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How to Identify Different Types of Cannabis Leaves

different types of cannabis leaves

If you are on the hunt for cannabis plants into the wilderness, then it is important for you to identify and become familiar with the plant’s characteristics. This includes the plant’s build, smell, and more specifically cannabis leaves shape, color, and size.
Cannabis leaves are not all identical even with similar strains. Each type of cannabis strain is very different and they can vary depending on what kinds of genetics they have or whether they are male, female or ruderalis.

When your pruning your cannabis plants they are a few thing you will notice and can look for to identify some information about your plant.

Sativa Cannabis Leaves

As known, Cannabis Sativa strains are tall and slender plants. Nonetheless, their leaves are often thinly branched. Its leaflets are narrow, long, and have long gaps to one another. They often have a spiky appearance on its tips. Along with its sides, sativa leaves are several serrations that are quite notable. Sativa leaves could go a maximum of 13 leaflets so you’ll expect that these leaves are quite big as compared to other strains.
With its color, the leaves of Sativa could vary from bright, lime green, to even blackish green.

Indica Cannabis Leaves

Cannabis Indica is most often characterized by broad and short length leaves. They have fewer leaflets as compared to Sativa since they are bigger and bushier. Usually, leaflets could go up to seven or nine depending on its genetics. Indentations on its sides are also notable for Indica variety.
Leaves of indica variety are mostly deep olive green in color. Rare instances where indica leaves go light green. This occurrence could indicate deficiency or inadequacy.
Overall, indica strains are fat and short plants. Its leaves cover the most parts of your branches since it’s quite bulky as needed.

Ruderalis Cannabis Leaves

Ruderalis plant variety is usually small in size. Likewise, its leaves are quite smaller than the other varieties. Leaves of this type could be similar in shape with indica but just small in size. Also, Ruderalis leaves are narrower than Indica. Its sides likewise, has indentations but not that many as compared to the other two. Leaflets of Ruderalis variety could go from five to thirteen leaflets.

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