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How to Smoke Weed Even Without a Lighter

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Another regretful thing about running out of weed stock is that you have some weed but no lighter to use to smoke it. Even you have some burning match in your home, but you just burnt your last match. Another situation is when you smoke late at night, the shops are close or quite far from your house, it is not a big problem at all—having weeds but no lighter to use? The following tips might be very effective for you to show some hacks for you to learn how to smoke weed without a lighter according to online headshop.

Ways on How to Smoke Weed Without a Lighter

Using the Power of the Sunlight

This common method first hit our mind, especially if we have magnifying glass available in our home. Getting power from sunlight means that we use the power of the sun to light the weed. To get the power of sunlight, you need to have a small glass, the dried weed, magnifying glass, and the sunlight itself. It’s a great way on how to smoke weed without a lighter.

You can use this method in warm and hotter areas. First, place the buds in a small glass jar. Then hold the magnifying glass and let the rays of the sun magnified the dried nugs. The heat of the sunlight shows how fast you can light your weeds.

Using Knife Hits

It is the simplest method to heat the weed by using a few simple items such as knives, top of the soda bottle, electric burner, and the weeds. In making a knife hit, placed the knives in between the electric burner coils and allow it to heat. 

Once you feel that it already heated, get the other knife into a small marijuana weed then disintegrate it into the other knife that heated. You can now hold the top of the bottled soda or seek for help and slowly inhale the vaporized of the weed.

Use Dry Spaghetti

Another way that you can do also required to use an electric stove burner, the gas-operated burner is the preferred one to use. The thing that you just need to do is to heat a piece of uncooked dry spaghetti direct on the stove until it gets fire then use the flame from the spaghetti to light your weed. 

We all know that dry spaghetti is one of the flammable substance that we can use. So, placing a dry piece of spaghetti in a hot stove can easily generate fire to help us light weed without using lighter. You can also use hemp fiber if you do not have available spaghetti in your house.

Create for a Sparks

There are many possible ways to develop a spark. However, depending on how we make it, this may be hard to target the sparks straightly at the end of the bowl that full of buds. You can go outside and be sure that the spark directly lands into a small tinder pack where you can light your weed. The tinder that you can use must be made from dried wood shavings. 

Another method is to light the torch using a spark from a car’s cigarette lighter. Once your car is heated, place a coin in an upright position, and then quickly snap it to the right side to create for a spark. The spark that you created is just enough to light the torch to smoke your weed.

If you are not afraid to try something different, then you can use this method. 

If you have a fire steel rod in your area, you can use it as one of the tools to develop a quick spark. On the other side, if you don’t have this type of equipment available in your area, then use another shifting method. You can simply rub the positive part of the double-A battery as opposed to other kinds of steel wool. This will quickly create sparks. This method may create accidents, it requires a safety method, and this is not advisable to try doing at home.

Using Toaster

If you have a toaster in your house, then this can be one of the alternatives to used without lighter. A toaster can also spark up your weeds. This technique is not going to work with a bowl, so it is not advisable to stick up your pipe to place inside the toaster. If you have rolled up weed, stick the other end into the toaster while heating. 

The heat of the toaster is just enough to ignite your weed. If it still not works, try to heat up more until it works in your weeds. Be careful while trying to do this technique; avoid to stick your fingers or your hand in the toaster. If you are not comfortable doing it, then this method is not the right method for you.

Using Stove

This is the usual method to smoke weed without using lighter. This may not possibly work with a bowl of marijuana, but you will still use it with a blunt and joint weed. You just need to turn on the stove where the flame is enough to light your weed. Remember to turn off the stove after you lighten up your weeds. Weeds will not lighten up with an electric stove; a gas stove is a right stove to use with this method.

Using Candle

There are people who love to have candles that light around their homes as it has a candle that smells good, making other people enjoy it. A candle can also maintain dim light in darker areas and keep the air in your room smells good. The candle can also help you smell more your weed. This smoking method will not work well with a bowl, but it is good with blunts. You just need to be careful not to get candle wax in your weed while you are smoking as it can be harmful to your lungs. Also, make sure that the candle has already have lit; otherwise, just skip this method and use the other method to light your weed instead.


Now you know how to smoke weed without a lighter. Smoking weed without using lighter is not a problem anymore. You can these simple steps to get the high you need, even without using lighter. Just be creative and do not try to afraid of something different. 

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