way for users to enjoy marijuana without having to worry about the dangerous risks. 

Smoking has always been considered the best way to enjoy the effects of weed to relax your body and uplift your mood, among other benefits too. However, smoking cannabis makes it no different from smoking nicotine and other harmful stimulants if you smoke too much and too often. The common smoke from a blunt or joint also poses the threat of cancerous cells to form in your body since there is no filter to clear out the harmful toxins in it. 

To reduce your dose and cut your pot sessions short can be hard, especially if you depend on cannabis for health benefits and medical treatment. Using live resin for other smoking methods and cannabis-infused products has shown to offer as much as being under the influence of fresh flowers. It is now also readily available in the market today for anyone to enjoy and use instantly.

The Making of Live Resin

Unlike how buds are normally prepared, making live resin undergoes a different process. Not to mention live resin is different from weed resin or toke, the tar-like substance that you find inside a pipe or bong after smoking. 

Though freshly harvested flowers must be dried and preserved through a process known as decarboxylation, the live resin needs to be frozen. While decarboxylating extracts the terpenes and THC in the buds, making live resin needs to be on a cryogenic freeze. This is not a common procedure, as opposed to the popular baking method. 

Keeping the buds in a freezing temperature can also effectively extract the terpenes and THC in cannabis, and has proven to save even more of its potent content compared to drying. Cryogenic freezing requires special equipment and not your ordinary freezer, which you would normally use for making hash. Once the buds have been cooled, and the crystals start to show up, the juice is then pressed from it and filtered to get the pure live resin from weed.

The Benefits of Leading a Live Resin Life

Live resin is loaded with benefits, and you might choose to replace your usual dry flower and oils with it once you give it a try. Cannabis live resin can really elevate what you would normally experience with the common herb, making it quite addicting and highly satisfying. 

  • Medical Treatment: live resin has been recommended to be more suitable for medical use as it works efficiently, mainly with pain relief, stress alleviation, and nausea. Live resin is also a safer route for those who would rather infuse the resin in creams or use the oil as is.
  • Taking You Higher: besides its medical benefits, users can also expect a more sedating or even invigorating high with live resin. Live resin is the closest thing to the purest form of THC, cannabinoids, and terpenes combined, that will make you feel all euphoric, chatty, giggly, alert, or even knocked out. Cannabis live resin can be so powerful it’s better to take it a few drops at a time, and maybe more suitable for experienced users if you want to give yourself a bit of a hard hit.
  • A Healthy Huff and Puff: live smoking resin requires different smoking methods that are safer and can filter your every puff. Though live resin is already pure and clean itself, an extra ounce of prevention with the recommended devices and techniques won’t hurt to try, and you can keep enjoying more sessions without putting yourself at risk.
  • Use Less, Save More: since every drop of live resin is potent, a small bottle or jar of it can go a long way. You can use a few drops for an entire session or apply it with no need for reapplication. You only need a small dose to get you on a wicked high and one or two drops on an affected area. You get your money’s worth as those little servings may cost more but can last for months with regular to occasional use.

How You Can Enjoy Live Resin

Live resin is no solid or hash type of material. Cannabis live resin comes in the form of oil similar to most cannabis oils but with a stronger aroma and made from a cooling process. Weed in its liquid form, though, does not mean it has limits, and there are plenty of possibilities of how you can use your live resin for a good burn to consume.

  • Coating: if you still enjoy the traditional method of smoking buds, you can coat the flowers in the resin before throwing them into a pipe or bong. You get the best of both worlds and double the fun!
  • Dabbing: dabbing is similar to a bong but is just a bit more technical. To dab your live resin, you will need a rig, a modern kind of pipe. You can automatically heat up the resin in the nail or bowl until 300 degrees Celsius, and you can begin to smoke out. A more cost-friendly and simpler method is through a nectar collector. It works almost the same with a rig but will have to be lit or heated up with a torch. Once your resin is hot and smoking, transfer it to a bowl or tray and enjoy inhaling it.
  • Vaping: vaping a more popular and easier method. Vape pens and cartridges are designed to be used with oil, so the live resin is easily compatible with these devices. You can find lots of trusted brands and dealers of vaping gadgets in the market that will suit your needs perfectly. Vape is also safe, like the dabbing method wherein the smoke is cured or filtered before you inhale it.


Most are often hesitant to try live resin for its price and how its market is still growing. Using live resin through has proven to be more effective and safer than smoking buds from a blunt or joint and can completely heighten the buzz and help with fast recovery. Live resin is suitable for both medical and recreational use and can be easily purchased from trusted stores and dealers. There are also recommended methods of using your live resin and making it last for all the more fun and rewards to your health.

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