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How to Make THC Crystals

THC crystals are also known as crystalline, and learning how to make THC crystals is another milestone for every cannabis enthusiast. Most of the people that live on earth do not experience the refined cannabis offered by the earth. But, some developers invented a device for extraction that makes about 99.99% pure cannabis. The THC Crystalline is considered to be the Nirvana of the cannabis potency. 

Medicinal Benefits of THC Crystals

When talking about the pure substance, accuracy is one of the real supremacy. Patients usually not sure about the THC amount they take for their medicinal needs. Cannabis extract and even their flowers are definitely hard to know what their exact THC level contains. However, the THC crystalline provides the patients with immediate results based on the dosage, and all the results are definitely constant.

Another good dominance of THC crystals was when you ingested it without even decarboxylated it. The THC has no psychoactive effects. However, it still shows different medical uses. This advantage is great for patients that mostly need THC levels but does not experience pleasure with the high that it provides. If there is no heat and pressure included, you can enjoy the THC with a meal or drink without changing your mental operation.

Also, some edible companies can easily access an extract to authorize a more detailed dosage of their products. It can act as the extract that works faster makes it a great advantage when considering the ideal time that you can take the edible. It can also become significant for particular conditions that are treatable by THC crystals. Initial studies show the possible medicinal benefits of THC crystals that include:

  • Protective capabilities to treat different neurodegenerative diseases such as Parkinson’s Diseases.
  • Helps lessen nausea that caused by loss of appetite and reduce vomiting
  • Anti-inflammatory effects help to treat patients that have a wide span of pains such as arthritis. 
  • Unease the growth of the cancer

Steps on How to Make THC Crystals 

The following are the methods on how to make THC Crystals:

  • The procedure usually begins with extracting cannabis. 
  • The next method comes from the cannabis extract to blend with hexane and acetic acid. Those mentioned chemicals act together to help diffuse the plant matter and still conserve the THC.
  • After combining the acid, hexane, and extract thoroughly put them in a filter. The solution produces all goes into a rotary evaporator. Rotary evaporators commonly used different levels of heat, motion, and pressure to help the solution pull apart in distinctive materials to become liquid.
  • Once the rotary evaporator finished rotating, the mixture acid that left is called the tetrahydrocannabinol.
  • If you want to purify your mixture more, you need to do the procedure that called chromatography. 
  • The main purpose of doing chromatography methods is to remove such degraded elements that left in the solution. 
  • In doing this procedure, the chemist will add more amount of chemicals to the mixture.

Once that cannabis has fully gone through chromatography, the appearance does not look like any marijuana you have seen. In order to make the THC Crystallized useful and increase its freshness, you need to get rid of the unwanted chemicals. 

The crystal that you created will now be dissolved in methanol, similar to the alcohol that most people commonly drink. The traditional filter that you used will remove the remnants and help the methanol to pull out. In this condition, the chemist will put back the mixture in a rotary evaporator once more.

The crystals that left will melt in pentane, which helps extract more parts every million non THC materials. For the last touch, all the crystal will go back in a rotary evaporator, and waiting for that long process will result in doing 99.99 percent THC. Other consumers usually add more terpenes amount to have an extra flavor to its high. Pure THC can hit faster by most cannabis users compared to regular cannabis weed.

How to Use THC Crystals?

The easiest and common way to use the THC Crystals is by Vape it. Vaping THC crystals are immediately gain its popularity for most cannabis users. Also, the medical THC crystals can be used for treating disease symptoms and common pains that are not effectively addressed by usual smoked or eating cannabis. 

You can eat the THC crystals, similar in a way by making a tincture and adding the THC crystals with a recipe. If you tend to use more psychoactive effects, you must expose enough heat amount into decarboxylate. Once it already melts, you may add coconut oil then add it in your favorite treats and foods.

Vaping the THC crystals is the most popular method in consuming weeds. Just makes sure that you can use the right amount of dosage and vaping device you use is the one that concentrates marijuana—if you tend to get super high like you are in cloud nine, then used for an oil rig to smoke your THC crystalline weed. It will help if you are extra careful while smoking pure THC, as it can give the strongest high that you cannot even be expected.

What High You Can Expect With THC Crystals

Dealing with THC crystals alone will sacrifice one important thing. This thing is the extract has 

no terpenes available, which means that it does not have strong flavors and smell. Other cannabis users described its taste like the snowflakes that will change the taste into tasteless water. 

This means that there are no other possible changes to the product, no matter what strain or even how you raised it. 99.99% of THC crystals will always stay the same. You can enjoy the high or not. Also, the entrance effect of other cannabinoids in THC will be sacrificed. You cannot experience the cannabis alone, but the cannabinoid will give you the experience you needed. 

Once you try consuming it, you can still be surprised by its effect. The high the described earlier is pure, fresh, and clear is quite clearer and fresher for other consumers that described it as too medical to consume. 


Now you know how to make THC crystals. It can be used by both medical and recreational weed users because of powerful effects. It involves extracting cannabis and using chromatography methods. Though consumers won’t get so high like what they expected, still the high is sure lives in there.

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