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 How to Start Marijuana Plant Indoor then Moving Outdoors?

In general, there are two places to cultivate cannabis plants. Respectively, it’s grown through indoors or outdoors. Wherever it is, cannabis plants have been proven to grow conveniently. Though there are pros and cons for each area of cultivation, its still important to reassess if the decision would be most practical for the type of strain you’ll employ.

That is why there are growers who bother to transfer cannabis plants from one place to another. While it could cause stress, it’s considered a great solution to ensure cannabis plants were best grown. There are times that its the most preferable option than directly cultivate it indoors or outdoors permanently.

In this article, we’ll look more into this form of cultivation. Moreover, we’ll also give you more tips and guidelines regarding these conditions.

Why Transplant the Cannabis Plants from Indoor to Outdoors?

There are few evident reasons on why there are growers who prefer to transplant their indoor plants to outdoors. Basically, the main reason why cultivators tend to do transplanting is that it will maximize the growth of cannabis plants.

Taking your cannabis outdoors will help it to develop and grow more. Its root system will not be bounded as compared as to when growing cannabis plants indoors. Moreover, the plant will continuously stretch in height and progresses with well-efficient bud yields.

Other than that, there are cultivators who desire to transfer the plant outdoors for climate conditions. Environmental factors play an important role in growing cannabis plants. It’s uncontrollable and should be considered in cannabis cultivation.

This case will be realized to regions with seasonal climatic conditions. As we’ve known, cannabis plants could not be grown in cold and highly humid environment. That is why there are growers who tend to plant indoors first before proceeding to go outdoors.

Finances could also be a factor as to transplanting cannabis plants. Indoor planting requires a lot of money requiring a high degree of maintenance from lighting, nutrient, and ventilation.

Nevertheless, shifting from indoors to outdoors would be most efficient when you don’t have enough expenses to maintain the growing conditions indoors.

When to Transfer Plants?

Transferring cannabis plants won’t just happen anytime you want. Risks of dying could happen if its improperly or not precisely done in the right conditions at the perfect time. It’s important that you have to be equipped with sufficient knowledge before transferring the plant.

Here are a few things to remember whenever you transfer any cannabis plants.

#1 Take consideration with the root development

The root system is an integral part of a plant during cultivation. That is why it’s important that there should be a stable root system before transplanting it from one place to another.

This means that the plant should possess a healthy root system. It should be visibly white eliminating any forms of discoloration or darkening indicating that its root-bound.

#2 Count the number of leaves

The plants should be not too young for transfer. It should be at least contain four to six leaves before it would be suited for transfer. However, this is a case per case conditions and things could vary depending on the type of strain that you’ll employ.

#3 Wait for the vegetative period

This is certainly the best option compared to the other two. It’s safe to transfer the plant during its vegetative stage to allow stretching of the plants until it transitions for the flowering phase. Through transferring a cannabis plant in this period, it will accommodate additional growth of the plants.

Starting to Plant Indoors

Depending on the circumstances, it’s recommended to move your cannabis plants at least 45 days from the start of cultivation. For a greenhouse, it’s most efficient to start growing your plants in typical sunlight. Later on, you could shift it to artificial light exposing it from 16 to 18 hours. 

However, if you’re just cultivating cannabis in a typical indoor situation, then one should extend its cultivation to at least 60 days before one could transplant them outdoors.

Moreover, it’s important to take note that one could apply growing techniques such as pruning, trimming, or training to reach out with the sunlight and maximize its yields. However, just make sure that you’ve done it efficiently to prevent any mistakes that could further cause risks.

Preparation before Moving Outdoors

Before you move the plants, it’s important that everything should be ready. The ground is well-dug with holes and the soil is conveniently rich with sufficient nutrients.

Also, it’s important that you’ll be able to take notice of the lighting and environmental conditions. Everything should be properly placed with a warm and sustainable climate, to prevent stress upon the transfer of the plants.

Its most recommended transferring the cannabis plants during early to late spring where most of the plants are also being started for cultivation. It would be a good time to transfer since the weather conditions ain’t as harsh during summer. In such way, the cannabis plants will be well-adjusted with the environmental conditions.

Moving your Cannabis Plants Outdoors

When transferring your plants outdoors, it’s important that you should be able to do it slowly. We must prevent the plants to undergo stress because of the new environment. You should give time for plants to adapt to the environmental conditions.

It’s suggested starting growing the plants under a shade of trees or tent. Then, slowly expose your plants through direct sunlight until it will comfortably cope over with the environment.

The Final Word

Transplanting could perceive as an easy process for a lot of growers. But nonetheless, it still needs practice, time, and sufficient knowledge for it to be successful. That is why there are growers who prefer to not transfer their cannabis plants to prevent any stress occurring from the plant.

However, if its what you prefer, its best to move over the plants. It would be beneficial to grow in the most maximum way and for better bud yields of the cannabis plants.

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