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How to Use a Bubbler for Your Marijuana

Smoking marijuana can become an amazing distinct experience, especially if you put into consideration the large multitude of strains and the various methods to smoke them. Rolling a joint and lighting it or filling a bong bowl with dried flowers is a common procedure. Nevertheless, there are more bizarre vessels of selection when it comes to heating the herb.  

You may have heard plenty of things about bubblers and may wonder how to use a bubbler. You are aware that they are mostly the opted approach to relishing marijuana. However, with the huge selection of contemporary and work-minded glassware available in the market nowadays, you may feel a bit daunted. 

You should fully understand bubblers and know well how to use it. 

What are Bubblers?

Bubblers are a popular smoking device that is recommended for both regular and new smokers. They offer several benefits which are not available in other methods. For instance, as compared to the modern methods of smoking like blunts or joints, bubblers are easier to use and do not need any specific binding and rolling skills to obtain the right results. 

Also, bubblers offer excellent filtration and cooling, which makes every pull of your bud suave and light on the lungs. There is no coughing experience.

Bubblers are available in various sizes, shapes, designs, and colors. Although they come in wide variations, the overall fundamental of how they function is relatively the same.

Benefits of Using a Bubbler

If you are still hesitant about buying a bubbler, then maybe it will help you decide if you get to know the potential benefits of a bubbler. With the use of bubbler, you can enjoy the best of both worlds. You can relish a pleasant and suave hit that is not hard on the lungs while getting the convenience of bringing it along with you during your travel.

They are awesomely easy to use. Whether you are a toking aficionado or a neophyte in smoking, bubblers will make a great item to your collection. In other words, bubblers are great to own because they are easy to use, durable, lightweight, and offer excellent filtration and cooling.

Guides on How to Use a Bubbler

How to use a bubbler? The best thing about bubbler is that it is not complicated to use. Before you even notice it, you are already enjoying the cool, replenishing, and uplifting or soothing smoking sessions.  

To begin with your bubbler, you will require the same fundamental accessories that are the same as those you would find helpful if you are smoking through any other method. You need to secure good cannabis, grinder (if you have an available one), and a lighter. 

1. Fill the Bubbler with Water

Load the bubbler with water. It would be best if you use water with minimal content of mineral or a good distilled drinking water to achieve the best experience. But you should be asking how much water is needed? Well, make sure that it is not too much, but not too little also.

If you load the bubbler with excessive water, you may lead to breathing in some of it while you are smoking, which may trigger uncomfortable coughing. On the opposite side of the spectrum, if you pinch on water, you may come up with a harder, hotter, and less permeated hit that stings the lungs, and you do not like that to take place either.

As an ideal principle to follow, it will be best to ensure that half of the stem is drenched in water. Also, see to it that you always get ice-cold water to load the bubbler with. This will do wonder to your marijuana experience. There is a definite explanation of why a lot of beverage and food processing plants are using the “cold filtering” method.

2. Crush the Weed and Fill the Bowl

There is a little convention to this; however, it is very doable, and you will surely find a personal choice after a few attempts. Grind the weeds too fine, and the marijuana may get packed very tight, cutting down the flow of air. Grind it too coarse, and you will lose the excellent surface area for a steady, smooth, and uniform burn.

Delicately-ground marijuana may also glide in the bowl pack, and you may just end up exhausting the weeds. Once the marijuana has been battered to your liking, squeeze a fair volume, and slowly put it into the bowl. Remember to do it gently. 

3. Take a Slash from the Bubbler and Relish the Moment!

After understanding the fundamentals of how to use bubblers, you have come to a time of enjoying it.

Position your mouth in the mouthpiece and create an impenetrable seal with the lips. Wrap the carb hole through the index finger and get your torch or lighter. Light up the bowl. Hold the torch smoothly wrapping the marijuana and breathe in until such time that the weed turns “cherried”. Once there is sufficient smoke developed in the bubbler, remove your index finger from the carb hole and breathe in the hit.

Cleaning the Bubbler

Although bubblers are great smoking devices, there are certain impediments to consider. Particularly, bubblers need to require more care and maintenance. Failing to clean it regularly may result in harder rips, off-flavors, and may present a health risk from the accumulation of tar, bacteria, mold, resin, and fall-outs from the torch.

Although they cannot be dismantled similar to a bong, there are still steps to thoroughly clean them. Luckily, cleaning the bubbler does not need expensive materials. You only need a pipe cleaner, isopropyl alcohol, table salt, and a towel. If you do not have available pipe cleaners, you can always use q-tips.

Prepare the Bubbler

Remove the entire old water from the bubbler. This may get pretty offbeat after a while, so make an effort not to drench any on your clothing or face.

Also, see to it that there is no loose debris left in the bubbler before you clean it thoroughly. Remember that you may have to rinse it with water several times to remove all of the gunk. Once you are done washing off, lightly tap the bubbler through the hard surface to settle down any persistent debris and throw it out with another wash off.

Get your Salt and Alcohol

Load the bubbler with alcohol, targeting the same quantity of water that you would use when smoking – to ensure that the stem is centrally drenched. You like to shoot for a 2 is to 1 ratio when putting your salt, which means that the quantity of salt must be half of the quantity of the alcohol. Once you already mixed the alcohol and salt, it is time to proceed with the cleaning. 

Shake it Up

Put the index finger on top of the carb hole to avoid splashing and shake the bubbler. The mixture of alcohol and salt will begin to scale off the inside by scuffing off resin and debris. You will notice the solution to get dirtier while you shake the bubbler, and that means it is working. Use a pipe cleaner to clear out the resin that is stranded on your bubbler. 

Rinse and Dry

Remove the cleaning solution and wash off the bubbler thoroughly with water until there is a trace of alcohol in the scent. After you are done washing off, use a towel to clean the outer part of the bubbler to take out any leftover resin or dirt.

Cleaning your bubbler depends on how regular you smoke. If you are a heavy smoker, then you should load your device with fresh water every day and target to clean it once every week. This is necessary if you like to maximize the usage of your bubbler and not get a taste of resin each time you are taking a hit. 

Nonetheless, if you are a gentle smoker and only get to smoke a few times in a month, then you may opt to clean your bubbler at least once in a month.


How to use a bubbler? Bubblers are prominent smoking devices, and they are easily used to relish any cannabis strain. Their adaptability and performance have turned them a necessary accessory among the users of cannabis from different parts of the world. It is no wonder why many enthusiasts are attracted to try it.

If this is your first attempt to try bubblers, then familiarizing the guides on how to use it is very helpful. And if you are in the market to search for the best, contemporary bubblers, then you should consider checking the best one that suits you. 

You can enjoy your marijuana with these devices. Just make sure to know and understand its fundamentals, together with its usage and maintenance. You always want to make sure that you are getting the best flavor every time you use your bubbler, so you have to clean it thoroughly, too.

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