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How to Tell if Weed is Laced

Psychosis and even mortality from laced marijuana have been reported by people in the past. By learning what to look for, and how to tell if weed is laced before you could prevent it. When marijuana is illegal in your area, there are many dangers of smoking. A risk is that you will be arrested and that you may lose your job there. Those threats, while life-changing, are paler than what can occur if you consume lacerated cannabis.

There’s a small chance even with the trust worthiest seller that their products can be laid with something else. Through watching for these warning signs once you light up, you could stop anything bad from happening.

Understanding Laced Weeds

Cannabis that is illegally combined with or tainted with another drug is a laced plant. Several dealers are purposely slicing weeds to steal from customers. While trying to make it seem more potent, some contaminate cannabis.

Laced weed can include the ff:

  • Embalming fluid
  • Glass
  • Laundry detergent
  • Methamphetamine
  • Heroin
  • PCP
  • Fentanyl
  • LSD
  • Ketamine

The results of laced cannabis differ according to the drug mixed to it, the use of the drug, and various personal variables. Some know what’s bought on the street in cannabis. Most retailers don’t know precisely what they offer.

Signs of a Laced Weed

If cannabis is mixed with another drug or product, it can be almost impossible to determine. Various cannabis varieties have various colors. They even smell and taste distinct.

A distinctly ambiguous color or pungent scent may be a wake-up warning sign. Specific simple tests may show contamination. People who use marijuana for pleasure claim that it should not hit weed against the CD, create a damaged in a CD when it is scratched, and, if it is, it may contain glasses.

Nevertheless, through do-it-yourself methods, most impurities can not be identified, but you can count on these:

  1. Taste

Anybody who has smoked weed before recognizes the distinct flavor of the herb. It’s sweet pungent and only deliciously grassy. Clear hits may induce any coughing, but they will not generally be painful. Laced plants, on the other side, often have chemically undertones. Some agents like PCP have a very metallic taste. If you feel the marijuana smoke is a bit taste like an aspirin pill, then something that you smoke is definitely wrong.

2. Smell/ essence

The marijuana contaminated with PCP and other solvents will often not taste like marijuana. Compounded marijuana typically, synthetic rather than a mild herbal fragrance. Also, even when crushed, PCP-laced marijuana smells a bit like formaldehyde, or ether. Once burned, the scent is very intense, often with a touch of copper imitation of nail varnish.

When you taste the nugget, and it smells like plastic burning before it’s even ignited. Alternatively, it appears to be a sign of a high-force hallucinogen, DMT coated. It smells like a very dumb mess once illuminated. Or like the rotting cheese really pungent.

Cannabis mixed with cocaine and crack appears to have a rancid, salty, or toxic scent. But, it can quickly turn to a metallic chemical smell, based on what else is present in cocaine. Nonetheless, you shouldn’t try plants that smell unpleasant in general. Marijuana with a mildewy scent might indeed have a cough attack.

Why weed is mixed with other substances?

There are varying appearances of tastes and smells of various types of cannabis. They cause different effects to the user as well. Natural signs include joy, exhaustion, and oblivion. There may be more calm and less euphoria with different strains. A weed can make someone feel more nebulous, perhaps tormented than others.

However, these laced weeds can have a number of different side effects than someone normally feels. Intensely focused and extremely energetic, stimulants such as meth and cocaine can make you feel very happy. Downers like heroin can offer you a sensation of lethargy, vomiting, or too relaxing. You may hallucinate with PCP and LSD.

Any other contaminants, such as glass, cleaning agent, or fungus, can induce coughing, nausea, and uncontrollable pain. Many smoking weeds understands how the lungs are affected by cannabis. Strong lung discomfort can indicate that your weed is laced.

If you smoked a laced weed, what to do next?

Generally speaking, you must seek medical help if your symptoms become disturbing and unpleasant. You can not die of an overdose of cannabis, but other drugs usually associated with marijuana can overdose.

Ask someone to drive you to the er if you’re drinking with someone. Dial a cannabis hotline or a cannabinoid aid service if you do not have a safe ride. These services provide assistance for people with unpleasant side effects or addiction to marijuana.

If you are having substance overdose signs such as rapid hearing loss, quick breathing, intense anxiety, panic, slow-talking, and dramatic body temperature shifts, you must dial 911.


Be careful in taking any medication of substance and be aware of the signs that the one you purchase is a laced weed. Being knowledgeable is the key to be safe and to combat these circumstances.

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