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How‌ ‌to‌ ‌Build‌ ‌a Simple‌ Indoor ‌Marijuana Grow‌ ‌Box?

marijuana grow box

Setting up a grow space may seem complicated and not to mention expensive for most people. It’s not a practical choice for medical patients wanting to grow their own cannabis or for new cultivators who wants to know if they can grow in the comforts of their home. For some, having an indoor marijuana grow box can be a lifesaver.

Growing marijuana indoors gives the grower an opportunity to experiment with different strains. It also provides an avenue for medical patients to have a continuous supply of the strain needed for the medication. And the best part, building your own grow box can save you thousands of dollars which you can spend on more important thing needed for your cannabis germination.

What is an Indoor Marijuana Grow Box?

Also known as a grow cabinet, indoor marijuana grow box is a permanent structure that is intended for growing weed at home. It is what you need to harvest your weed within a few months.

A grow box is odor-proof and light-proof. You can easily build this out of a cabinet or a closet, add a reflective lining, grow lights, ventilation system, hydroponic system, humidity, and temperature monitoring.

Why Do You need to Build your own Marijuana Grow Box?

Learning how to build your own marijuana grow box allows you to adjust any closet or cabinet and turn it into your own grow box. You have full control of the amount of money you will spend and build it exactly how you want it to be.

Things you need for your Grow Box

Make sure you know the features your grow box needs to have before you start building it. You should know how discreet it needs to be, what yields do you anticipate to harvest every few months and other features you may have in mind. The following is a list of equipment needed for the grow box.

  • Old Cabinet or Closet
  • Grow Light – This is one of the things you need to pay attention to. The light will serve as your plant’s basic food. You should use compact fluorescent bulbs that have different hues. It is also suggested to vary their wattage to get the full range of colors and temperatures imitating the sun.
  • Timer – allows you to control and maintain light cycles.
  • Fan – you should cool your plant while inside the grow box as it allows them to breathe.
  • Mylar or any highly reflective material – this optimizes the light inside the grow box
  • Carbon Filter – removes weed smell from the air
  • Air Duct – For ventilation purposes
  • Ballast – This regulates the electrical current and runs the grow light
  • Small Pot or Potting Soil – Providing good quality soil will allow your plant to grow properly. You can mix your soil with calcium pebbles or stone that space the soil by absorbing water
  • Clamps
  • Plastic Hooks
  • Thermometer

Building your Simple Marijuana Grow Box

Here is the step by step process that you can follow for building your simple grow box.

1. Prepare the Cabinet and Cut Holes

You need to prepare your cabinet or closet by cleaning it with water and soap. Then measure the space so that you know how much lights or fan’s you’ll need.

Then cut up a hole in the top part of your cabinet, you will place your main source of light here and your cannabis plant is going to be placed directly under this spot.

After cutting the first hole, cut the next two on each of the opposite sides of your cabinet. This will allow you to install a cooling fan and to provide lots of cool wind and air.

2. Line the Grow Box with Reflective Material

Before putting your grow box together, make sure that you have lined the inside with reflective material so that the strength of your lights will be enhanced.

2. Assembly of all the materials

After lining the inside of your grow box with the reflective material, you can now install the air duct system and a fan by attaching it close to the air duct opening so that the temperature is well-regulated inside the grow box.

Install your lights and by using the clamps, attach them to the top hole. Hang your lamps with ballast and secure the bulbs and fans using sticky hooks or duct tape to keep the wires under control.

Add the air filter in front of your fan to filter the air before it gets out.

Some Tips on Building your Own Grow Box

Here are some of the critical components you might need to think of when you build your own grow box.


Your grow box needs to have an outer shell. If you need it to be stealth, you can repurpose an old dresser, filing cabinet or toolbox. Or you could construct a box using plywood or leftover lumber from a construction project.


Ventilation is important in the small confines of a grow box. You can put a slightly elevated floor, (half an inch will do) with large holes drilled into it. This will encourage better airflow throughout the grow box.


You can use CFL or any quality full-spectrum LED lights are best to use in your grow box. There different ways to mount your light inside the grow box.

Ceramic Light Fixtures

You can mount these on a piece of scrap wood leftover from building the shell.

Light Cords/Plugs

You just need to cut the cords and refit them to your fixtures. However, you don’t need to buy these if you can avoid them, you can also check your local thrift stores for these.


Here’s a tip that you can use, you can look for an old junk computer. Remove the fans and the power supply from the computer and voila, you have your ventilation system ready to go.

Odor Control

Looking for the best carbon filter will not only save you from the stinky side of marijuana, but it will also keep your plants stealthy. Make sure you buy good quality filters.

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