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How to Use Sativa Capsules?

how to use savita capsules

Sativa plants, known to have the controversial THC volumes, are essential in building the safe Medical Marijuana space in our modern society. Despite its ability to do great damages due to mishandling, one cannot deny that Sativa plants possess effective properties to suppress levels of sadness within ourselves that may lead to serious mental and psychological problems.

Because of this, the earlier Marijuana users have devised effective ways of safely taking Sativa Strains with limited levels. One of which is the Sativa Capsules.

Sativa Strains

Sativa Plants were originally cultivated in Southeast Asia (Cambodia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Vietnam and Thailand), Mexico and Colombia. They are adaptable to warm climates with longer seasons.

Notably, Sativa plants are effective stimulants. Their chemical Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) gives people the stimulation to keep on being active, awake, creative, sociable and engaging. Most of the time, this plant is good for people experiencing health problems, such as Localized Body Pains, Mild to Chronic Fatigue, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) or Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD), Nausea, Vomiting, Different Mood Swings, and Depression.

Like the other strains, Cannabis Sativa strains have side effects after using too such as Hallucination, Anxiety, Paranoia, and Panic Attacks.

Indica plants are resistant to mold and fungal infections due to their slender leaves and tall height, providing better spaces for air to flow.

Marijuana Strains such as Haze Berry, Shining Silver Haze, and Alaskan Thunder Fuck are some of the strains that stimulate its users.

Because these plants promote an active lifestyle, they are good for people with different activities every day, Musicians, Artists and other workers of the daytime.

Capsulizing the Powerful One

Our forefathers have devised the art of pilling to make sure that the powerful Sativa’s THC supply will still exist in different regions of the world. However, we have to mature and consider living a legal life, instead of playing hide and seek with different law enforcers that may kill you in the long run.

Most of the time, the formula being encapsulated for faster and more convenient Marijuana consumption is through THC Oil. You might be encountering pills that are powdered and needs you to drink more to dissolve the elements inside the pills and be absorbed by your body. The successful innovation of making compact pills and capsules for THC users have spread like a wildfire during the 60s to 70s, making the drug syndicates, cartels or legitimate government laboratories benefit from these advances happening right before their eyes.

With this, you must be sure enough that the source where you bought your pills is legitimate and has no involvements to any syndicated groups or drug cartels in the other regions of the world.

How to Use the Capsules?

Do not take it with an empty stomach

There are medicines out in the market that requires you to eat first before taking their drugs to avoid any stomach spasms that may hurt you and damage the insides of your stomach chamber during its digestion with the medicine. Moreover, you must also be reminded that too much food before taking the pills may delay its effect towards you.

Because of this, you are recommended to take a light snack first before taking the pill and continue eating after 30 minutes to an hour to assure its complete digestion.

The time for post-consumption varies due to the film coating used for the capsules.

Drink something hot

THC is known to be activated quickly when induced with a hot environment and the mere fact that you are taking it directly without any smoking (which uses heat through fire), you have to aid your capsules by drinking something hot just like teas or coffees.

Be cautious in drinking it immediately or else get burned literally. You can take some sips after you ingest your capsule to activate the chemical reaction with the THC and trigger its effects right after you take the pills.

Avoid drinking cold drinks, such as sodas or beers as the majority of Sativa Capsules contain THC Oil within their inner layers. We all know what happens when you left a liquid oil exposed to coldness, right? The same thing happens with your Sativa Oil that’s why you are required to something hot to dissolve the oil and be absorbed as quickly as possible

Do not take the capsules in high dosages

As much as possible, take it in a minimum dose. If a pill has a relatively low THC volume and luckily, this is your first time to use the said pill, start taking one pill per day to train your body with a new chemical being absorbed by your digestive system.

Avoid taking more than one capsule as this may lead to the infamous substance abuse and may cost your life. There are reports of people excited and can’t wait to experience the therapeutic effects of THC in our body and so, they drank more than 5 pieces of THC per session, making them experience higher blood pressure and suffer from Cardiac Arrest or other kinds of Heart Attack and Failure.

Do not be in a hurry!

As much as possible, avoid hurrying and inducing the pills to have its effect on you right after you took them before your breakfast meals. These powerful pills are not as magical as what you see with fictional characters in their novels or tv adaptations, that is why you should have practiced the art of the highest self-control and toleration.

Inducing or making moves on your own to increase the THC effectivity on you may harm you in the long run and will lead to fatal health conditions- making you experience the worst even if you survived your cardiac attack due to high THC levels that your Sativa Pills have.

Relax and enjoy

We are all seeking for relaxation, peacefulness, tranquility, and organized lives, and to achieve it, we have to follow the simple rules for us to exist- do what is good, what is right, and what is just. The same applies to your THC pills, the moment you took them from the first day onwards.

There will be some frictional moments in the long run, but as long as you follow the instructions in what THC Pills or Capsules will you use, nothing will be and should be harmed. Avoid deciding on your own, in terms of the dosage and pressure you to experience that glorious ‘high’ that the other users enjoy. Instead, wait for your own pace and patiently wait for the improvements that it may bring.

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