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Indoors VS Outdoors – Which is Best for Growing Autoflowering Cannabis Strains

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In growing autoflowering cannabis for the first time you might be wondering if you would rather grow it outdoors or indoors. This kind of cannabis can be grown in either environment provided the plant’s growing needs are met. There are many advantages as well as disadvantages for each environment and a smart grower does his research. He considers all these factors in considering if an indoor grow is better than an outdoor one.

We will be comparing indoor and outdoor autoflowering cannabis growing in this post. The unique characteristics of an autoflowering cannabis plant will be considered since this plant is unlike regular cannabis regardless of the strain. Autos grow in just three weeks as compared to regular cannabis that grow at three months. Autos are ready to be harvested in just 8 weeks, only a fraction of the time a regular plant matures and blooms. These awesome properties give autoflowering cannabis the ability to increase your yield in a year since you can pretty much harvest three times in a year depending on the climate you have. And because of these, autos have high energy demands, a lot of good TLC and a good environment to grow, flourish and bloom.

Indoor Autoflowering Cannabis Growing

The industry standard of growing autos is indoors because in a grow room or indoor growing area, you have complete control of the environment and hence full control of every part of your plant’s growth and development. This is very important in growing top quality plants that can yield top quality and quantity marijuana. But as they say, to err is only human; there are unforeseen circumstances that you could make an error in supplying your plants needs which could cause terrible effects on your ecosystem. Nature still is the best grower and sometimes it’s better to let her take care of your precious crops outdoors. Here are some of the advantages and disadvantages of using an indoor growing facility or grow room.


  • Grower has complete control; you can tweak every aspect of your plants’ growth so these can reach their maximum potential. Take note that most amazing strains and varieties came from indoor growing operations because the grower can monitor the plants carefully and make any changes in the environment should anything goes wrong.
  • Indoor growing of autoflowering cannabis allows you to stealthy operate your business. Needless to say you can completely seal your activities when you work in the comfort and security of    your own property.
  • You can monitor plants closely when you grow them indoors. You have control of the amount of light, light and dark hours, the temperature, humidity and other factors. It’s impossible to monitor your plants all day outdoors considering light and temperature restrictions. And of course if anything goes wrong, you can immediately make corrections and salvage your crops if this is necessary.


  • Indoor cannabis growing is time consuming and is very costly. You need to invest a lot of time constructing, managing, adjusting, monitoring and correcting environmental conditions that mimic the plant’s actual natural habitat that it could take a tool on your finances and your personal time.
  • Indoor cannabis growing is hard and you need years to completely understand and become an experienced and successful grower. And if you wish to breed your own strains, it could take you a while to finally master all the important points. Therefore you must invest a lot of time and effort to learn indoor growing of cannabis.
  • No one can mimic the amazing ability of the sun. The sun is still the ultimate source of power for plants and no artificial light; even the most expensive ones can mimic it. Take note that most grow lights and environmental conditions in indoor cannabis growing is just patterned after nature.

Outdoor Autoflowering Cannabis Growing

Outdoor cannabis growing is basically partnering with Mother Nature in producing great buds. It will not take too much of your time to grow cannabis outdoors but you won’t be in complete control. It is an organic type of weed growing that lets plants get natural nutrients from the soil. Find out more about growing cannabis outdoors as well as the advantages and disadvantages of this natural grow method.


  • Outdoor operations will let you grow more organic crops. Your plants will get their food and nutrients from the soil and there will be no chemicals used to grow your plants
  • You won’t have to work so much in setting up anything. No lighting, ventilation, water delivery and feeding systems that you need to worry about.
  • Outdoor grown cannabis is generally more potent. The sun provides more UV radiation causing plants to create more resin to protect itself. This resin increases the potency of your cannabis.
  • No need to worry about energy costs and all other miscellaneous growing costs because outdoor growing is free of charge. All you need is to plant autos and harvest them after a couple of months.


  • You can’t control weather and climate changes so you can’t maximize your plants’ potential. You can’t grow plants all year long outdoors too especially if you have winter time where you are located. Autoflowering cannabis can be grown twice to three times a year since you can control the environment.
  • There is a clear danger that someone will spot your garden, field or forest operation. You simply cannot monitor everything and you place your safety at risk as well.
  • The risk of disease and the effect of rouge pollen on your plants can ruin your entire crop. Pollen can travel for miles affecting your plants and ruining your yield. This rouge pollen can carry disease which could also be detrimental to all the plants in your operation.

As you can see, there are advantages and disadvantages of both indoor and outdoor autoflowering cannabis growing. Make sure to understand each and do your own research about different strains that can grow in different environments before you proceed with your operation.

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