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Why Light Spectrum Matters in Growing Weeds

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Every grower knew the importance of light in growing weeds. Without a proper supply of grow light, your pot will experience stunted growth and other forms of diseases. That is why every grower should be mindful about everything when talking about marijuana grow lights.

The light itself has many differences with each other. They differ from their lumens and kelvins, their features and offered benefits and their spectrum. In this article, you will learn more on what spectrum is and how it affects your weeds.

What is a light spectrum?

Light spectrum refers to the part of the electromagnetic spectrum which is visible to the human. You may see different lights appear in white color but in reality, it appears in many colors. You can only see these different colors if you will put the light in a prism or if you will happen to catch a glimpse of a rainbow. When the lights will be refracted into its single parts you could able to see the different colors of composing your specific grow light.

Why light spectrum will matter?

All plants need the power of sunlight to grow. Just like them, Marijuana needs enough supply of sunlight for its photosynthetic process and its overall growth. The growth of the plants merely depends on the supply and what kinds of light they received. For cannabis growing, the light spectrum can influence its process of germination and production of buds. For outdoor growing, plants will only receive what the sun can give.

For indoor growing, you could able to change the spectrum of lights on its need with every stage. Each spectrum has different effects on your cannabis plants and it will generally influence its buds production and overall growth.

What is the best spectrum for your cannabis plants?

For those growers who frequently ask a question on what is the best spectrum, the answer goes like this. Unfortunately, there is no certain grow light which can be considered as “perfect” for cannabis growing. Because the fact is all of them have different effects, features, and abilities that can influence for the better growth of your weeds.  Whether what spectrum you will be using, it is useful and could able to give benefit to your Cannabis plants.

Different grow light spectrum

  • Blue light

Those grow lights which have a higher ratio of blue light are much suited during the vegetative stage. This spectrum of light will help the plants produce big leaves and your weeds will grow short and squat.

  • Yellow/red light

Lights with yellow or red light are perfect to use during the flowering stage. This light will encourage the Marijuana plants to stretch and promote budding. With red lights, your weeds will immediately switch to flowering stage.

Light spectrum plays an important role in growing Cannabis plants. It has a huge influence on the overall growth of your weeds. In choosing the light spectrum, you will only base on the stage of your weeds to know what kind of spectrum you need to use for your weeds.

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