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List of Countries Where Cannabis is Legal

Despite progressive talks about recreational and medical marijuana, not all countries and regions on the planet accept its use. As of writing, the legality of cannabis depends on the country by country. Therefore, if you are looking for the cheapest cannabis seeds for sale,  first you must be in a country where this drug is permitted. 

A quick look at policies

The different policies on cannabis use are controlled by the UN Single Convention on Narcotic Drugs which was made into law in 1961 as well as the Convention on Psychotropic Substances and the Convention Against Illicit Traffic in Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances of 1988.

It’s illegal to use and purchase recreational cannabis in most places in the world however, some countries have adopted a decriminalization policy to reduce possession of marijuana as an offense that’s non-criminal. Still, there are countries that have severe rules against possession, growing, and use of marijuana. These countries may punish violators with imprisonment for many years and rehabilitation after incarceration.

Countries where cannabis is legal

Always take note of the legality of cannabis in your area, state or country before ordering online or buying cannabis offline. If you must grow cannabis for personal consumption or for medicinal use, always check for the legality of growing in your area before buying any seeds.


Recreational cannabis is decriminalized while medical cannabis is legal. Recreational weed is decriminalized in minimal amounts and when taken inside a private residence. Medicinal cannabis has been declared legal all over the country since 2017.


Recreational cannabis use has been decriminalized when weed is used personally in South Australia, Northern Territory, as well as in the Australian Capital Territory.  When it comes to medical marijuana, it is federally legal to consume medical weed in all the states in Australia however details on how to do so vary from one state to another.


The use of recreational cannabis is decriminalized for only up to 7 grams. The Supreme Court of Bermuda ruled for the legal use of medical marijuana in 2016. It was only in 2018 when doctors were given the license to prescribe medical cannabis.


It is illegal to consume recreational cannabis but is decriminalized. When you’re caught with cannabis, you will be given a warning, education and community service.  When you’re caught with the possession of large amounts of cannabis, selling and cultivation are all considered trafficking. The use of Sativex is also decriminalized in the country.


It is legal to use, possess, buy and grow recreational and medicinal cannabis. Rules regarding cannabis vary from one province to another and this includes age restrictions, how much cannabis are you allowed to carry, buy and grow.


The private use of cannabis and the cultivation for personal use have been decriminalized. Medicinal use, cultivation, and buying are regulated by the Chilean Agriculture Service. Selling of medicinal cannabis is done in designated pharmacies and a prescription is needed.


The personal consumption of recreational cannabis is decriminalized up to 22 grams. Cultivation of recreational cannabis is also decriminalized up to 20 plants provided it is only for personal use. It is legal to consume medicinal cannabis in Columbia.


The possession of a small amount of recreational cannabis is only a misdemeanor and you will only be asked to pay a fine. Meanwhile, it is legal to consume medicinal cannabis for patients that are diagnosed with MS, AIDS or cancer.


It is legal to consume medicinal cannabis only. Cannabis is classified as a Class B substance, therefore, you might be imprisoned when you’re caught. The maximum sentence is life imprisonment.

Czech Republic

It is legal to consume medicinal cannabis since 2013. However, recreational cannabis is decriminalized up to 10 grams. Cultivation is also decriminalized up to 5 plants per household.


Only medical cannabis is legal under a license since 2006. When it comes to recreational cannabis, this may be illegal but sometimes the rules are not enforced.


It is legal to possess and use cannabis but not selling according to an updated ruling by the Constitutional Court of Georgia. Medical cannabis is legal however, there are no legal dispensaries or stores that help with dispensing of cannabis in the country.


It is illegal to use recreational cannabis but is mostly tolerated. Consumption is considered self-harm. When drivers are caught, licenses are suspended. Medical cannabis use is legal since 2017. This is for very ill patients who have seen a doctor and have no other alternative ways to relieve their condition.


It is illegal to consume recreational cannabis while medicinal cannabis is legally accepted.


It is illegal to consume recreational cannabis. It is legal to consume medicinal cannabis as part of the country’s 5-year program starting in June 2019.


Use of recreational cannabis is decriminalized in Israel. As of April 2019, possession of small amounts is punished only by fines. Medical cannabis is legal.


Recreational cannabis is decriminalized for religious rites. It is legal to consume as long as the THC levels are below 0.6%.  It is legal to consume medicinal cannabis.


Recreational cannabis is decriminalized up to 2 ounces and cultivation of up to 5 plants is decriminalized. It is legal to consume weed during Rastafari. Meanwhile, medical cannabis dispensaries are available in the country because this is legal.


It is illegal to consume recreational cannabis but medical cannabis is legal.


You will only be fined if you are caught with recreational cannabis. Medicinal cannabis is legal in the country.


Recreational cannabis is decriminalized to 3.5 grams. Growing for personal use is no longer punishable. Medicinal cannabis is legal.


Recreational marijuana is decriminalized and should only be used and sold in licensed coffeeshops. You may grow up to 5 plants for non-commercial use. Medical cannabis use is legal.

New Zealand

it is illegal to consume recreational cannabis. It is legal since 2018 to use medicinal cannabis.

North Macedonia

It is legal to use medicinal cannabis only since 2016.


You may only use medicinal cannabis in Norway. The decriminalization of recreational cannabis in process.


Recreational cannabis is decriminalized. Up to 8 grams is not punished. On the other hand, medical cannabis is legal in Peru.


Recreational cannabis is decriminalized in Poland since 2011 if this is the first offense. It is legal to consume cannabis for medicinal purpose.


You may possess up to 25 grams of herb or hashish at 5 grams only. It is legal to use medicinal cannabis.

San Marino

You cannot enjoy recreational cannabis but medicinal cannabis is legal in San Marino.

South Africa

You can use, possess and cultivate recreational cannabis but not sell in South Africa. You can use medicinal cannabis however there is no system to dispense medicinal cannabis yet.


Use and possession of recreational cannabis are decriminalized in private areas. Public consumption is subjected to fines. You can grow cannabis in private areas including in areas like the Cannabis Social Clubs. It is also decriminalized to consume medical cannabis however there are limited dispensaries in the country.

Sri Lanka

It is illegal to consume recreational cannabis. Medicinal cannabis was legalized by the amendment in the colonial law of 1980 as well as the Ayurveda Act where cannabis is used as traditional medicine.


The use of recreational cannabis has been decriminalized up to 10 grams to only a fine. Meanwhile, medicinal cannabis is legal.


It is illegal to use recreational cannabis but laws are not enforced. It is legal to consume medicinal cannabis in Thailand since 2018.

United Kingdom

It is illegal to consume recreational marijuana. It is classified as a Class-B drug in the Misuse of Drugs Act of 1971. On the other hand, medicinal cannabis is permitted for cases like severe epilepsy, for the side effects of chemotherapy and multiple sclerosis. You must see a registered doctor if you want to medicate using medicinal cannabis.

United States

It is legal to consume recreational cannabis in 11 states and 2 US territories and at the nation’s capital. It is illegal to use cannabis under federal land. It is decriminalized in 15 states and 1 territory.  Medical marijuana is legal in 33 states and 4 territories as well as in DC but still illegal on federal land.


It is legal to consume recreational and medicinal cannabis but only to residents. You are not allowed to grow marijuana in Uruguay.


Medical cannabis is legal in Vanuatu but recreational cannabis remains illegal.


Recreational cannabis is decriminalized while medicinal cannabis is still illegal.


You cannot use recreational cannabis in Zimbabwe but you may use medicinal marijuana because this is legal.

If you belong to a country where recreational cannabis is legal, good for you! On the other hand, experts believe that it won’t be long for other countries to realize the good effects of medicinal cannabis as well as recreational cannabis. Soon everyone will be able to enjoy the amazing recreational and therapeutic qualities of marijuana, everywhere.


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