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Light Deprivation Technique in Growing Weed

What is light deprivation?

Growing weed light deprivation or light dep. is the technique where we cultivate the plant through taking advantage of plant’s photoperiodism abilities. This can be done through forcing the plants to flowers sooner than it naturally would. This technique can be accomplished through stimulating a 12 hour light and 12 hour dark within the photoperiod.

Just like any other plants, you can use this technique in growing weeds. This technique is widely used by many growers since this is more beneficial than other techniques. However, before deciding to use this one, you need to be mindful about the things to remember in using light deprivation technique.

Light deprivation technique in growing weeds can be done both indoor and outdoor. For indoor growing, light deprivation is easy to do since you have a full control of your sources. For outdoors, even if it requires more effort and time, this technique can still be successfully done.

Benefits of light deprivation technique in outdoor growing

There are many benefits growers can gain with light deprivation technique. One of the major benefits is you can maximize the number of season you can plant and harvest your weeds. This has a big help especially if you are in a country where you have many weather seasons. This technique enables growers to plant and harvest even during winter. With this technique, you can grow weeds during:

May to late July (depending on your local weather spring to mid-summer).

Late month of July- natural harvest season (depending on your local weather).

If you have a warm year round season, you can do additional growing time.

The following are the benefits of light deprivation

  • Better entire bud quality

Experts found out that smaller weed plants which are grown outdoors are more conducive to produce high quality of buds. Another thing they pointed out is that smaller plant suffers less from rotten buds and other mold types.

  • Improve yields

Even if there will be smaller harvest in every yielding compare to the standard harvest, it still end up being the same or even larger with the two harvests. This would probably because of the fact that the second sets of grown weeds are already prepared vegetatively.

  • You can use them under July sunlight for budding

With the use of light deprivation technique, one set of weed plants will finish flowering stage during the good quality of sunlight in the month of July. In fact, other highest grade sensimillia outdoor were came from July fattened buds.

  • Catastrophic failure has lesser chance

Using light deprivation technique gives you two harvest seasons. In this case, you will worry less about failures due to insects, thieves and other causes of destructions.

  • No need to wait longer for the buds

With this kind of technique, you can now harvest two times and more buds with just few months.

How to effectively use the light deprivation technique?

  • During the spring season, you can start growing your young plants indoors with the help of fluorescent lamp as a source of light.
  • To make sure that your plants are getting 12 hours of continuous darkness every day, you can use black out tent to ensure that the weed plants are starting to flower as soon as you will put them outdoor.
  • After transferring your flowering weeds outdoor, start to grow indoors immediately and use fluorescent lamp for the needed sunlight.
  • If your outdoor batch is now ready to be harvested, reap it immediately since another batch will follow sooner.
  • Wait the second batch until the natural harvest season.

Since you already knew about the benefits and how you will do the light deprivation technique, it is now time to discuss about the things to remember carefully when using light deprivation technique.

Ventilation matters in light Dep technique

Proper ventilation for our weeds is very crucial especially in the blacked out area. During this time, make sure to provide ventilation for your weeds to prevent excess heat and humidity.

What are the financial and environmental benefits of growing weeds?

With the use of light Deprivation technique, growers enjoy the full control in growing their weeds. In this way, they can sell their crops anytime as long as the harvest season of their buds has come. When it comes to environmental benefits, this technique helps in minimizing the use of sunlight and extra wide spaces in growing weeds.

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