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Cannabis Seeds and Hydroponics are Best Friends Forever

cannabis seeds and hydroponics are best friends forever

Thanks to the legalization of recreational cannabis in Canada, a brand new, massive market has opened up for hydroponic business owners. From selling cannabis seeds to all kinds of cannabis grow-related hydroponic devices and products, the thirst for advanced marijuana cultivation solutions is shaping the consumer hydroponic market trends of the new century.

It is only fair to state that cannabis seeds and hydroponics are best friends forever but what’s more, this one-of-a-kind, mutually beneficial “friendship” is set to bring huge paybacks to business owners who are savvy enough to dive into this profitable niche as soon as possible.

Canadian Hydroponic Businesses Are already Witnessing an Increasing Demand for Cannabis Seeds

It is clearly specified by the federal Cannabis Act that every household in Canada can legally cultivate up to four cannabis plants. These can be grown either outdoors or indoors.

Even though both Quebec and Manitoba have opted to prohibit homegrown marijuana, there’s plenty of evidence that Canadians in other provinces are already taking advantage of the cannabis plant’s newly legal status, especially when considering that this legal option was never available prior to October 17, 2018.

The Toronto-based gardening business Homegrown Hydroponics ran by Alex Rea and family ever since 1985, has a total of four locations across Ontario. Homegrown Hydroponics has specialized in hydroponic indoors marijuana cultivation, offering a wide range of fertilizers, lights, and much other hydroponic cannabis grow supplies.

In an interview for CBC News, Alex Rea shared some intriguing bits of information related to the cannabis seeds sales and hydroponic business segment. According to Rea and his staff, there has been a great increase when it comes to the number of “new faces” who come in the door of their hydroponic stores recently after legalization, looking for guidance on the best ways to grow marijuana.

Even though outdoor cannabis cultivation tends to be far cheaper than opting for advanced hydroponic setup, the huge cost advantages of growing marijuana by yourself are not limited to affordable outdoor methods or more costly indoor grow setups.

When taking into account that the favorable summer season for cannabis growing is rather limited in Canada, indoor cannabis cultivation becomes increasingly alluring to recreational and medical cannabis users alike, so it comes as no surprise that more and more marijuana grow enthusiasts are entering, and more are bound to enter hydroponic stores in search of quality cannabis seeds, coupled with the most suitable hydroponic systems and additional supplies for successful, bountiful at-home harvest.

For the record, if 1 gram of weed costs about $10 at stores, growers can enjoy paying as little as 50 cents per gram (or even less!) for a cannabis variety that can be grown straight at the comfort of one’s home. With this in mind, the initial investment in good-quality hydroponic setups and seeds might seem high to those who have little to no experience with consuming the herb. However, for those who enjoy the green medication, regardless of whether it comes to daily or occasional use, the benefits of growing cannabis at home are a no-brainer, and so is the demand for high-quality marijuana seeds available for sale in hydroponic stores.

It is easy, convenient, and nonetheless, quite logical, for cannabis grow enthusiasts to look for marijuana seeds and related grow know-how at the very places where suitable equipment fir cannabis cultivation is sold, isn’t it?

The Pot Consumer Market is Faced with “Cannabis Starvation” due to Post-Legalization Shortages: What Does this Indicate for Hydroponic Business?

Almost a year after full legalization, estimates of the potential value of the cannabis market in Canada still tend to vary.

For example, CIBC, the Canadian bank, has predicted that the pot market will grow to $6.8 billion by the end of 2020. Canadians are said to get to consume about 1.7 million pounds (or 800,000 kilograms) cannabis annually. CIBC predictions further imply that provincial governments can rake in about $3 billion CAD based on accumulated profits and taxes.Meanwhile, one of Canada’s leading professional services firm, Deloitte, has predicted that the recreational cannabis market alone could easily reach $8.7 billion a year. Furthermore, Deloitte highlighted a mind-blowing “overall economic impact” marked by a $22.6 billion raked in, including businesses that supply cannabis grow equipment, such as fertilizers, and grow lamps, as well as companies engaged in making cannabis-infused treats.

And so, it really comes as no surprise that more and more business players are eager to become a part of the highly profitable cannabis game in-action, and especially when keeping in mind that Canada is one of the very first G7 nations to have legalized recreational cannabis.

In fact, as soon as legalization took place on October 12, cannabis suppliers were already scrambling to meet the gigantic market demand, leading to cannabis seeds supply shortage, dried cannabis flowers shortage, and nonetheless, cannabis oil shortage, among others.

But while the post-legalization fiasco leads to thousands of cannabis enthusiasts being utterly disappointed by shortages, this also highlighted how immense, and nonetheless, how cannabis hungry, the consumer market actually is.

Interestingly, one of the possible solutions to not having to comply with the ongoing shortages and to becoming self-sufficient in accessing the green medication as needed is to grow cannabis at home, and one of the best ways to do so is to go for hydroponic growing. Moreover, this does not apply solely to hobby cannabis growers but to large-scale cannabis producing companies, as well.

Is Hydroponic Cannabis Growing Canada’s Business Goldmine?

Hydroponic cannabis gardening techniques make up for growing fresh produce all year round.

And if that alone is not enough to explain why hydroponic marijuana cultivation is such an invaluable experience for growers, then it is good to keep in mind that hydroponic growing is a superior option for cultivating plants in smaller spaces in the most hygienic way, which is what makes indoor hydroponic marijuana grow a fantastic alternative to traditional growing in soil, especially when taking into account the boosted yields and faster harvest time provided by hydroponics.

Since the roots don’t need to constantly reach out in search of the necessary nutrients needed to ensure a healthy grow, plants develop much more vigorously. Provided that cannabis plants grown hydroponically are granted light, the right temperatures they need to thrive, and, of course, pH-balanced nutrients and water, a hydroponic cannabis garden becomes effortless to maintain all year round.

One large-scale cannabis company that is currently into applying hydroponic grow methods with impressive success is FSD Pharma, a publicly-traded company operating in one of the biggest cannabis plants’ cultivation and processing sectors.
FSD Pharma’s facility can accommodate over 3,800,000 sq. ft. of marijuana cultivation and processing activities alike., being strategically located near Toronto, intending to target each of the legal aspects of the newly established pot industry in Canada, including cannabis cultivation, processing, extracts, manufacturing, and nonetheless, scientific research and development.

FSD Pharma’s cannabis empire that is poised to supply the high demand for cannabis whole year round is, quintessentially, a hydroponic farm, or better said a masterpiece indoor hydroponic production facility.

Thanks to hydroponic cannabis grow practices ensuring the highest quality controlled environment for pharmaceutical-grade marijuana production, whether it comes to large-scale or personal production, the future of cannabis and hydroponics promises to be a real goldmine for the savvy hydroponic store owners.

Apart from partnering with wholesale cannabis seeds suppliers and being able to maximize profit by purchasing marijuana seeds in bulk, Canadian hydroponic business owners fall into the category of the luckiest business segments for successful marijuana seeds sales for years to come. Unlike other businesses that often need to spend tons of money on polishing their cannabis business strategy with a mind to attracting new customers, the hydroponic business could pretty much “lay back” while the customers would gladly come and knock on their door with or without being attracted by particular advertisements or marketing campaigns.

Cannabis Seeds and Hydroponics Business Times: Final Notes

The difficult-if-possible-at-all-to-pin-down cannabis numbers in Canada are gradually turning the country into something that highly reminds the Wild North, where new players hit the newly established pot market continuously, and big money are being thrown around all the time from multiple directions.

However, the wait will soon be brought to an end, with reliable data gradually bringing in the much-needed know-how on how many Canadians are into getting high.

And even though it is still too early to even dare to predict who is about to get wildly rich off this brand new market, there is 0 doubt that hydroponic business can and will enjoy sufficient payback from selling cannabis seeds, alongside a whole myriad of cannabis grow-related products.

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