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How to Store Shatter Correctly

The use of shatter can be an incredible way to take pleasure in weeds. But what do you do it you cannot finish everything in a single sitting? Well, the answer to this question may have a larger influence on the quality of shatter that you may think. Now, let us learn how to store shatter in a proper way!

Cannabis is an intricate structure that is consists of an immense system of cannabinoids, most conspicuously THC. THC is the primary psychedelic component in cannabis. The bottom line, it is the one responsible for the high that you get. So why learn how to store shatter? Securing the purity of this compound is essential for achieving the maximum potency of the weed.

If you are planning to store your cannabis for later consumption, this makes it even more critical. Moisture, light, and heat are factors that can pony up to the disintegration of the cannabis, or more particularly, the shatters.

Considering that shatters are commonly more potent compared to smoking the buds, less is required to achieve a comparable high. You may discover that you have leftover shatters after a session.

So, what is the best thing to do if you want to keep the integrity of your shatters until your next smoking session? Regardless of the kind of shatter you opt, proper storage will guarantee that you will get the best of it every time you use it.

What is Shatter and How to Store them?

A lot of people are familiar with cannabis edibles such as cookies and gummies. However, if you are new to the industry of cannabis, you may have missed a very prominent formulation – shatter. 

The final product is a concentrated dose of cannabinoids available in flower. But, although flower has a THC content of anywhere from 10 to 30 percent and CBD of around 15 percent, extracts achieve the levels of up to 99 percent. There are several methods to make shatters, and they are available in various forms and shapes.

Different from cannabis edibles that commonly have a short lifespan, an extract can last longer if properly stored. If you store a shatter, your very objective is keeping its properties, particularly its flavor and effects.

Important for Storing Shatter Properly

You may find it a foolish question. But why do you like to store your shatter properly? Whatever your purpose or intention, you can easily use your opted quantity of shatter and let it stay on the table for later use.

Except if there is someone in your place you might sneak on your shatter, it should still be present in the table once you come back. However, as we have adverted to, many factors can affect its quality through time if not properly stored.

Moisture, humidity, and too much light and robust sources of heat can all take part in the deterioration of the shatters. The THC shall begin to disintegrate, dropping its potency.

Not to mention, the fragrance and flavor can diminish. Leaving out the shatter in the open will also jeopardize all types of foreign objects that stain them. For sure, no one would want to have stray hairs or dust in their dabs.

Benefits of Storing Shatter Properly

If you opt to disregard the best ways for storing shatters, you will only lead to a rough-tasting and frailer-hitting dab because of the natural disruption cycle of the product. Environmental factors like heat, air, moisture, and light can create chaos on the chemical formation of dab and reduce its potency. Here are some points that these environmental components influence the lifespan of your dab:

  1. Exposure to sun or light can reduce the dab’s quality. Shatters that are exposed to light may form a dark color and depreciate potency through time. Light rushes the degradation of THC, which transforms it into CBN, a sleep-activating cannabinoid compound.
  1. Increased temperatures may lower the shelf life, potency, and flavor of the dab. Heat may impact the regularity and composition of the shatter. It may also speed up the conversion process of THC to CBN.
  1. Exposure to excessive moisture may awfully impact the quality of dab. Excessive moisture in a container may form mold and trigger or aggravate respiratory conditions if used.

There is no valid reason to waste your time, money, or those cherished terpenes and cannabinoids by utilizing dab storage practices. Learning how to store shatter and utilizing the best shatter storage practices is simple and cheap to do. The equipment required and the shelf life of dabs rely on a bunch of factors, including the period of time you intend to store the shatter.

How Long Can You Store Shatter?

The duration of time that you can store your shatter will entirely rely on the method of storage. Knowing that you can promisingly store the shatter indefinitely. Just be informed that the more time passes, the cannabinoids gradually break down until such time that the shatter has lost its use.

Cannabis shatter can relatively last a long time in comparison to other kinds of cannabis products like a whole cannabis flower buds. How long a shatter can last rely on various aspects, including the environmental conditions, quality of dab, and the method of storage used. 

Excellent-quality shatters can last up to one year after buying. Poor-quality dabs in poor storage settings may depreciate quite quickly.

A well-kept shatter in a silicone container alight on a cool cupboard shelf shall likely last for two weeks. On the other hand, freezing it may extend its life for several months.

One important step is to put a date in all shatter containers. It may seem a bit exaggerated, but if you are engaged with a few blurred silicone containers, it may be very challenging to check which ones were kept the longest time. Dating will make sure that you get the best of your stash before any of these begin to deteriorate. 

Learning How to Store Shatter – Should You Freeze it or Not?

Whether to freeze the shatter or not – this can be an essential decision to do. No one is restricting you from freezing the shatters and smoking them once they have defrosted.

For individuals residing in hot places with no available cool and dark area, using a freezer or refrigerator will do. You will need to store your extracts in a glass jar or parchment. Then, vacuum-sealed to make sure that there is no humidity that can contaminate the extracts.

However, it would be best to note that freezing imposes jeopardies to the pureness of your shatter. Freezing displays the shatter to too much humidity, and if the shatter builds up excessive moisture, this may direct to a very rough smoking experience.

There are some approaches that you can try to help you secure the integrity of the shatters if you choose to freeze them. The only significant step is to make sure that the shatter is stored in a container that is airtight, ideally, one that eliminates any air residue once sealed. This can help inhibit any moisture from forming on the shatters if the temperature begins to change.

Store by Freezing the Shatter

Besides that, consider wrapping the shatter in parchment paper, and also double-bagging through sealable sandwich bags. If you perform this before you put the shatter in an airtight container, you can potentially heighten the possibility of preventing that apprehended moisture. Lastly, if you think the time is appropriate to take out the shatter from the storage, consider increasing the temperature gradually.

If you think that freezing the shatter for later consumption is necessary for your case, obeying the tips can help. It is important, though, that during the process of thawing, you monitor for any excess moisture to avoid damaging your extract. 

If you pull it out, you should allow it to achieve room temperature before ripping the seal. 

Opening an airtight container or ripping the seal quickly may allow some of the moisture is compressing off of the container into the shatter. Then, you will notice a blazing sound from the water in the extract the next moment you schedule for a dab. If it was a huge volume that you pulled out, you would be noticing those blazing for a while.

Storage Options


Many shatter users use their product within a number of days, weeks, or months after buying it. The natural breakdown process of the dab may be lowered by storing the dabs in a silicone jar. Jars are available in various sizes and shapes. It is necessary to acquire the right size to store the whole stash. 

Silicone containers are a great option when opting to make short-term storage. Size is significant as you do not like to permit space for air to stay around the oils or waxes. Short-term storage jars can commonly hold shatters of 4 to 7 ml or around 1 to 3 grams, although bigger storage containers can also be used. The same rules will apply – ensure that it is placed in a cool, dark area with limited liability to expose air as possible. 

Silicone jars are affordable and non-stick that can carry even the tackiest of marijuana shatters. Users may easily take out a portion of shatter from the jar through a dab tool once they are set to use the dab. Remember that silicone jars re not airtight and may bring in some air into the dab.

Put in mind that each time you open the container, you will decrease the scent and quality a little. However, if you do not have an available place that is cool and dark, a kitchen cupboard can be enough. Just ensure that the container is not translucent, so it hinders any sources of direct light.


Airtight containers are the best option to begin. Disbanding the shatter into little pieces and wrapping them individually in parchment paper is the primary storage. After this, having them sealed within a food bag is the secondary, securing step. Lastly, put these pieces in the selected airtight container and transfer to a suitable storage area.

A dark and cool area is recommended. For the best results, a place that is temperature-regulated, lightly cooler compared to room temperature, gives the best environment.


Other than freezing, only one option is available, and this only applies to alcohol-based extracts. Stored in an environment that is temperature-regulated and in uncontaminated, airtight glass containers, you can make alcohol-based extracts last for more than 6 months. Know that any glycerine or additives placed to the tincture can decrease the shelf life.

Storage containers exhibiting opaque exteriors like stainless steel or some other UV-resistant material can entirely inhibit the product from being exposed to sunlight. Selecting an airtight container may also inhibit moisture and air from impacting the quality of the dab. Some consumers have even tried the extra method of freezing or refrigerating shatters with different results.


You now know that there are numerous and various ways on how to store shatter. Nevertheless, the best way will rely on how long you want to store it for and the constancy of the shatter. Store the shatters on parchment in a little sealed bag and put the saucier bits in jars.

There are lots of variables when we talk about storing shatter. For instance, you may select from a variant of storage materials, including silicone, glass, and plastic. Silicone and glass jars are recommended for their durability and convenience as compared to plastic. You may also like to store various shatter types in different jars to keep their original potency, form, and aroma.

If you do not intend to use the shatter within the week, then you should make sure to employ extra-precautions such as securing a vacuum sealer or an airtight container. You have to be particular with these precautionary measures if you want to maximize the quality of your product.

As you can see, there are various ways on how to store shatter. The most suitable method will rely on personal preferences, frequency of use, concentrate amount, and concentrate type. A typical silicone jar is a lot for short-term storage; however, users can go beyond for ultimate dab preservation with more reliable storage methods.

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