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How to Make Outdoor Look Like Indoor Grown Bud? 

The cannabis plant that is grown outdoors and grown indoors greatly differ in terms of its final product even though similar strain type is used. There are a lot of factors that greatly affect how your cannabis plant grows whether indoors or outdoors. Indoor grown cannabis plant tends to produce high-quality buds compared to outdoor-grown cannabis. Is it possible to produce an outdoor cannabis plant with the quality of the buds like that of indoor-grown cannabis buds?

How to Achieve Making an Outdoor Bud Look Like Indoor Grown Bud

Start with Top-Shelf Genetics

For you to have a bud that looks like indoor grown, start with a strain that has good genetics because this is the key to having gorgeous and potent buds. Aside from choosing a top-quality strain type, it is also advisable to start from seeds so that it is easier for you to enhance the natural quality it possesses. For you to be sure that you are using a high-quality cannabis strain, acquire seeds from your trusted dispensaries.

Give Your Cannabis Lots of Light

The technique to have a great looking bud is to expose it to plenty of light. Even though you start out with good quality cannabis strain if it won’t receive an optimum light exposure then your cannabis plant will look retarded. It is not difficult to expose your cannabis plant to light exposure if you are growing indoors but if you are growing outdoors, make sure to grow in a season where there are at least 8 hours of direct sunlight.

Nutrients & Supplements to Increase Bud Quality

It is not right to just give your cannabis plant any supplements. Different supplements available in the market will be useless if your cannabis plant doesn’t have the right base nutrients such as Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium. If your plant is enriched with the base nutrients then you can supply your plant with supplements during the flowering phase.

To achieve high-quality buds, give your plants high nitrogen level in the vegetative phase but as it enters the flowering phase, it needs a low nitrogen level. High phosphorus level is needed during the flowering phase as well as potassium. The supplements needed for you to have quality buds are sugar or carbohydrates and bloom enhancers.

Increase Terpene Content

Cannabis buds that have a better taste and smell is an indication of a high-quality yield. To better enhance the flavor and aroma of your buds, it is advisable to increase the terpene content. If your buds have an enhanced flavor and aroma, consumers would be attracted to it.

Maintain Proper Temperature and Humidity


In growing outdoors, the optimum daytime temperature is around 65-80°F (18-26°C) especially during the flowering stage until your harvesting period to make buds reach its maximum size. At nighttime, it is best that the temperature is between 68-75°F (20°-24°C) to avoid bud rot. It is important to properly observe how the temperature changes because it would also affect the humidity level.


The humidity levels play an important role in helping the growers avoid different plant problems such as bud rot and powdery mildew. To encourage healthy and luscious growth of the cannabis plant, maintain a higher humidity level during the vegetative phase but during the flowering phase make sure that the humidity level is lower to decrease the moisture on the buds.

Master the Basics – Especially Drying & Curing

When your cannabis plant makes it through all of its life cycles without experiencing major problems for sure you will have good results. Knowing the right time when it is already the perfect time to harvest the buds would contribute a lot to the quality of the buds. Another way to further enhance the quality of your buds after harvest is through proper drying and curing.

Almost 50% of the appearance of the bud is further enhanced during the drying and curing process. A proper way of drying and curing process will not only give you dense buds but it will make its taste and smell attractive. If your buds are properly taken cared of after harvest you can be sure that as long as you would store it properly, it will be used for years.

Final Thoughts

If you want to achieve dense and beautiful buds that you can get in indoor growing, you must be able to have a complete understanding about the basics on how to plant cannabis plant because mistakes in growing it will not kill your plant but for sure it will have a direct effect on how your buds look like. You can definitely achieve an outdoor grown bud look like indoor-grown by being a responsible grower that take a look at all problems as a challenge in achieving a successful yield.

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