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Length of the Flowering Stage of Cannabis

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The budding or the flowering stage of a cannabis plant is one of the most awaited moments for every grower. It is the period that they’ll get to see the fruit of their labors through the buds being produced. However, when this stage occurs, it’s often an inquiry by a lot of cannabis growers regarding the duration of this phase. This article will help you understand some basics regarding the length and the process of flowering with your cannabis plants.

Flowering Period of Different Strains

Sativa Strains

Sativa strains are among the largest in three major cannabis classification. These strains are THC rich for which induce euphoric effects. This type of variety is desirable for cannabis smokers to increase creativity and focus. Likewise, these strains tend to have longer flowering periods than the other two varieties. The flowering period could take about 60-90 days before harvest.

Indica Strains

Indicas are known for its relaxation effects. These strains are also high in CBD for which has been known to cure certain diseases like epilepsy and cancer. Unlike THC, CBD is not highly potent.
The typical flowering period for indica strains could last from 45-60 days.

Ruderalis Strains

Unlike the other two, ruderalis strains tend to be shorter. They mostly produce fewer buds and are not highly dependent on light as needed by any other strains. These strains tend to have shorter vegetative and flowering stage as compared to other cannabis variety presented. The normal flowering period could take about 21-30 days depending on the conditions.

Overview of the Flowering Stage of a Cannabis Plant

With this example, let’s take the case of a sativa plant.

WEEK 1- Transition and Stretching Phase
At the first weeks, you’ll notice major changes with your plant related to its size and height. Aside from that, plants tend to have more leaves and stems are getting more sturdier as it should be.

Week 2-3: Flowering of your Buds
At this phase, pistils will arise from your buds. Plants will continue to grow as it needs to be.

Week 4-6: Buds Start to Get Fattened Out
From here, the growth of your plants will get stopped. All nutrients and energy will be concentrated into the bud itself prompting for it to grow and get big.

Week 6-8: Pistils Get Darkened
This will be a sensitive stage for your plant. Likewise, it is important to address nutrient deficiencies in your plant at this phase. The buds will continue to grow at this point

Week 8+: Harvest of Buds
At this point, your plants are ready for harvest as needed.

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