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How to Make Weed Taste Better

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It’s crucial to know how to make weed taste better for a great cannabis experience. The secret thing to achieve having a weed that has taste better than usual is by being correctly cured the bud itself. However, there are also some ideas that you can add a flavor into your weed by using a natural process, using the right soil, and add some needed supplements for the plants. 

Many cannabis growers also try to experiment, adding some flavors with the weed. Those flavors are vanilla, chocolate, cherry, citrus, strawberry, and even root beer are the natural flavor that they tried to experiment with. 

Making Weed Taste Better with a Natural Way

Almost all of the cannabis strains have their own natural flavors. Most cannabis growers spent more years breeding a cannabis strain to develop a natural bunch of fragrance and aroma that imitate other common flavors. 

There are cannabis strains such as Blueberry OG, Grapefruit, Super Lemon Haze, and other different variations of grapefruit, strawberry, lemon, and blueberries have bred to be exactly reminding their names. However, most cannabis strains required the right growing conditions to get the result as you expected. Because of this basis, most of the cannabis growers feel upset to figure out that their growing home does not taste just the same on how they first try that strain. 

Others try to do experiments in order to get the result that they wanted. Like for example, most of the times, the Pineapple Chunk strain smell and taste like the pineapple fruit. It means that the bud has small hints of the pineapple aftertaste. This cannabis strain has a sweet and tasty as if it is a pineapple. You can get the desired flavor if you follow its growing needs. Learning how to make weed taste better is an art and science. Check the expert tips below.

Tips on How to Make Weed Taste Better

1. Begin with a Good Strain 

Growing cannabis that has a better taste is great if you start to grow an ideal seed from a popular and trusted seed bank. Other growers usually proved that they smoked similarly into outdoor garbage weed that has an amazing taste, unlike the cannabis strain that grows indoor with 10/10 bag appeal. Growing cannabis plants like Super Skunk, Super Silver Haze, OG Kush, Cheese, and other flavors strain will possibly make either bad or good grower look when growing it in the right condition. Use the time to look for the best seeds rather than purchasing many clones for good. 

2. Choosing the Right Medium 

The different reasons for organic flowers known to have a better taste compared to the flowers that are grown with chemicals have been the topic over a decade. Other cannabis growers want to know that all the nutrients they used to their chosen medium have the possibility to become broken down due to fungus and microbes that drawback the medium. It means that it can be leached off the soil properly from the roots of the plant. 

You can use a medium that has topped up with living organisms such as guano, worm humus, and coco. This can break down the enzymes that develop a rich medium that manage with humic acids for the former grows. In choosing the right medium, this can save you money and let you achieve super tasty organic flavor weeds.

3. Flushing Left Over Salts 

This part commonly does not use by most cannabis growers. However, this one is very important for the whole growth of cannabis. Flushing means you need to use water that serves as a solvent to take away all the remaining salts. The objective is to receive the electric conductivity solution so that you have it have remaining minerals left in medium. By this process, the flowers will not only taste upon inhaling and coat into your lips but also when exhaling the taste should be a pleasant and better-tasting weed.

4. Aerated Organic Compost Tea 

Using this process can be both adapt in either growing indoor and outdoor. Upon a flowering time, the aerated teas are usually used and recommend to use it to the whole growing process of the plant. These will not only make your plant looks incredible but also adds volume into your weed. You can use guano and make it as the main flowering feed, the appearance and final taste of the weed are beyond compare.

5. Sugar, Molasses, and Honey 

Organic feeds are black and shiny in color, with a hefty weight that is built with blackstrap molasses. Usually, a liquid cram of sugar cane acts as humification to plants. This means that the humic acid will be in black, and a shiny structure is a molasses that has sugar and carb. Other cannabis growers will use granulated sugar, honey, fizzy drinks, and any other move to give the plants base with fructose. Using molasses in the tip of the flowers produces hefty thick buds that contain serious biomass, and it will bring out the final flavor of your cannabis flowers.

6. Drying the Cannabis Buds 

If you are growing orchids, roses, and any other kinds of flowers in an indoor garden, you will look forward to the final result of flowers, which is having a great fragrance and very tempting terpenes. Similar to cannabis buds, the flowering room must be smelling of dankness, and it will possibly come out to the room. Just simply dry the buds out in the room with about 15 Degrees Celsius and have a chilled feeling in the room. Others suggest that you can dry it within 20 degrees or more, but this will not keep holding the whole compound of flavors.

7. Storing the Weeds 

Other studies show that cannabinoids will degrade in a time of darkness. While the terpene profile can shift from live resinous into terpenes off a flower when it is already dried out, when you perfectly dried the cannabis buds into the water content about 30 percent and still sticky when you touch it, you can cure it in a glass jar. This process will help you to preserve the terpenes and can enhance the effect when it is smoked. 


Whatever the way you want to do on how to make weed taste better, make sure to maintain the plant’s humidity into a lower level during the vegetative phases of the cannabis plants. Also, make sure to choose the right strain that will work well in your environment. Having the right condition will be resulted in having great potency, taste, smell that you want, and this will become easy enough to meet your growing level of experience.

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