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Learn More About THC Snow Feminized Cannabis Seeds

THC Snow Feminized Cannabis Seeds had been compared to as snow because of its pure white components. It is a combined hybrid of White Russian, Big Bud, and THC Bomb. It is one of the most ultra-strong strains among cannabis seeds. With these three super packed components, all packed together and you will have a new hybrid – the THC. Let us share with you more about this cannabis seed.

Great Facts about THC Snow Feminized Cannabis Seeds

The first thing you will notice about this cannabis seed is its aroma. The strain itself is made from 60% Indica and 40% Sativa genetics. You will surely notice its citrus-spiked fuel aromas with smoke and with just a hint of mild spice. A smooth aroma with a punch. The effects are higher than the aroma and have the most sedating outcome with its own cerebral and physical sparks.

The weed strain is very much suitable for night usage since it can help you relax. You can surely have it while watching a late-night show or movie. When it come s to treating health issues, it is very common among those who suffered from stress, poor appetite, and even those who are dealing with physical pain.

THC Snow is a hybrid of White Russian and Big Bud and very much dominant in the Netherlands. As we all know, White Russian has already won two awards in the cannabis cup, while THC Bomb and Big Bud are renowned for their yielding ability and potency. The results of the hybrid were truly incredible since it inherits all the finest qualities and components of its mother seed. It impressed both growers and smokers.

Description of the Plant

The plants are bushy and grow up to medium size with heavy and wide leaves and have dark colors. You will find its buds covered with crystal-like components as well as its robust stem that extend down the leaves. It has an end of the spectrum and measured by about 20%. But you will be surprised with its strains since it has a whopping 27.5%!

THC will flower as a short time for about size to seven weeks. You can grow it indoors and the seed will grow either a hydroponic setup or a soil medium. If you are a newbie grower then expect to grow for about 600 grams per square meter. It is such an exceptional yield for such small seed, right?

You can also plant it outdoors and will have the same yielding such as indoor. Just make sure that you place it in a location where it can receive more sunlight. THS Snow is known for its heavy feeding and typically you will be able to gather and harvest month is from September to the beginning month of October. on

Medicinal Benefits of THC Snow

More and more people are now getting help and support especially when it comes to pain management. This is very common among those who are dealing with chronic pain for many years. The THC Snow is effective and safe in providing relief and ease to the pains and aches of the affected patients. Strides have shown evidence that this is one of the most common reasons why they ask for such kind of cannabis.

People who are suffering from Multiple Sclerosis do also find relief when using THC Snow. It helps them calm and relaxes the muscle spasms they are dealing with as well as the pain they are experiencing from their spinal column. Another illness that also has muscle spasms is the diaphragm spasms. This one of the most common type of muscle spasm that is untreatable by some patients even with their prescribed medications.

There have been studies shown that cannabis can help improve the capacity of the lungs. It will not harm the lungs at all unless you are smoking tobacco. Researchers have found that the effects of cannabis on the lungs may be possible because of the inhaling process of the plant and not from the therapeutic chemical that comes from it.

Smokers who have smoked occasionally as well as those who have smoked cannabis for over 20 years have found no evidence of lung impairment or disease. Researchers also stated that cannabis smokers tend not to develop cancer that is associated with smoking such as lung cancer and throat cancer.

If you are suffering from glaucoma then cannabis can also give you support and relief. THC Snow can help prevent the increasing pressure on the eyeball that could damage the optic nerves and eventually could make you blind. According to the National Eye Institute, cannabis can help decrease the pressure on the eye thus it could avoid damaging the optic nerves.

THC Snow is also advisable for people who are dealing with seizure attacks. The oils from cannabis help to quiet down the nerves on the brain cells that trigger the seizure attack. People who suffer from epilepsy find relief from using cannabis oil. Those who are dealing with Parkinson’s also find the help they need from this medicinal plant.

It can also help decrease the signs and symptoms of some mental health issues like stress and anxiety. It is given in a low dose to avoid any complications since the results and effects could differ from one person to another. This plant can also help treat those with Hepatitis B. The medications and treatment for this kind of disease are very much harsh that it can even damage the liver and kidney.


The THC Snow Feminized Cannabis Seeds has its definition, characteristics, and benefits. Growers will be able to cultivate it easily as it will grow in both indoor and outdoor. It will give growers wide yielding and could easily harvest them around September and October when the climate is cold. People who are dealing with health and mental issues will also find this plant truly helpful. The health benefits from this plant are immeasurable no wonder it is considered as the ‘wonder cannabis of all’.

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