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How to Tell if your Cannabis Plant is Male or Female Before Flowering

Like in other crops, livestock as well as other life on this planet, crops of cannabis have distinctive different species. We may have sexual sections, whether male or female. People will discover hermaphrodite crops in very rare instances. These are plants that have both male and female characteristics. It is related to plant species in cannabis which acquire male as well as female flowers.

Reproduction could occur in a wide range of ways within the plant kingdom. Monoecious plants generate two distinct kinds of flowers along with the same crop, and hermaphrodite plants thrive single flowers that have reproductive glands respectively male as well as female. Marijuana is a dioecious plant which means that regardless of gender reproductive organs exist on various plants. This is some of the information on how to tell if your plant is male or female before flowering.

With marijuana, females were also usually excluded aside from males — cultivation will contribute to males being introduced into a greenhouse, triggering females to generate seeds. It is essential to acquire new genetic makeup for a breeder, however, most farmers eliminate the males to encourage females to develop seedless buds, often called sinsemilla. Those are just the resinous flowers on the shelf; those who are mostly from female flowers.

Female VS. Male Marijuana: how to tell if your plant is male or female before flowering

Cannabis plants reveal their gender by what develops between those their chromosomes where leaves, as well as branches, reach away from the stem. Pollen membranes grow to distribute seeds either on the male plants, as well as stigma develops on some kind of female to capture pollen. You could even see these distinctions weeks ever since those who in the reproduction process simply begin delivering their intended purpose. These are termed “pre-flowers.”

Pre-flowers start developing into growth for four weeks and may take much longer depending entirely on how fast the growing phase takes place. By most of the sixth-week developers must be able to locate the pre-flowers but also assess your plant’s sex with confidence.

Originally, pre-flowers can be incredibly small and impossible to spot with the bare eyes, but an enlarging glass should be used to have a closer look. Evaluate the crop nodes and stare into either the premature development of new sacs on some kind of male or two buds with a female, which will ultimately generate the eyebrows-like stigma. These are some of the best ways to know how to tell if your plant is male or female before flowering.

Difference between Male and Female Cannabis Plants

A female plant with cannabinoids means you get greater nugs! If you plan to grow cannabis, the primary objective most commonly is to ultimately generate usable, smokable, as well as a product you can sell. So you always want that female vine. And that is why feminized plant growth has become so big. You recognize the crops you are planting will create female cannabis plants, rather than just having to leave it to fortune.

On the other hand, It’s not as bad a male plant as you would imagine. Thankfully, in various forms of their THC producing, these plants are not as powerful as female plants but they include their good proportion of cannabinoids. Since some of the leaf surfaces of sugar are marginally resinous, you may also enjoy a gentle high. if you would like more all-female crop yield, take away the once recognized male crops mostly from females. Split them, afterward, to decrease possible contamination.

Regular seeds offer either sexual orientation a 50 percent chance. For instance, if you are planting ten seeds, the likelihood standards say that you will have five male crops. You are potentially wasting half your funds and efforts on male plants throughout this example. This tutorial is for those who don’t would like to spend any money on feminized plants. A valuable ability is also to distinguish among male versus female plants.

Hermaphrodite Cannabis Plant

If a female plant grows sex organs in both males as well as females, it is called hermaphrodite. This means the weed plant will now produce pollen which can pollinate the entire garden. “Herming out,” since some try to label it, is usually anything that occurs when a plant gets overstressed.

Reasons, why cannabis plants get stressed, are: 

  • Lack of nutrients
  • Not suitable weather
  • Getting disease
  • Damaging the plant

2 types of Hermaphrodite:

  • When a plant produces and develops pollen and buds at the same time.
  • When a plant grows another that is commonly called “bananas” because of how they will look physically.

While all contain pollen, genuine hermaphrodites create membranes that will need to split, although anthers are attached towards pollen-producing stamens. Because this happens when marijuana is always under stress, it’s really important to track plants once they are transferred to stressors — inside or in extreme temps or light cracks are most often the reason; outdoors: it is possible to fix a popped branch but instead transform it all into a hermaphrodite.

Some other big component in hermaphrodite crops rests in the physiology of the species. To secure the garden, you can exclude a plant with bad genetics, or background of hermaphrodite growth. If you recognize that much pollen membranes as well as anthers at a certain point, consider removing the plant from your greenhouse to help avoid female plants from pollinating.


Hopefully, this article has helped you on how to tell if your plant is male or female before flowering and the distinctions amongst male and female cannabis plants are best understood. To almost all growers, a fairytale yield of good health, comprehensive female flowers is the goal. The first move to become a master cultivator of marijuana is understanding the fundamentals. One such lesson is to detect a troublesome male cannabis plant from either a mile down the road.

If you are involved in planting portions of the crop, note that while moving, pollen is incredibly potent and also very healthy. Maintain your males away from your outdoor spaces for pollination, as well as work cautiously with this kind of pollen.

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