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How to Make Marijuana Edibles Like a Pro

Marijuana is an herb that everyone had come to love and patronize since its legalization recently in several states in the US. Before such a victorious moment, though, marijuana struggled for a while, in the eyes of the state and the government. Although it’s hard to believe that marijuana can treat medical conditions, it was proven and supported with pieces of evidence back then and some recent studies. Back in the ancient times, experts found marijuana edibles to aid in child-birth of an Egyptian mother as signs of cannabis consumption was identified in her tomb.

Also, marijuana had been referred to using many names like weed and green buds. This reflects how dynamic and fast its development had been. From such day of its legal acceptance, many other greater and better products came to be made with marijuana influence.

Some of those products are edibles which may be in the form of gummies or candies, brownies, butter, oil, as well as beverages.

Five Most Famous Cannabis-induced Edibles

  1. Cannabutter – butter is one delicious food ingredient and so as cannabis. What’s more to expect if you combine these two? All that must be done is melt butter and add a gram of marijuana materials which have been decarboxylated. Wait until it melts with the butter and enjoys afterward.
  2. Cannabis Tea – once you have cannabutter ready, get a spoon and take some of your very own cannabutter to mix with your tea. That shall give you the drink you’ll always long for after a nice meal.
  3. Cannabis Brownie – brownies are a favorite classic dessert. Buy your preferred brownie mix which uses oil when cooking. Heat the ground marijuana material of the strain you like, then pour it into your brownie mix. Do the rest of the instructions in the box and you’re good to cook your special cannabis brownie.
  4. Kief Cookie – this is also a creative way of enjoying cannabis. In as easy as adding a cookie dough inside the grinder where the herb used to be ground up. Blend and mix them together carefully. Heat the kief for a while or just go through with the process, that’s just fine. Put the cannabis-induced dough inside the oven and wait until it cooks. Enjoy your cannabis meal!
  5. Firecracker – these one marijuana edibles require three ingredients, an oven and 30 minutes of your time. Place graham crackers in a tray and spread some peanut butter or other spread on top of the crackers. Then sprinkle some ground-up marijuana material, maybe flower or bud, wrap it in a foil and place it inside the oven for 30 minutes. Wait and be patient. Afterward, eat all you can and as many cannabis as you want.

To newbie cannabis folks, thinking about eating marijuana edibles may feel like eating grass. Fortunately, the good news is that they don’t really have to feel like that as there are known ways to consume marijuana with a different taste.

Check the steps below on how to prepare your own edibles even at home.

  1. Reduce the fat you use. Fat mixed with cannabis and cooked in high heat becomes tastier, especially when used with virgin oil before cooking.
  2. Make savory edibles. Using mild cannabis flavors to dishes like mac ad cheese as well as dips is better than when weeds are added to sweets. Other herbs like rosemary and thyme mixed with cannabis may also taste well which will surprise you not to notice the pungent smell of weeds anymore.
  3. Use full flowers for cannabutter preparation. Instead of trim cannabis, making edibles better and cost-efficient is possible by including the entire stash in the process. Much better flavor comes out in the edibles if whole cannabis is used.
  4. Use high-quality butter and weed. This may be a little more expensive than usual but it ensures great cannabis experience. For the best result, you can also try premium unsalted butter with top-shelf cannabis strain.
  5. Brown the cannabutter for baking. Butter becomes brown when toasted in low heat which brings out its better taste and nutty flavor which goes so great with cannabis-induced baked goodies.
  6. Use a clean pot. Basically, food preparation should always be clean and sanitized which also applies to cannabis preparations.
  7. Do not cook in temperatures higher than 338 degrees Fahrenheit. Always cook at low temperature. High temperatures degrade the THC content of cannabis so you must avoid that to maintain the quality of your bud. This way, you can achieve an evenly coated food without losing the potency of your cannabis.

Food is everyone’s favorite, as well as cannabis. If both can be consumed in just one meal, then that’s better. Try it your way and be surprised by the taste you’ll be able to create.

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