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HPS VS LEDs Grow Light for Marijuana

Growing Lights  For Marijuana Cannabis

With more and more people joining us in growing marijuana whether for hobby or business, the more electricity consumption grows. The increase in electricity consumption in your household will inevitably increase and get bigger as you start growing marijuana because of all the gear you need. There are gears and gadgets for controlling temperature such as cooling systems and heaters; for controlling humidity such as humidifiers and dehumidifiers and fans and vents for controlling air circulation. But the biggest culprit of them all are the growing lights, especially if you are an indoor marijuana grower. Marijuana growing lights are essential in this case since your plants will not be exposed to natural light from the outside. Or if you have access to natural light in your growing room, it most definitely is limited. Therefore you need growing lights whether you like it or not.

With this problem arises the quest for the most efficient growing light that you can purchase from the market. Most companies that manufacture lighting products promote that LED’s are the most affordable choice when it comes to energy efficiency and longevity. But do these claims necessarily apply to plants when you are growing them under artificial light? Let’s find out.

LED lights

LED lights are lamps or bulbs made from light-emitting diodes or LED’s. They have a relatively long life span and electrical efficiency when compared to other lamps such as incandescent lamps. They are also more superior when compared to any kind of fluorescent lamp.

Compared to several years ago, LED lighting has advanced considerably. Not only are they only used in household lighting but in street lighting and even improved enough to be sufficient for gardening usage. LED’s do not contain mercury in them, unlike other varieties. Therefore if you want a greener and more environmentally friendly choice, LED is the one for you.

Marijuana plants thrive really well under LED lights not only for the lighting capacity it provides but also because these lamps do not get very hot so you can place them closer to plants compared to other kinds of lights.

HPS lights

HPS lights or High Pressure Sodium lights are also an energy efficient choice as growing lights. This is true compared to others that contain metal halides. The type of light emitted from HPS lights are more on the yellow and red spectrum. This of course means that HPS lights are more appropriate to use for blooming and flowering cannabis plants since this is what red/yellow light does.

While HPS is more appropriate during the flowering stage, LED lights can be considered to be an all-around type of light since it produces a whole spectrum of light colors so that it will imitate natural lighting conditions.


It all depends to you which ones you prefer. You could switch one with the other depending on the growing stage of your marijuana in order to achieve your desired results. However, if you want to save yourself the trouble of changing out lights every now and then, LED lights are the better choice as long as you place them the proper way inside the growing room.

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