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How to Make Synthetic Weed

Have you heard you anything about the synthetic weed? More and more people are talking and getting curious about this due to the rumors and speculations spreading. Some say synthetic weed is legal and will imitate the real marijuana and its effects.

However, by the time more and more persons started experiencing the probable side effects that can even lead to death, issues and worries arose over artificial cannabis. Nonetheless, it is pretty interesting, so you may want to know how to make synthetic weed. 

Synthetic Weed Explained

Synthetic cannabis has been defined as a designer medicine crafted for patients preferring the health dangers over legal risks. It is also quite popular among adventurous cannabis users who are not worrying about legality and health risks. 

You should not mistakenly identify as the same with the legal artificial THC. Artificial marijuana is not yet approved by the FDA, unlike the artificial THC. The former has been known as synthetic cannabinds, synncanns, or SCs. It hides in several different monikers, such as Spice and K2. It can also go with a special label stating that you can’t use it. 

New varieties of artificial cannabis came into the market. They have shuffled ingredients as a way to maintain their legality. These products will sit inconspicuously on the shelves of the smoke shops or gas stations. Of course, the web provides a wide range of products to choose from. 

A synthetic cannabinoid isn’t a marijuana product. Instead, it’s the chemical analog that binds to similar receptor systems. THC, the main psychoactive or intoxicating chemical found in herbal marijuana latches to CB1 receptors inside the brain, producing a euphoric high. The artificial cannabinoids bind here, but with a higher affinity.

Synthetic cannabinoids could be severely pungent compared to THC. It can also induce serious adverse reactions, such as:

  • Chest pain
  • Vomiting
  • Faster heartbeat
  • Vision blackouts
  • Headaches
  • Kidney damage, 
  • Hypertension
  • Agitation
  • Psychosis

Significant withdrawal signs have been reported as well. 

Other Names for Synthetic Cannabis

Artificial marijuana is being advertised under various brand names. Spice is the first one in the synthetic marijuana products series sold in different countries in Europe. Since a number of the same products have been created like Kronic, Mojo, Northern Lights, Lightning Gold, Godfather, and Blue Lotus. Synthetic marijuana has been advertised as herbal incense, aphrodisiac tea, and potpourri. 

How is Synthetic Cannabis Used?

Artificial weed is typically smoked. Sometimes, people drink and consume it as a tea. 

Making Artificial Cannabinoid Blends

Artificial cannabinoids are usually shipped abroad, originating in China to manufacturing companies who prepare the mixtures by using high acetone solvents or alcohol. It is essentially the reverse-extraction. The artificial molecules dissolve in the solvent and will be introduced to the plant-like host via spraying or soaking.

This is where something bad can happen unexpectedly. A badly mixed solution and uneven spraying can lead to chemical hot spots that are dangerously potent parts of the blend. Unlucky consumers who happen to purchase the bag with highly rigorous chemical hot spots are more vulnerable to awful side effects. 

Feel free to use your imagination so that you can come up with ideas about the possible mistakes made in the production of synthetic cannabinoids. Those mistakes are more likely to happen in the hands of less experienced and careless manufacturers. 

Are you sure that your source of synthetic cannabinoids reliable? Is your pungent analysis accurate? Are you sure it is the cannabinoids you think they are?

As DEA runs after the large-scale operations, the small companies sell their illegal products under the established “brands”. Without the regulation system, it is hard to guess the way a product has been made, the ingredients that go into it, and what potency every batch exhibits. 

All these uncertainties are the contributors to harmful side effects or death from artificial marijuana. Thus, why are those people turn into it regardless of its risks? It is simple. People usually choose artificial marijuana over authentic marijuana for these reasons:

  • Marijuana is unlawful in their website
  • Artificial cannabinoids do not turn up on urine analysis

Regrettably, these short-sighted “benefits” are not worth the danger of death and severe adverse reactions that may compromise your health. The success of those dangerous products goes with the flow with marijuana prohibition. It is another reason to continue to fight for the legalization of cannabis. 

How to Make Synthetic Weed: How is Artificial Weed Made and What Can It Do to the Human Body?

Synthetic marijuana, like Spice and K2, might seem to be convenient and legal alternatives to real weed, but they cannot compete and match the latter. Artificial cannabinoids like Spice and K2 get attached as “fake weed” or “artificial marijuana,” though these man-made chemicals do not originate from the real marijuana plant. 

Chemically speaking, they bear minor resemblance to naturally-occurring cannabinoids such as CBD and THC. Research scientists usually use synthetic cannabis to skirt government limitations while examining and assessing the endocannabinoid system. 

It is the cellular network accountable for marijuana’s psychoactive or intoxicating effects and other healing effects. However, since the mid-2000s, artificial cannabis became famous among partiers for a similar reason. They are legal in certain locations, including those areas in which cannabis has been entirely outlawed. 

Synthetic marijuana affects every consumer differently. Its effects depend on the following factors:

  • Your health, weight, and body size
  • If you have been taking weed
  • If you’re consuming cannabis with other drugs or substances
  • The amount you’ve been taking
  • The chemical used and how potent it is (it differs from one batch to another)


Synthetic cannabis can be worth considering, though not all cannabis users will enjoy using it. To be sure that it’s good enough for your case, do not forget to consult a marijuana doctor. He can give you tips and pieces of advice to consider if you want to try artificial marijuana before you go. 

Artificial marijuana is quite new. Hence, there are limited ideas provided regarding its potential short or long-term effects, such as how unsafe or safe it is or even how to make synthetic weed. It seems to have the same effects as real marijuana combined with some negative reactions, especially when used incorrectly.

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