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How to Make Thai Stick

how to make thai stick

Cannabis or marijuana has been around for a very long time. It has been also evolving as time passes. Technology has paved the way for more exploration of the benefits that we get from this simple weed. Cannabis can now be infused in foods and drinks, comes in vape or oils.

Fortunately, even with the advancement of technology, the classic history and culture of cannabis have been preserved and Thai sticks. One classic example is the process on how to make Thai stick. Despite the new methods of ingesting or using cannabis, there’s no way denying that the classic traditional methods still holds the strongest effect. Many cannabis smokers still roll it on a piece of paper and then smoke it which is the oldest method on consuming cannabis.

History of Thai Sticks

As mentioned, one of the oldest methods is taking or smoking weed is by Thai stick. As the name suggests, Thai sticks originated in Thailand. It is believed that Thai sticks have been around for along time. They were invented by marijuana users even before cannabis became popular in Thailand. Western influence started after World War II when American soldiers came back to the US after the Vietnam war.

The Americans loved it and then after that Thai sticks have become the trend. May believe that Thai sticks also contain opium. For most cannabis connoisseurs, puffing Thai sticks gives the strongest effects. These are also called cannagars.

What are Thai Sticks?

In the simplest way to introduce it, Thai sticks are made up of long stocks of cured weed pressed or skewed around a small bamboo stick. It is then wrapped in fan leaves. It can be also sprinkled in kief. Wrap it in a cloth or fibers to hold the leaf or marijuana altogether. Make sure that the leaves are dried and it should also be cured.

The bamboo is then removed and the hole it created will allow the air to flow and properly burn the pressed leaf wrap or flower. The end product is big cigarette-looking smokable marijuana that will surely hit you fast and strong.

How to make Thai Stick?

So you are now interested in Thai Stick. Every wonder to create a Thai stick? The good thing is you can make it for as long as you gather all the ingredients and follow these procedures on how to make Thai stick: 

To make a Thai Stick, you must prepare the following:  

  • A good quality bud from your strain of choice
  • Wooden skew, it can be bamboo or chopsticks.
  • Hash oil
  • Hemp string
  • Freshly picked large fan leaves from a cannabis plant
  • Parchment paper

Here are the steps on how to make Thai Sticks:

  1. The very first thing to do is to decide which you would like to use. Select the bud that you want and choose the fluffy buds because they work best.
  2. Grab a stem or stick and then dip it on a hash oil. By doing so, it will be sticky and enough to hold and secure the bud.
  3. The next thing that you need to do is slowly attach your bud on the stick. Make sure to hold them and use the hemp string to secure them. Make sure that the stick is covered by the bud and secured by the hemp string.
  4. After that, get a piece of paper, the parchment will do, and use it to wrap the stick with the bud. Put it inside the refrigerator. Leave it for several days for it to solidify and turn into hard and more secure.
  5. After several days, take it out of the fridge. Make sure that it is solid enough compared to its previous state.
  6. Then, very carefully unwrap the piece of paper.
  7. Carefully remove the string. The oil should have helped get the nugs all together and stick on the stem.
  8. Coat your stick with hemp oil and then wrap it in fresh cannabis leaves. You can add more marijuana leaves if you desire.
  9. In making the 2nd and 3rd layers, just add hash oil to keep the leaves together.
  10. Wrap everything in a piece of paper, place it in a heated pan for several minutes. It will heat the oil and secures everything else.
  11. After heating it, enfold it up in using your string, place it inside the refrigerator and leave it there for a couple of days.
  12. After a few days, take it out of the refrigerator, it should be very solid by that time. Unwrap the hemp string before you smoke the Thai stick.

Patience is required in creating great tasting Thai stick. The taste depends on the curing period. Traditional Thai sticks are created by burying them 3 feet beneath the ground for at least a month! Another option is to vacuum seal them for a week. The curing period matters If you want to achieve great tasting Thai stick.

How to smoke Thai Stick?

Like canna-cigars, Thai sticks burn slower. They should be smoked like cigars. A torch may provide optimal lighting but regular lighter and hemp wick will also do. As soon as the entire end is lit or glowing, slowly start to inhale. Avoid inhaling while you are lighting your Thai stick.

The process of making Thai sticks may require a lot of work but and quite a tedious process but it will surely give you one of the best high in your life. Great tasting Thai sticks depend on the nug that you use and the curing period. It may entail a bit of work and waiting period but it will be a rewarding experience.

The cannabis industry is ever-changing day by day with discoveries and upgrades that makes it one of the fastest-growing industry. The good thing though is, it has in a way, maintained classical methods and traditions that have been used for over a hundred years. These simple tips that we have compiled will be able to help you with how to make Thai sticks. Cannabis users may have upgraded the ways of using cannabis but they have kept the old tradition in place. Nothing beats the feel of classic cannabis high!

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