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The recreational and medical advantages Cannabis strains give makes users widely interested in finding ways on how to consume it.  As of the year 2018, the most known and practical ways of consuming marijuana goes up to twenty-four methods. You can have it in your system through pills, injectable procedures, smoking, etc. 

One of the most prevalent traditions in smoking marijuana is blunt. To give you a more comprehensive explanation and definition, here’s what “blunt” means and what it is consists of along with professional ways on how to roll a blunt.

Defining Blunt

Imagine a cigar without tobacco in and are filled with marijuana instead. That is what blunt means. It came from the cigar brand “Phillies Blunt” and initially started in New York to unnoticeably smoke pot since the liberation for cannabis usage wasn’t known back then. 

Unlike in cigarettes, the tobacco wrap of blunts comes in various flavors, whose purpose is to add buzz and effects to users.  

With that, we can assume that it has got to be the most natural method to exists. But not everyone has the knowledge to roll a blunt. Here are the helpful guides and ways to roll a blunt like a professional to assist you in having your own.

Basic Materials in making a Blunt

There are two crucial elements in making your blunt. First is the strain’s bud. In this case, you will have to choose what fits your needs since thousands of cannabis strains will deliver different effects and side reactions. Because of that, let’s consider this the essential part of smoking weed.

Second is a weed grinder. Because cannabis is going to act like tobacco in a tobacco wrap, you’ll have to crush it severely just so the appearance looks appealing. Not that it’s going to affect the impacts, but seeing a well-rolled blunt might be a boost in your experience.

Lastly, a cigar or any flavored tobacco wrap is a must. After all, you are going to make a tobacco-like product. A couple of tools are required as well, such as a knife, any heat-producing things, and water. Equip yourself with these mentioned components, and you’re good to go.

How to roll a Blunt?

In this part, we are going to discuss the chronological steps and procedures. Note that these are the most common methods used by professional blunt-smokers. If you have other techniques, you can also add and perform that. 

Step 1: Grind your weeds

Earlier, we have talked about the necessary materials and tools. This step is the part where you’ll use your weed grinder to achieve fine-crushed marijuana. Make sure it will not turn powdery and, at the same ensure that no more substantial portions are present because it might disorientate your blunt’s appearance, which could end up in having problems in closing it up.

Step 2: Splitting the cigar or tobacco wrap

Filling in the cigar or tobacco wrap will need you to open it up. For a precise cut, you can use a knife. Cut the top cover into two with a proportionally-measured side to avoid struggles in wrapping up the contents.

Step 3: Tobacco-draining

Since it’s up to you if you’ll be buying an empty tobacco wrap or a cigar, the 3rd step might not be necessary to some users. In this case, purchasing an empty tobacco wrapper will lead you to the 4th step, but if you’ve got a cigar, you’ll have to empty it first.

Step 4: Applying moist to the wrapper for easier control

The water including in the primary material, is a must, especially if you wish to shape your blunt perfectly. Also, it could be a great technique to cover up torn parts. In this step, you will only have to place the tip of your finger on the water; any water will work. Few users who roll with themselves use their saliva, but tap water is the cleanest and morally-correct method.

Step 5: Filling in the cigar or tobacco wrapper

To pack the weed inside, you will need at least one gram for a closely-packed appearance. The said measurement is enough to satisfy your blunt session. However, if you wish to share it with friends, two to three grams are the most recommendable portion. Doing so will cause your blunt to look full and difficult to consume. Still, consuming it with your friends should not give you difficulties.

Step 5: Roll your blunt

Again, for a guaranteed even roll, the moist should be present, and if not, there are possibilities that it may crack and have flaws in it. Since we’re teaching you the professional ways, no other defects should exist. 

You can use two of your fingers to roll the cannabis. Once done, you may also use your fingers once again to even uneven surfaces. If you messed up and cracked formed by any chance, you were rolling it, and adhesive from rolling papers can assemble it back.

Step 6: Bake and Seal

To completely seal your blunt, you’ll need to contribute a heat on the outside seam. A lighter or any fire-producing tools can do as long as you will not entirely burn the sealed part. Also, even temperature is recommendable to assure that no blemishes will affect the overall appearance and taste. Successfully doing it, all will now let you use your blunt and smoke weeds.

The Advantages of Smoking blunt

The percentage of cannabis users liking the blunt and disliking it is at half because it all depends on preferences and needs. But, unlike tobacco, blunt has quite an advantage. Along with enhanced impacts and provided feelings, the flavor will depend on you as well as the aroma you will sniff. One of the best things about it, comparable to cigarettes and joints, is that it lasts longer than usual. Therefore, smoking a blunt will gives the most potent effect and longer-lasting period. 

Either way, the decision will always be yours to make if you’re going to roll a blunt, a joint, or smoke a cigar. But if you wish to try out the taste of cannabis, several methods may fit your desire. 

Are there other ways on how to Roll a blunt?

The technique mentioned is one of the most commonly used in the cannabis field, but that doesn’t mean your capabilities to explore other procedures are limited because other methods exist where users feel comfortable the most. 

If you find the procedures challenging to follow and measure the accurate proportions, you can always buy a blunt product in the marijuana market. The advantage of it is the ease and comfort that your blunt is well-done, but the disadvantage will reduce your capability to craft other methods in consuming your cannabis. 

Still, flavors are available to your preferences, and so is the measurement of crushed weeds inside. By teaching you these steps and methods, you will gain access to what the standard gram is for an individual and group usage.

However, now that you already gain knowledge about the ways on how to roll a blunt, you should be able to practice it on your own for future recreational usage. 


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