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Is Marijuana Addictive? What Science has to Say

Despite the numbers of scientific research showing the capability of Marijuana in treating several illnesses, the negative attachment to the substance continues. Initially, the addiction users get is only mere speculation. But then, individuals showing the same behaviors across the world sometimes led to their death, baffled scientists. Perhaps, the association of dependence on Marijuana became the stepping stone for all users to feel attracted to using it almost every day. With that, addiction isn’t the only one harmful to them but the disorders they could get. Nonetheless, the question still lingers with, Is Marijuana Addictive? Here’s what science has to say about the said matter.

Why do people use Marijuana?

Various purpose leads young adults and adults to use Marijuana. Medical advantages being the ladder for legalization doesn’t mean people are also using it like that. Due to different effects, Marijuana follows, individuals are using it on their terms. Sometimes, the “terms” are acceptable in the society but not in the medical field, or vice-versa. American Society of Addiction Medicine released their statement in 2012, stating that Marijuana is a substance you should not be confident in using; instead, it’s a problem you will have to take care of for future purposes. Meaning, while you use it based on your preferences, the wariness should still be present. Otherwise, you will be adhering to a path where other miserable users went into, and trust me that it’s not something worth your life.

Recreational means

Most of the time, young adults dominate this” Recreational” category because of trends and belief systems. By recreational, it means there is no significant reason why you are using cannabis. Sure, your happiness and deep connection towards your friends are highly essential, but does it holds more value than health and life itself? The recreational usage consists of hotboxing, a technique where you share your piece with other people in a congested area so the smoke can fill the atmosphere. You can inhale it back again to your system for a doubled effect, mind-stimulation, and fun sessions. From the sound of it, it doesn’t seem harmless at all. It could be once you get to practice moderate use because, as usual, an insignificant purpose will resort to purely nonsense side effects that will make you ask yourself, “What for?”

Medical means

This field is one of the most leading drives that makes individuals attempt to smoke weed. Backed by scientific studies and actual observation, some cannabis strains show promising medical benefits than usual pills and medication that cannot cure and eliminate severe conditions. However, mostly, only patients are using this advantage rather than those who are well and not sick. On the other hand, there are now present hospital establishments that consider marijuana as a treatment to medicate medical disorders. Sure, there will be side effects, but what matters is it assisted in continuous regression. Unlike recreational usage, patients under the influence of marijuana, as supported by a medical professional is less likely to suffer from the inevitable. 

Spiritual means

There are cannabis strains that bring meditative outcomes. Those meditative strains help religious individuals to connect with their Supreme Being by being at peace and relaxation. Besides that, meditative strains aids in significant contemplation. People carefully analyze their past, present, and future actions, which is a great practice to involve yourself within this world full of misery and tragedies.

Social means

This category may fit in recreational usage more, but it could also be a mix of all three purposes. As discussed before, recreational usage will exhibit mind-stimulation that indicates a boost of impact on users. In this case, some cannabis strains stimulate socialization where users acquire abilities in adapting how the society works, starting from the worth-some conversations down to behavioral connection. But, without thoughtful deliberation, all of this will cease to exist. 

The adversities you can acquire through smoking Marijuana

Statistics show that people are using Marijuana and other drug substances to refrain their mental health from going south hill. Truthfully, the first half of trying will serve as a solution where cannabis can indeed work well. At first, you will find yourself swimming in relief due to the regression that your body will subject to, making you feel accomplished and wanting for more. Human beings never want to contentment. We want more and more, we get. Users will try to use it consequently, and that’s where tolerance will enter the view. For instance, a patient diagnosed with severe anxiety tried smoking cannabis. It worked, so the patient went and tried it more each day. Yes, anxiousness will stop, but it will come back worse. Experts call it a “biological trap” where it will lure you into using it, turn the gear around, and stop working. In the end, you would still have the disorder in you.

The statement above is only a warning, and the worst is yet to come if a user fails to refrain from the addictive ways. The beneficial offers of Marijuana made it legal, but moderation is a problem. You could suffer from mental health disorders permanently that you will regret over-using for the rest of your life. It’s all fun and full of advantages until you take the regressive symptoms as a hint to use it more so you could eliminate your disorder. The truth is, nothing can eradicate such thing single-handedly. Because of that, we have to value a medical practitioner’s valid diagnosis and prescription.

Is Marijuana Addictive?

The answer is plain and simple. Yes, marijuana is genuinely addictive. It does not heighten your addiction much as heroin and alcohol do, but it still counts. Institute of Medicine found that only 9% of the world gets addicted to Marijuana, Tobacco, and Heroin being the highest. Yet, how does cannabis make people succumb to their power? Users are becoming dependent on marijuana, where they see it as a solution to every problem. Got divorced? Smoke weeds. Got kicked out of school? Smoke weeds? Went bankrupt? Smoke weeds. Those type of people relies on the intoxicating effect of marijuana that will make them temporarily forget. Consequently, they take larger and larger doses every day, and no chance of withdrawal goes into their minds. When they stop consuming cannabis, multiple problems will arise, resulting in them going back to the same over-dosage filled cycle.

Regardless, there are still users who can already feel the severe interference of marijuana. Due to their dependence on it, they are most likely to ignore and evade the possibility of going downhill. Sadly, 9% of the population being marijuana-dependent rises to 17% with young adults’ domination.

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