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How to Save Money From Buying Cannabis Seeds in Dispensary?

how save money from buying cannabis seeds in dispensary

Marijuana seeds are very expensive. Whether you buy your seeds online or from a local dispensary,  it’s going to cost a lot because these are very much in demand. With more people realizing the benefits of cannabis to health, the demand for good quality seeds is even stronger and this has made the price of seeds even steeper. If you check out buy cannabis seeds reviews, you would notice consumers complaining heavily about the cost of cannabis seeds. But there are ways to buy seeds without spending too much.

The answer is to buy low-cost cannabis seeds. Why cheap seed you say? No, these are not really cheap, low-quality cannabis seeds. Cheap seeds are from seed banks offering good value products for a very affordable price.

All cannabis seeds varieties such as regular, feminized, autoflowering and feminized autoflowering seeds are very expensive because of an increase in the demand for marijuana seeds.

With low-cost pot seeds so you can save money on growing plants. You won’t have to spend a fortune on seeds because, by the time your seeds have grown into healthy plants, you can grow your own supply of seeds. 

Where to buy quality pot seeds for a low price

Buy online

Buying cannabis seeds online is one of the easiest things to do. No need to commute or drive all the way to a small dispensary in the city for your supplies. Many love buying online because they can get the chance to buy all kinds of weed strains from rare sativas and indica strains, landrace strains and even Cannabis Cup winners.

Online seed banks take products closer to consumers even those who live remotely. You could be in the small village in Ontario and order seeds from the classiest seed bank in Las Vegas. Your seeds will be delivered in the best way possible to your doorstep.

There are some worries about the cost of buying cannabis seeds online though. Some say that it’s not worth ordering online because shipping and delivery fees are going to cost more. Plus, you can’t take your seeds home the moment you purchase them. You need to wait for weeks just to get your seeds from the mail.

Guarantee for your purchase is another big question.  You might not get good seeds when you buy online and after you’ve opened them, you cannot return your seeds.

So how do you really make it cheaper to buy cannabis seeds from online seed banks? Here are a few ways to do it:

Look for discount offers and promos

Special discounts are offered by almost all seed banks online. The most common deals and discounts are prices off on popular seeds or their special varieties.

Promotional offers such as free seeds when you purchase a particular amount or free shipment and local deliveries are also dealt you must never miss out on. Keep in mind that promos and discounts may vary from where you are located so before you take any discount offer, check all the information about it. Check the terms and conditions of the discount offer including everything you need to do in order to qualify.

Take advantage of free shipment and deliveries

Usually, shipment and delivery rates make orders very expensive. If you live remotely or you want to order seeds from a seed bank overseas, expect to pay more when it comes to shipment and delivery rates.

To avoid these, choose seed bank sites that offer free or reduced shipment and deliveries. You may also check online seedbanks that offer special promos and discounts on shipping. Again, these are special promos and will never be available all year round,  so take advantage of these great deals.

Take advantage of free seeds

Another way to find affordable cannabis seeds is by taking advantage of free seeds. You will be given two, three or more seeds for every pack that you ordered or for a specific number of orders you purchased. Some seeds banks are even more generous giving away free seed every time you buy anything! This is really a good deal.

Order seeds in bulk

Some seed banks will let you order bulk seeds and these are usually more affordable compared to buying a small number of seeds at a time. With bulk seeds, there’s no need to buy seeds all the time and therefore you’ll save on delivery and shipment fees for a long, long time.

Buying cannabis seeds from local seedbanks

Buying from a local seed bank is a common way to get pot seeds at a lower cost. When you buy from local dispensaries, you don’t need to pay for shipment and delivery costs. You can immediately take your seeds home to grow.

You may be asked to present identification when you buy from an actual seed bank but there’s no worry because, after a short verification procedure, you can get the seeds you need.

Local dispensaries may not carry the seeds you want because of limited supply and most of the time, you need to wait for seed banks to replenish their stocks. But of course, a local seed bank is just a commute away (if this is the case for you) and visiting a local shop makes it easier to check for new strains, supplies, and equipment.

So how do you really save money when you buy from a local shop?

Wait for special seasons and events to buy seeds

There are special times of the year when purchasing cannabis seeds is more affordable than other times of the year. On April 20 or 420, seedbanks celebrate this momentous occasion by offering discounts and deals, free items and different promos for customers.

In Las Vegas seed banks, you can expect discounts during Fridays and weekends.  There are also special themes on days like Indica Fridays or Sativa Wednesdays. You know by now when to visit to get the strains you need at a cheaper price.

Take advantage of discounts and deals

There are special discounts on most seedbanks. Seedbanks in Canada and in the US have special promos and discounts for students, teachers, seniors, and medical patients. Those who need medical cannabis will be able to buy their supplies at the most affordable cost.  Take note that patients who need medical cannabis can’t wait too long for their orders in the mail!

You can also expect special deals for customers who are looking for low-cost autoflowering strains, feminized strains and landrace strains.

Buy seeds in bulk

Just like buying seeds in bulk from online seed banks, you may also purchase seeds in bulk from local dispensaries.  Even if you live miles away and you have to drive or commute for hours, buying seeds and supplies in bulk can save you a lot of money. You don’t need to drive or commute more often and you can save money on commute or gas as well.

Buy cheaper varieties rather than popular strains

It’s tempting to buy the most popular seeds but sometimes the most popular may not just be worth it. The most popular seeds may not be the strain or genetics you need. Also, the popular strain or the strain of the month may not have the effects you are looking for.

Find out more about the type of strain and seeds first before you order. It might be popular and expensive but it’s not for you.

Why not grow your own seeds?

To get the most discounts, grow your own seeds at home. Don’t buy from shops and seedbanks for seeds. When you have started growing your own supply, you’ll find this a good way to get seeds for the best price. It’s easy to grow seeds and most of all, you can sell your seeds or give these away.

There are a lot more advantages to growing your own supply of seeds. You can learn how to grow different strains of cannabis. You can learn about indicas and sativas and how these are grown. You won’t have to buy seeds, therefore, you won’t have to wait for your orders to arrive or worry if your seeds would arrive. Also, you can grow your plants at any time because you have an endless supply of seeds.

Remember the following when looking for affordable cannabis seeds

If you are buying from an online seed bank site, it’s not enough to rely on the price and promos offered by the seed bank company. Find out if the seed bank you want to order from is reliable and reputable. Buy only from seedbanks that have reputable standings, good ratings and have positive reviews.

When buying affordable seeds, check the germination rate of seed banks and the viability of seeds before you germinate. Take time to understand promos and discounts, read disclaimers and rules. If you must buy from a local dispensary, it should be legal and must have good quality products and supplies. Take advantage of local promos and discounts especially during special days of the year

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