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How to Make Feminized Marijuana Seeds?

how to make feminized marijuana seeds

Resinous flowers, rich cannabinoid profiles, and rich in trichomes, these are just some of the characteristics of a feminized strain. a lot of growers would most likely to grow female seeds because it is an efficient type of cannabis that can be grown whether indoors or outdoors. There are different ways to acquire feminized seeds, through buying seeds in the market or through creating your own to guarantee a 100% feminized seeds.

What is Seed Feminization?

The female plant is valued for its potency compared to male plants. If a grower would use the traditional method of cannabis growing, there is no way to tell if you will be getting a batch of full male plant or a female plant. Seed feminization is a guarantee that you will be getting all female seeds.

Processes on How to Create a Feminized Cannabis Seed

The most recommended way of producing your feminized seed is through the use of a chemical compound known as colloidal silver. This is the way of the process most growers would look up to using this method because they tend to produce more feminized seeds throughout this process.

Another method used is rodelization. This is a not so recommended process because it would require you to impose a specific kind of stress level to the cannabis plant where it will naturally produce female characteristics.

Steps In Producing Feminized Seeds

Step 1: The use of colloidal silver

There are ways on how to acquire for colloidal silver, through purchasing a colloidal silver kit or through making your own. The use of colloidal silver is considered as the most efficient, cost-effective and safest way of producing feminized seeds compared to other techniques in creating feminized seeds. The colloidal silver should be 20ppm or greater to be used as a foliar spray.

Step 2: Spray the bud sites

The targeted area of the cannabis plant should be drenched in the solution for about 10-18 days in a row. In this process, the ethylene production is inhibited that is needed in producing female flowers. It is advisable to apply colloidal silver 1-2 days before switching into the flowering phase. 

To be able to induce the flowering phase, you may need to change the light schedule into a 12/12 light schedule just ensure that your plant is 5-6 weeks old. You need to keep spraying until the pollen sacs open up.

 Step 3: Harvest your feminized pollen

If you notice that the pollen sacs are starting to crack and look like they are about to open up, then it means that your pollen is ready to be harvested. Make sure to gently and carefully remove all the pollen sacs. Let it dry for a week and place it into a resealable bag. Shake the bag so that the pollen would spill out.

Step 4: pollinate another female plant

Using the feminized seeds that you have collected, use it to pollinate another female plant that has been 2-3 weeks flowering. It is recommended to pollinate a different female plant that had been starting to bud to increase the likelihood that you will have a high number of seeds to be produced.

Step 5: Wait to harvest the seeds

After 6 weeks you should be able to see that the calyxes on the buds of your female plant will be swollen and fat. If it starts to burst out. Then it is the perfect time to harvest it.

Benefits of Feminized Seeds

All feminized seeds will end up producing buds that is why it is not a waste of time germinating its seeds because you don’t have to remove the male seeds.

Your growing space is well utilized because you know that the seeds planted will surely become a potent one.

Purchasing feminized seeds tend to let you save money because nowadays, feminized seeds are cheaper than regular cannabis seeds.

Feminized seeds are way more potent that male seeds because they tend to have more levels of THC level.

The use of feminized cannabis seed will ensure to give you satisfactory results because feminized characteristics tend to give you an aesthetically pleasing and potent cannabis plant.

It allows you to have controlled breeding because during the growth cycle you can personally change its light cycle.

Tips in Creating Feminized Seeds

To ensure premium genetics, choose the best female looking plants to be processed.

To be sure that you are accurate in creating a feminized seed, make sure that you are 100% sure that you are also getting a clone from a feminized plant.

Growing feminized seed is just like growing a regular cannabis seed wherein you need to ensure that all growth phases conducive for growing.

Famous Feminized Seeds

Girl Scout Cookies Feminized Cannabis Seeds

This is an Indica strain that has become one of the most popular strain in the past years because of its potency that can be used in a recreational and medicinal setting. It is known for its great tasting flavor and distinctive aroma. It has a THC level up to 24% that gives off a cerebral high that is fast-acting.

White LSD Autoflowering Feminized Cannabis Seeds

This is an auto-flowering strain that is known for its psychoactive effects. Its Sativa dominant characteristics influence its ability to yield high even for a short period of time. It is a popular strain not only for its potency that has a THC level that can reach up to 18% but it is also popular for its versatility to be grown whether indoor or outdoors.

Green Crack Feminized Seeds

This strain is named after its electric-stimulating effects. It is known for its hardiness characteristics that are mold-resistant making it a good strain for beginners. This is a perfect recreational strain for its energizing properties that has a potency that can last for hours with its flavor and aroma that is not overwhelming.

Final Words

There are no distinguishing marks that differ a regular seed from a feminized seed that is why finding a trusted supplier that can give you a 100% feminized seed is very important. Learning how to create your own feminized cannabis seed will not only save you from scammer cannabis seller but it would also allow you to save money by letting you explore through the resources that you have. Creating your own feminized seed may let you experience a tedious process but when you see your final output, it would give you a rewarding feeling.

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