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How To Use a Weed Grinder Correctly

If you are an avid cannabis smoker and are planning to incorporate cannabis into your edibles, then you need to know how to use a weed grinder correctly. Correctly using the grinder not only improves the overall outcome of your product but also eliminates the possibility of producing low-THC content marijuana.

So, if you are new to cannabis or not, we’ll teach you the proper way to use a weed grinder correctly. Also, we’ll teach you how to clean your weed grinder for your future cannabis endeavors! Buckle up and read what is below!

Before we start discussing how to use a weed grinder correctly, it is essential to know first what is a weed grinder and why you would need one, if you are a beginner to the hobby.

What is a Weed Grinder?

As the name suggests, it is a product which basically, grind weed, Yep! You guessed that right. One of the primary uses of using a weed grinder is to grind weed efficiently and effectively. Grounded weed materials have better efficiency when dealing with psychoactive compounds rather than put a whole bucket of cannabis nugs in a bowl.

Also, a nicely-grinded weed offers a smoother experience as compared to an un-grinded weed. Aside from grinding weeds, weed grinders are a good way of catching kief crystals. Kief crystals come around when grinding weed, they are finely-powdered resins that can be collected at the bottom of a grinder.

On the other hand, a Kief is often used in incorporating cannabis into butter and other edibles.

Now we go to the most important part, the guidelines on how to use a weed grinder correctly. Keep in mind although there are many types of weed grinders out there, they all work with these general functions.

What are the Parts of the Weed Grinder?

  • Grinding Chamber – this is the place where the weed is placed and ground onto.
  • Magnetic Cap – it is the lid that locks the grinding chamber when grinding starts. They are usually magnetically attached.
  • Top Chamber – this is the place where the kief is located once grinding is done. Grinding chambers have small holes in them, these small holes that kief passes through and ends in the top chamber.
  • Bottom Chamber – once the kief is ready to be collected, they pass through again in this chamber after the top chamber.

How to Use a Weed Grinder Correctly.

To get the finest and best possible output for your ground weed, it is important to know how to use a weed grinder correctly to have high-quality ground weed. The instructions are as follows:

Step 1: Remove the magnetic top lid. These are often magnetic or depends on the type of greed winder you purchased. This lid prevents any weed bits from sleeping out of the chamber during the grinding process of your weed.

Step 2: Before you start putting cannabis leaves onto the grinding chamber, you need to break up first the cannabis leaves. After that, press them firmly onto the grinder’s teeth. And please refrain from putting anything on top of the center magnet.

Step 3: Change the lid until the magnets touch and revolve it back and forth around 6 to 12 times. Before opening the lid, be sure that you are holding the grinder in an upward angle, and check if anything is stuck in the grinder’s teeth. If so, give it a few more grinds.

Step 4: Once you are done, unscrew the chamber that contains the freshly-grinded weed. Place the weed onto an empty bowl or rolling paper, then you can light it up however you want it.

Step 5: This is an optional step. Flip the grinder upside-down then slowly open the bottom chamber. The upside-down motion prevents the kief from falling off from the bottom chamber. Now, open the bottom chamber and watch carefully all those nicely-looking kiefs. Collect all the kiefs and incorporate them into your edibles and cannabis oils.

How to Clean your Weed Grinder

Not only do you need to know how to use a weed grinder correctly, but it is also important to also know how to clean your weed grinder. In doing so, these are some of the general guidelines on how to clean your weed grinder.

Like any utensils we are using, weed grinders need cleaning as well after we are done using it, although they may not need frequent cleaning. In doing so, you may need a new toothbrush to have very stiff bristles to effectively clean all corners.

Having strong bristles are more than enough to easily clean and remove any sticky residue from grinding weed. However, if your grinder’s weed residue is too sticky for a brush to accommodate, one good thing to do is place it in the freezer. This will allow to sticky substances to flake off once they turn solid.

When brushing isn’t ideal as you would’ve expected, then try a bit more thorough cleaning. Soak the metal parts of the weed grinder in isopropyl alcohol + warm water + salt solution. Give it a few minutes of good soaking before rinsing it off. If anything is left in your weed grinder, they can be easily wiped off or remove with a single swipe of a brush.

If your weed grinder has four chambers, keep in mind to never soak the mesh portion of it. Other than that, you are good to go! Keep it stored in a cool and dry place.


Grinding weed became easy because of products like weed grinders. So, if you are planning to grind weed, be sure to know how to use weed grinder correctly to have better overall output in your weed.

Using the weed grinder correctly is a must, and so does the cleaning of the weed grinder to make it safe and clean to use the next time. Weed grinders are one of only many innovative products used for the consumption of weed. Happy smoking!  

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